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The Conquest of Paradise expansionary DLC was announced on 4 November 2013[1] and released on 14 January 2014 together with patch 1.4. The expansion focuses on colonization mechanics, a revamping of the New World, with a particular focus on making states in North America more interesting and an optional new world randomizer.


  • A generator for a Random New World. The generator is limited to starts in november 11 1444 and isn't compatible with CK2 converted games.
  • An expansive addition of new mechanics for tribal nations in North America including migration, buildings, native ideas, reforming the government, a new mechanic for casus belli and federations.
  • A new form of formable nations called colonial nations. Colonial nations form when a nation controls 5 cored overseas provinces in the same colonial region. They are a subject under the nation forming it. The relation involves the primary nation choosing the governer of the colony and getting tariffs from them while they have to be aware of the colonial nations liberty desire that can cause the colony to declare war of independence if it increases to above 50%. Colonial nations are playable and have a separate idea group.
  • Another new feature is the ability to support independence of a vassal, protectorate or colonial nation.

Coinciding game patch

Main article: Patch 1.4

The expansion coincided with a supporting, free patch for the base game, that includes:

  • Protectorates are introduced as a subject nation of technological inferiority that cannot be vassaled.
  • Climate now start to play its part in attritioning units.
  • A new interface has been added, where you can view all your current subjects, and view their benefits to your nation.
  • Attrition from being on a boat is added. It is 1% of the total army size and isn't modified.
  • More playable nations in North America and Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Added new events and decisions
  • Added new national ideas in North America

And a plethora of other additions to the game

Video Content

Title and Link Description Date mm-dd-yy
Europa Universalis 4 Conquest of Paradise - Dev's show of features ingame Developers are explaining the game 08-11-2013
Europa Universalis 4 Conquest of Paradise - Dev's Play Developers playing the unreleased version. Episode 1 of 19 12-18-2013

Other notable sources of information on the DLC:

Description Date mm-dd-yy
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