Dar al-Islam

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Dar al-Islam
Dar al-Islam.jpg
Possible if
The Star and Crescent DLC is enabled.

The player's country:

  • is in the Muslim religious group.
Achieved if

The player's country:

This achievement can be completed as any country following any of the sects of Islam but is most easily completed as the Ottomans. It should be possible to unite Islam by around 1600.


Opening moves

Usual Ottoman start, annex Byzantium, Athens, and the Anatolian Beyliks. Set you national focus to admin as you will need it. Reclaim any cores that you have except for your core in Qara Qoyunlu because you need to save your manpower. Genoa is almost always willing to give up their islands if you threaten them with war and Venice will often give up their islands to a threat of war if they are embroiled in a war themselves. Build up your armies and navy to be ready for the first war with the Mamluks around 1460.

Expansion southwards

Take the mission to conquer the Levant which will give you claims on all Mamluk land through to Egypt. Declare your first war and take as much land as possible. It is not possible to take all the land in one war but that is no matter. After coring the recently conquered lands, declare war on Cyprus. The Mamluks start with a guarantee of Cyprus so should come to their aid. Finish taking the rest of the Levant from the Mamluks and annex Cyprus. After conquering the Levant look in the Arabian peninsular for a country which is now small but has lots of cores to vassalise., i.e. an empire that rose and fell. Spend the time that you have a truce with the Mamluks feeding land to your Arabian vassal. If you have spare time during your truce you can clean up Trebizond, Aq Qoyunlu or maybe some of the Balkan nations. You should also have reclaimed most of the Italian provinces around the Black Sea, Anatolia and Greece.

Land of the Pharaohs

Take the mission to conquer Egypt which will give claims on all of Egypt. Declare war on Mamluks and take their CoT's and Cairo to further inhibit their ability to defend their meager empire. After the first war, continue expanding your Arabian Vassal and begin their annexation. This is a good point at which you should have the manpower to expand into QQ. Take your core and all the northern provinces you can, avoid taking Iraqi provinces as you will get a claim on these later. Declare a second war on the Mamluks and bring Egypt into your control.

Mediterranean ambitions

At this point you should be in control of Greece, Anatolia, the Levant, Egypt, all Eastern Mediterranean Islands and most of Arabia. If you also control parts or all of the Balkans it is an added bonus. You should now start the push towards Southern Spain. In order to unify Islam you must conquer Southern Spain, Sicily and all of North Africa. You can either threaten or actually declare war on Naples and Aragon for Southern Italy and Sicily. Vassalisation is recommended for North Africa as Berber Traditions give a nasty core creation cost modifier causing you to have to spend more of your precious admin power.