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Decisions are a set of choices a nation can make if certain conditions are met. Each decision has consequences, which can be both positive and negative. A nation never has to take a decision it is always at the players discretion whether to accept a decision or not.

Creating the Decision

Making the file

First, create a new .txt file which can be named whatever you want. (MyDecision.txt) This file should be in a new folder in the mod directory. /Sourcemodfolder/decisions/.

Breaking it Down

This is an overview of the file.

country_decisions = { # Tells the game that this is a set of country decisions (while EU4 only has country decisions, other Paradox games have more than one type)
	example_decision = { # The code-name of your decision; it shouldn't appear in-game, as the decisions list refers to the localisation instead
major = yes # Determines if the decision is major or not. Major decisions appear in green boxes in the decision list. potential = { # Determines when the decision appears or if it never does at all. NOT = { exists = GBR } # This particular line indicates that the decision cannot be completed if Great Britain (the nation with tag GBR) exists. culture_group = british # Only nations under the "British" culture group may see this decision. OR = { # When multiple conditions are listed under a single OR, only one needs to be fulfilled. ai = no # Indicates humanity. Decision will not function correctly if this is set to yes. AND = { # When multiple conditions are listed under a single AND, they all need to be fulfilled. ai = yes num_of_cities = 3 } } is_colonial_nation = no # Whether or not the nation is currently a New World colony. OR = { is_former_colonial_nation = no # Whether or not the nation is an independent New World colony. AND = { is_former_colonial_nation = yes ai = no } } } allow = { # Everything listed under "allow" is what must be fulfilled to actually finish the decision. adm_tech = 10 # The decision cannot be completed without an Administrative Technology level of 10. is_subject = no # If 'no', vassals and lesser partners cannot complete the decision. is_at_war = no # If 'no', the decision cannot be completed during peacetime. owns = 236 # The provinces that must be owned for the decision to be completed. owns = 237 owns = 234 owns = 248 owns = 251 is_core = 236 # The provinces that must be cores for the decision to be completed. is_core = 237 # 'owns_core_province' can be used to combine 'owns' and 'is_core', useful with decisions involving many provinces. is_core = 234 is_core = 248 is_core = 251 } effect = { change_tag = GBR # The tag specified here is what your nation becomes after completing the decision british_isles = { # Something is happening in the specified region limit = { # Everything under 'limit' must be true for whatever else in the group to be true NOT = { owned_by = ROOT } # Your nation is not in control of all of the British Isles. } add_claim = GBR # Puts a claim on provinces in the British Isles and relevant Conquest casus bellis. } add_prestige = 25 # This effect alters prestige. Can be set to a negative number to subtract prestige. GBR = { set_capital = 236 # Sets capital to the specified province. In this case, London. } add_country_modifier = { name = "centralization_modifier" # The modifier you want to apply duration = 7300 # Length of modifier, in days. } } ai_will_do = { factor = 1 # Determines whether or not the AI will attempt the decision. 1 says they will, 0 says they won't. } ai_importance = 400 # Determines how important completing the decision is to the AI if they're allowed to do so. Higher number = higher priority } }


Add a file in localisation specifying the name and description of your decision. With this decision, the file would need four lines:

  • example_decision_title
  • example_decision_title_desc
  • example_decision
  • example_decision_desc

Without these, the decision name and description will show up in code when in-game.


example_decision_title: "Form Some Nation"
example_decision_desc: "On November 11, 1444, rebels in Some Place rose up and established the dominance of their country, Some Nation."