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The game's userbase maintains a number of communities across the internet, created by Paradox Interactive and by fans themselves


Paradox Interactive has its own official forum. The forum is divided into subforums based on games.


The Leaderboard was an official feature allowing players to upload score results from an Ironman game to the official website. The leaderboard has been discontinued.


The unofficial community often hosts various events and multiplayer games. Members of /r/ParadoxPlaza (subreddit on reddit) often post content like AARs, bug reports, and strategy guides as a form of entertainment. Paradox Interactive staff also frequent the site on a regular basis.


  • /r/Paradoxplaza, one of the largest third-party communities around, located on Reddit. They have approximately 186.000 subscribers as of 03-12-2020.
  • /r/eu4, another subreddit dedicated to Europa Universalis IV, which also features content such as AARs, bug reports and strategy guides.
  • /r/CrusaderKings/, a third subreddit dedicated to Crusader Kings II, which as well as the other ones features content such as AARs, bug reports and strategy guides.
  • /r/Victoria2/, a fourth subreddit dedicated to Victoria 2, which mainly features AARs and a nice place to ask questions about the game.






  • Paradox Community, an unofficial discord for fans of Paradox games to gather, discuss the games and run MP campaigns.