Cultural Uprising events

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Msg event.pngCultural Unrest

The ongoing oppression and exploitation of the minority population in one of our provinces has finally reached its boiling point. The citizens of the province are up in arms against our rule.

Trigger conditions

The country:

  • owns a province that:
Is triggered only by

the bi-yearly pulse I.

Base weight:

Immediate effects

Mark a random province of the country that:

Event button 547.png
Suppress the rebels

The marked province of the country:

  • gets the modifier “Suppress Minority” for 5 years with the following effect:
    • Local manpower modifier.png −10% local manpower modifier,
    • Local unrest.png +10 local unrest.
Event button 547.png
Let us try to negotiate

The marked province of the country:

  • gains Local autonomy.png 25% local autonomy.