Conquest of Paradise

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The Conquest of Paradise expansionary DLC was announced on 4 November[1], to be released on 14 January[2]. The expansion focuses on colonization mechanics, a revamping of the new world and an optional new world randomizer.

Planned features

Finding Paradise: Optional randomised new world

The Inhabitants of Paradise: Revamped New World countries

To address the potentially dull play of New World countries, "lots of new and interesting things for the Native Americans to do" are being added. "The expansion makes it possible for you to play as a Native American nation and create an empire in early America."

Features will include:

Conquering Paradise: Managing a colonial empire

  • Larger colonies will become separate, limited independent nations that serve their overlord
  • You can gain money and half of their trade power, but they will operate independently, colonizing, fighting Native Americans and colonies of other nations, and potentially rebelling and attempting full independence
  • You can pressure colonial nations, in exchange for potential repercussions later on
  • You will be able to switch to play as a colony

Coinciding game patch

The expansion will coincide with a supporting, free patch for the base game, that will include:

  • New map modes
  • More playable nations
  • Colonial nations