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Decisions are a set of choices a nation can make if certain conditions are met. Each decision has consequences, which can be both positive and negative. A nation never has to take a decision it is always at the players discretion whether to accept a decision or not. Some decisions are nation specific, some are religion specific and some are more generic.

List of Generic National Decisions

  • Benign Neglect
  • Pass the Liquor Act
  • Pass Mining Act
  • Pass Court of Wards and Liveries Act
  • Formalize Scales, Weights and Measures
  • Take Control of Guilds
  • Pass Militia Act
  • Pass Advancement of Religion Act
  • Pass Act of Uniformity
  • Pass Declaration of Indulgences Act
  • Pass Licensing of the Press Act
  • Declare Statute in Restraint of Appeals
  • Pass Tenures Abolition Act

List of Religion Based National Decisions


  • Convert to Protestantism
  • Convert to Reformed



  • Convert to Catholic
  • Convert to Reformed


  • Convert to Catholic
  • Convert to Protestantism



Country Specific National Decisions

Country specific national decisions are listed on each countries page.