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Primary culture
Fon (West African)

Capital province
Abomey (1140)

Tribal Despotism Government tribal.png

State religion

Technology group
West AfricanWest African technology group
Dahomey ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
−10% Advisor cost
+10% Fort defense

Yearly legitimacy.png Children of the Panther

+1 Yearly legitimacy

National manpower modifier.png Slave Hunts

+15% National manpower modifier

Stability cost modifier.png Migan and Mehu

−10% Stability cost modifier

Foreign spy detection.png Lagredis

+30% Foreign spy detection

Discipline.png The Amazons

+5% Discipline

Institution spread.png The Yovogan

+10% Institution spread

Yearly prestige.png Palaces of Abomey

+1 Yearly prestige

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+10% Production efficiency

Dahomey is a landlocked one province minor in Niger that borders Flag of Dagbon Dagbon to the North as well as Flag of Oyo Oyo and Flag of Benin Benin to the East. Its only province has a development of 3 and produces slaves.


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Dahomey starts with a very bad ruler so you want him as a general to die early. If the player runs for "Where the heart is" Achievement should: ally Mossi - he is the strongest fetishist nation in the area-, Zazzau (he has a three star general and often there is a mission to improve relations with him) and Benin (often there is a mission to improve relations with him), rival Oyo and Dagbon, take mission to conquer Atakora, build army over force limit, declare war on Oyo (he always ally with Dagbon) and call all your allies. Take all Dagbon and sign a separate peace. If Bonoman is allied with Mossi (happen a lot of times) declare war on him when still fightin Oyo and take his lands (in this way Mossi can't join the war). Don't trust too much Benin because he always rivals you when you surround him. Now you should expand on Kong if is not allied with Mali because he has the rich province of Lobi that produces Gold, meanwhile take Nupe and Kano. You could vassalize Kanem Bornu because he starts with some core on Yao and Air. The big issue is Mali: if you wait too much he becomes really strong; you should attack him at the right time, often he gets some OE and is broken in years of rebellion, sometimes he falls in a civil war. If you can win against Mali early the Achivement is almost done, if you can't you should expand north on Air and Songhai. Lookout on the North West Niger uncolonized area because around 1470-1480 appears the fetishist nation of Fulo that have some core on Mali's Niger provinces, you should ally with him. The player should not spend any ADM and DIP point on tech but keep high stability and low waar exaustion, DEV your capital state for tax income and gold provinces as soon as you take, keep up with MIL tech. You have to expand fast and can't spend time and manpower on rebels, raise authonomy at least in full core provinces. Don't be afraid of taking loans and buy mercs. If you're playing with Craddle of Civilization DLC use the merchants to Improve Relations and lower Aggressive Expansion.


Where the heart is icon
Where the heart is
As Dahomey, force all non-Fetishist nations out of Niger and Sahel by 1500.

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