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For the region, see Bengal (region).
Kingdom rankBengal
Primary culture
Bengali (Eastern Aryan)

Capital province
Gauda (563)

Feudal Monarchy Government monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
IndianIndian technology group
Bengali ideas

For countries with Primary culture.png Bengali primary culture, as well as Flag of Koch Koch and Flag of Kachar Kachar.

Traditions.png Traditions:

+1 Merchant
+10% Infantry combat ability

Religious unity.png Bengali Hindu-Sufi Syncretism

+50% Religious Unity

Trade efficiency.png Ganges-Brahmaputra Confluence

+10% Trade efficiency

National manpower modifier.png Bengal's Endlessly Productive Rice Fields

+20% National manpower modifier

Cost of reducing war exhaustion.png Mustard Oil & Ilish Mach

−10% Cost of reducing war exhaustion

Production efficiency.png Jute Production

+10% Production efficiency

National tax modifier.png Opium Fields of Bengal

+10% National tax modifier

Institution spread.png The Bengal Renaissance

+10% Institution spread

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+1 Yearly prestige

In 1444, Bengal is the only Sunni sultanate in Eastern India. With a few very rich provinces and upper-hand in the Bengal trade node at the start, it is possible to turn Bengal into one of the major powers in Indian region and eventually unite the Indian subcontinent and declare the empire of Hindustan.


Bengal can form Flag of Hindustan Hindustan as an Eastern Aryan nation.


Main article: Bengali events


At 1444 Bengal is a strong nation with 136 development, located in very rich Bengal trade node in east India. Country culture belongs to East Aryan group which determine the way of early expansion and forming Flag of Hindustan Hindustan. Like most of India countries Bengal embraced feudalism and has no technology penalty at the start. Possible starting rivals are: Flag of Jaunpur Jaunpur, Flag of Orissa Orissa, Flag of Ayutthaya Ayutthaya, Flag of Ava Ava and Flag of Arakan Arakan. Good and strong allies are sultanates of Flag of Delhi Delhi and Flag of Malwa Malwa. Like all India region, Bengali provinces are Hindu, but Bengal's religious unity is 100% with +3 heathen tolerance and Dhimmi influence. With high piety Bengal player can slowly convert provinces without any problems.

Early game

After starting a game in 1444 year the first, risky but the most beneficial route of expansion is a reconquest war with Flag of Orissa Orissa and her vassal Flag of Garjat Garjat before they can have their own allies. Alliance with Flag of Delhi Delhi and/or Flag of Malwa Malwa won't help militarily but can prevent eventual coalition after taking all Orissa provinces, which will make Garjat automatically become a vassal. It's worth to know that the newly conquered land belongs to East Aryan culture group so will have less unrest. The price for this victory will be however +50 aggressive expansion in some countries, so it would be wise to recover manpower and look for expansion opportunities on the east and north. If player missed a chance or don't feel confident about Orissa, Bengal has many other options for easy early expansion:Flag of Koch Koch, Flag of Kachar Kachar, Flag of Arakan Arakan and eventually Flag of Assam Assam. Flag of Nepal Nepal and Flag of Tirhut Tirhut are in the Bengali culture group and will be quicker to diplomatically-annex if vassalised. Flag of Delhi Delhi soon will probably make call to aid him in war against the common rival - Flag of Jaunpur Jaunpur. This can be an opportunity to make separate peace and take necessary provinces for becoming Flag of Hindustan Hindustan in cost of trust. Forming Hindustan is major step for making Bengal a ruler of India. With conquered Orissa only three provinces are left: Patna in Jaunpur, Jharkhand and Bundelakhand. The last two could easily be taken by one of Bengali allies, so time of expansion is essential. Forming Hindustan will give claims all over the rich Indian provinces and make possible for example to force vassalise Ceylon before Vijaynagar take it, which will stop their advancement southward. In case of that Bengal can proclaim their guarantee. It's also a good idea to make Flag of Dali Dali a vassal and feed him with Tibetan culture land (f.e. Lhasa). Additionally if Flag of Ming Ming collapse Dali will have many free land from rebels.

Institution issue

After 1450 and some early expansion, Renaissance will appear in Europe with yearly ticking technology penalty. Fortunately Bengal is rich and has some farmland provinces with 95% development cost. This gives a good opportunity for investing monarch points and increase development in one of them to about 35-40, which will make the Institution embraced in that province and make it spread around. Embracing institution in all country will cost a lot of gold, so using many mercenaries in wars is not recommended. Quantity group is a good first idea choice for manpower regeneration. With embraced Renaissance Bengal will probably become one of the great power (with Rights of Man expansion), and have advanced diplomatic abilities. The same steps can be made after appearing of Colonialism and Printing press. Global trade will spread easily without stimulation and with collecting in Goa trade node with major power there, it can appear in one of Bengali (Hindustani) province. Manufactories and Enlightenment also could start like that if the requirements are made.


Bengal's major opposition mid-game are Vijayanagar and Flag of Bahmanis Bahmanis. Forming a coalition against them may be worthwhile. After creating Flag of Hindustan Hindustan, Bengal can easily overcome Vijayanagar. Feeding Ceylon with Flag of Madurai Madurai, Flag of Venad Venad, Flag of Kochin Kochin, Flag of Malabar Malabar and Flag of Mysore Mysore will save some administration points and limited number of states. After taking south part of Vijayanagar Hindustan with full quantity ideas can practically ignore aggressive expansion impact and quickly conquer the rest of India. This could be a moment to let go of regional allies and try thinking global. A Muslim alliance on west and a Chinese alliance on east could be strategic to deal in both wings. Flag of Aceh Aceh or Flag of Malacca Malacca makes great ally with their naval superiority, which comes in handy in wars of eastern Asia. Also as they are not colonial usually, less chance of border clashes. On east, Ottomans are the greatest power, but not the best option, as they will want to drag Bengal to their wars in Europe and the player must try hard to avoid getting up against any major European nations. The mid game is the time that European powers come by India looking for land. But, Flag of Hindustan Hindustan should be strong enough to go head to head against almost any European power on home land. Although the East India missions could be tempting, but western nations will avoid serious clash as it might hurt their position in their mainlands. Avoid letting small countries keep coastal provinces, which could make things easy for the Europeans.

Later Game

After conquering all of India, Bengal/Hindustan is most definitely a world power. India has high base tax provinces and is in an excellent position to expand. As a Muslim nation, Bengal has the option to gain the ultimate goal, Unify Islam. It requires the massive growth of the empire into the Spanish and Italian regions. As Flag of Timurids Timurids collapses out regularly into Flag of Persia Persia and Flag of Mughals Mughals, this should not be a trouble. Conquering Samarkand is a requirement for the Bengal Tiger achievement.

If south eastern countries are crushed, Bengal might also be able to expand through the China. As Flag of Ming Ming has a bad imperial system, it often breaks even into few smaller empires, which could end up being no match for a Bengali Hindustan.


Bengal Tiger icon
Bengal Tiger
Start as Bengal and own Samarkand as a core province.

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