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Primary culture
Catalan (Iberian)

Capital province
Barcelona (213)

Feudal Monarchy Government monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
WesternWestern technology group
For the area, see Catalonia (area).

Catalonia is a nation in Iberia. It does not exist in any start, but can be formed due to rebellions, as part of a war settlement or as a peacefully released vassal. Their primary culture is Catalan (Iberian) and has cores on all provinces with this culture (Roussillon (197), Girona (212), Barcelona (213), Urgell, (2987), València (220), Alicante (1750), Tarragona (2988) and The Baleares (333). In 1444, Aragon controls Catalonia's cores. It can form the formable country of Flag of Spain Spain.


Catalonia doesn't exist at any starting point of the game, the player must start as Flag of Aragon Aragon and release Catalonia as a vassal. Even that the released Catalonia will retain half of the Aragonese provinces (8 provinces, if you replace the capital of Aragon outside any region with Catalan culture, 7 if you maintain the capital in Valencia (220), Aragon is still much stronger in land force, able to maintain up to 20 troops, too numerous army for the new Catalan country. Even so, is possible to raise a stronger fleet than Aragon, as the player would have taken all coastal provinces of Aragon in the peninsula (in exception of Valencia, in case of not replacing the capital). So the player has to to take advantage of this advantage to neutralize the land disadvantage. The player has to count that Aragon will have allies and Flag of Naples Naples under PU, so the naval advantage is still difficult.

The player needs to wait for Aragon to enter a war that forces it to move its army throught the Mediterranean, like Italia or the islands under Aragonese control, in order to eliminate the land inferiority and take the Iberian territories of Aragon. Pay attention to sink the Aragonese transport boats, to blockade any possible enemy attempt to disembark troops and be in land disadvantage again. This strategy will be useless if Aragon is allied with Flag of Portugal Portugal, Flag of Castile Castile or Flag of France France, as this countries are too powerfull for the player at this time and a land superiority will be difficult or impossible. If Aragon is allied with any of them, restart game, and make sure to preclude any of these alliances before Catalonia is released. If you win the war, gain independence and, if possible, take some provinces (preferably Cagliari and one in Iberia).

Then the player will become a regional power and probably be able to ally Flag of France France, Flag of Portugal Portugal and/or Flag of Austria Austria, if relations are improved with this nations. The best option for ambitious players is to ally Austria and try to take French provinces, but the most logical is to ally France (if possible) or Portugal, and conquer Castille in order to form Spain. When Spain is formed, the strategy is just the same as the former country, but with a bit more difficulty, as the player will probably lose the oportunity to annex the Italian territories.