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Keyboard controls are shortcuts to various game functions via keyboard keys. This article lists the default hotkeys:

Key(s) Functionality
Space bar Play / Pause
Plus key Speeds up time
Minus key Slows down time
F1 Opens main interface
1 Government
2 Diplomacy
3 Economy
4 Trade
5 Technology
6 Ideas
7 Missions
8 Stability and Expansion
9 Religion
0 Military
, Subjects
Q W E R T Y Primary mapmodes
a Attach/detach units to ship
s Split army in half
d Detach siege/blockade
f Find province
g Merge units
z Detach infantry/heavy ships
x Detach cavalry/light ships
c Detach artillery/galleys
v Detach transports
v Build units
b Build buildings
m Forced March
h Help cursor in Hints mode
o Outliner
p Papacy
l Ledger
F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 Cycle the Ledger sections
Arrow keys Navigate the Ledger
F10 Screenshots mapmode
F11 Normal screenshot
F12 Steam screenshot
Shift+2, §, ~, or ALT+21 Open console
TAB Open Multiplayer chat window
ESCape Close current window
Enter Accepts some dialog windows
0 Macro production interface
1 Land units
2 Naval units
3 Buildings
4 Make core
5 Send Missionary
6 Harsh Treatment
7 Change culture
j Switch to Siege view (when in the Province view)
p Switch to Province view (when in the Siege view)
u Select Army (when in the Siege view)
j Unit Location Focus

Keyboard Shortcuts Extended mod FORUM STEAM

  • User-made extension of the game's default keyboard controls compatible with Patch 1.11.
Window Key(s) Functionality
Diplomacy tab d diplomatic actions
d show opinions
c your country
c create vassal
z cancel vassal creation
Diplomatic actions c accept decision
z cancel decision
Province view d go to foreign diplomacy
h toggle province history
n go to trade node
g toggle trade goods
s go to siege
Siege s go to province
a select army
d sortie (use 'c' for confirmation)
War overview d offer peace
Peace c send offer
z cancel offer
x clear offer
s suggest offer
Unit panel j consolidate army
h detach mercenaries
n toggle leader/no leader
Create new unit z transfer unit to left
b transfer unit to right
x select left unit group
c select right unit group
Find province ENTER goto top search result

Mouse controls tips:

  • Right click on a province to go directly to diplomacy view
  • When at war, right click on the war emblem (bottom right shield symbol) to go directly to peace negotiation interface with the war leader (if there is a free diplomat)