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Duchy rankCaddo
Primary culture
Caddo (Caddoan)

Capital province
Caddo (894)

Native Council Government tribal.png

State religion

Technology group
North AmericanNorth American technology group

The Caddo are a Native American tribe that resides in the Mississippi, in the Arkansas region. Historically, this tribe was peaceful with European settlers until the United States' hostility towards Indians meant that they relocated to an area of Mexico, now Texas, where a reservation for the tribe still exists.

In the game, the tribe is situated just West of the more powerful Muskogean tribes and Cherokee, and to the West lies the other multi-province tribes of Pueblo and Navajo. Among Caddo is the rest of the Caddoan culture group. All these are one province minors, like Caddo. Caddo is known mostly for the exploitative strategy of combining the generic Native American idea group with the Nahuatl religion. Caddo is in the best geographic location for this strategy. Beyond that, Caddo usually suffers the same fate of other one-province North American tribes once the European colonizers arrive.


The Nahuatl/Generic Ideas Semi_Exploit

This strategy involves adopting the very powerful Nahuatl religion and then reforming as soon as Europeans arrive. This atrategy creates a very overpowered Caddo which is great fun to play as.

Opening Moves: Migrating South

Caddo is placed just north of the Gulf of Mexico, quite near to the Mexico region. While Caddo has a generally strong idea group in the generic Native American group, this is balanced by the [Totemism|Totemist] religion. With a random leader, save-scumming until you get a good monarch is advised. Then, the first goal is to travel South and embrace the Nahuatl religion. This means quickly migrating to Hasinai (2669) (often there is a mission to do so) then Eyeish (2665), then across the Gulf to Borrado (2668) before finally settling in Tamaulipas (858). During this time, monarch points should be carefully spent. A good leader and constant migration mean that you will have a few to spend. One should be shooting for a military tech advantage for the next stage, at least tech 3 for the morale boost. Beyond that, technology spending will likely be a waste after reforming your religion, since you will receive 80% of your neighbor's technology anyway. Diplomacy points can usefully be sunk into mercantilism, and administration points will be useful to regain stability for no-CB wars. These wars are good ways to earn money or monarch points from your weak neighbors while you wait for migration cool down.

Preparing for European Contact: Religious Reforms

Now that you're in Mexico, your target should be Cholula (2644). This means military expansion into the Mesoamerican empires. It's a few provinces inside, and may require a few wars. This should be no issue if you have achieved military tech 3, and building a fortified house as a Totemist would make this even easier, depending on how powerful the Central Americans are.

Taking Cholula means that you own an ancient temple city, and this will trigger the event The Temple City of Cholula. This allows you to either destroy the temple or embrace the Nahuatl faith. This event only has a MTTH of one year, so it should not be long before you have taken on your new, powerful, religion. Nahuatl is a dangerous religion because of the doom mechanic, but can be reformed which grants permanent powerful bonuses unlike the Totemist reforms, which go away if you modernize. In order to reform Nahuatl you must have five vassals. In Mesoamerica this is quite difficult, even with the Flower Wars CB. As Caddo though, you still have vision of all the tiny North American tribes. These tribes can be quickly vassalized for a reform, thus allowing Caddo to reform very quickly with the great many of options to your North. Read the wiki on Nahuatl for a more detailed guide of how to adopt the five reforms.

After you have taken all five reforms, doom will not increase except by event, and is therefore easy to manage. Now, begin colonizing and conquering the coastlines and interior of Mexico in anticipation of the arrival of the White man.

A Modern Caddo: Endless Possibilities

There are two ways to get a border with a colonizer, a likely possibility is that one will simply colonize next to you. As soon as the province is cored by any Western nation, you have the option to reform Nahuatl. The other possibility is that a nation will claim a province and declare war. Especially if you have taken some of the gold provinces you may be a very valuable target. You will be no match for a Castile or England or France or really any likely colonizer. They are likely past 10 in all techs by the time you see them. If war occurs, your best option is to immediately cede one province and cash, getting a truce and earning a border with them. With this, you can reform.

After reforming Nahuatl, you will have the institutions and tech to compete with Europe and their colonial nations. In addition, you are now in a place to grab the many gold provinces in Mexico. Caddo is now an independent Western nation with access to more gold than anyone else in the world. From here dominating the Caribbean trade node and colonizing the coasts should be an early priority. Nearly anything is possible from here, in many cases you might become a world power just from reforming. Therefore, just do whatever seems fun or interesting. You can seek to insulate the Americas from the invaders across the sea. You can even turn the tables by invading the rich lands of Europe or Africa. Without colonial nations you are also free to directly rule the entire Western hemisphere.


Three Trivial Tributary Tribes icon
Three Trivial Tributary Tribes
Have 3 Tribal States as Tributaries.
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