Crusader Kings II

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CK2 box art

Crusader Kings II is a grand strategy game with RPG elements published by Paradox Interactive in 2012. It is the sequel to the original Crusader Kings released in 2004.

The game covers the historical era preceding the Europa Universalis IV period. Game play spans from 1066 A.D. (the year of the Norwegian and Norman invasions of England) to 1453 A.D. (which was historically the year Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Turks and the Hundred Years' War concluded between England and France, but game play will result in a highly different world by that point). The Old Gods and Charlemagne DLC expansions allow the game to extend its time span, beginning with the years 867 A.D. and 769 A.D. respectively.

Unlike the geographic area of Europa Universalis IV, which spans the entire world, Crusader Kings focuses solely on the activities of Europe, north and east Africa, western and central Asia and the Indian subcontinent.

The Europa Universalis IV Save Converter DLC allows for a game from Crusader Kings II to be converted over to Europa Universalis IV to continue the game.

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