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For tips & tricks on how to complete an achievement, see the achievements category.
For the list of conditions necessary to unlock each achievement, see achievement conditions.

EU4 has 80 different achievements, all using the Steam achievements mechanics. Achievements have no in-game effects, the achievement just pops up in-game and is added to your Steam profile. The difficulty of each achievement varies, some achievements are very easy (e.g. signing a royal marriage with another country), while some are extremely difficult (e.g. conquer the world as Ryukyu)

This page shows a list containing all available achievements. They are grouped by difficulty, as determined by Paradox Interactive. See Global Achievements at Steam to see the list of all achievements sorted by the percentage of users that managed to complete each achievement.

Note: Achievements can only be gained in Ironman games started at 11 November 1444, except Liberty or Death, which can only be gained in Ironman games started at 4 July 1776.

Very Easy

Brothers in Arms icon
Brothers in Arms
Win a war as a secondary participant.
Cold War icon
Cold War
Win a war without fighting a single battle.
Defender of the Faith icon
Defender of the Faith
For the Glory icon
For the Glory
Diplo-annex a vassal.
Liberty or Death icon
Liberty or Death
Start as USA in 1776 bookmark and own all your cores while being at peace.
Just a Little Patience icon
Just a Little Patience
Play a campaign from 1444 until 1820.
That's a Grand Army icon
That's a Grand Army
Build up your army to your country's maximum army forcelimit.
That's a Grand Navy icon
That's a Grand Navy
Build up your navy to your country's maximum navy forcelimit.
That is mine! icon
That is mine!
Conquer a province.
The Princess is in this Castle icon
The Princess is in this Castle
Have a female heir and a Royal Palace.
Until Death Do Us Apart icon
Until Death Do Us Apart
Secure a Royal Marriage with another country.
Victorious! icon
Win a war.


All belongs to Mother Russia icon
All belongs to Mother Russia
Form Russia.
Azur semé de lis or icon
Get all the French cores as France.
Double the Love icon
Double the Love
Start with no unions and get two at the same time.
Down Under icon
Down Under
Have a colony in Australia.
Four For Trade icon
Four For Trade
Form four Trade Companies and get bonus merchants from all of them.
Grand Coalition icon
Grand Coalition
Join a coalition of more than 5 nations.
In the Name of the Father icon
In the Name of the Father
As an Orthodox country, have 100 patriarch Authority.
Isn't this the way to India? icon
Isn't this the way to India?
Discover the Americas as Castile or Spain.
It's all about the money icon
It's all about the money
Accumulate 3000 gold.
Not so sad a state... icon
Not so sad a state...
As Portugal, have a colony in Brazil and in Africa.
One King to Rule! icon
One King to Rule!
As Poland, become an absolutist monarchy, abolishing the Sejm.
Respected icon
Have 100 prestige, 100 legitimacy and three stability.
Seriously?! icon
Kill 10,000 men in one battle.
The Emperors new clothes icon
The Emperors new clothes
Overthrow Austria and become the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.
True Catholic icon
True Catholic
Control three cardinals.
Truly Divine Ruler icon
Truly Divine Ruler
Get a 5/5/5 Ruler.
Winged Hussars icon
Winged Hussars
Have the Winged Hussar unit, while having at least 50% cavalry power.


A Pile of Gold icon
Own 10 provinces which produce gold.
Electable! icon
Become an elector in the HRE as a country which does not start as elector.
Italian Ambition icon
Italian Ambition
Form Italy.
My armies are invincible! icon
My armies are invincible!
Gain at least 7.0 land morale.
Nobody wants to die icon
Nobody wants to die
Own Timbuktu as Songhai.
No Pirates in my Caribbean icon
No Pirates in my Caribbean
Own the entire Caribbean.
No trail of tears icon
Own the Thirteen Colonies as a westernized Cherokee.
Royal Authority icon
Royal Authority
Install a union through a succession war.
Ruina Imperii icon
Ruina Imperii
Dismantle the Holy Roman Empire.
Sinaasappel! icon
Get Orangists in power with 100% Republican Tradition, and owning a province in China.
Sweden is not overpowered! icon
Own the entire Baltic coastline as Sweden.
The Five Colonies icon
The Five Colonies
Have five colonial nations.
The Grand Armada icon
The Grand Armada
Have 500 heavy ships and no loans.
This navy can take it all icon
This navy can take it all
Gain at least 7.0 naval morale.
Turning the Tide icon
Turning the Tide
Start as a Steppe Horde in 1444, and fully westernize.
Vasa or Wettin? icon
Vasa or Wettin?
Get a ruler of your dynasty on the throne of Poland or the Commonwealth while they are an elective monarchy.
Venetian Sea icon
Venetian Sea
Have a 90% trade share in both the Alexandria and Constantinople nodes as Venice, owning less than 10 cities.
Viva la Revolución! icon
Viva la Revolución!
Have rebels you support in another country enforce their demands.


An early Reich icon
An early Reich
Form Germany.
At every continent icon
At every continent
Own one province on each continent.
It's all about luck icon
It's all about luck
Win a battle against a great leader, without a leader.
Luck of the Irish icon
Conquer the British Isles as one of the Irish minors
Je maintiendrai icon
Je maintiendrai
Form the Netherlands as a minor nation starting with Dutch culture.
Poland can into space icon
Poland can into space
As Poland, reach the maximum level in all technologies (32).
Spain is the Emperor icon
Spain is the Emperor
Become the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire as Spain.
The Chrysanthemum Throne icon
The pen is mightier than the sword icon
The pen is mightier than the sword
Have three unions at the same time as Austria.
World Discoverer icon
World Discoverer
Discover the whole world.
Master of India icon
Master of India
Own all of India as a European nation.
Queen of Mercury icon
Queen of Mercury
As Kilwa, own Zanzibar and Bombay (North Konkan).
Trade Hegemon icon
Trade Hegemon
As a Western European, own Aden, Hormoz & Malacca.
The Iron Price icon
The Iron Price
Restore the Danelaw region to Danish rule, and make it Danish culture.
The Rising Sun icon
Own all of Japan as a European nation.

Very Hard

African Power icon
African Power
Own all provinces in Africa as Kongo.
Aggressive Expander icon
Own 200 provinces.
A Kaiser not just in name icon
A Kaiser not just in name
Enact all reforms in the Holy Roman Empire.
Basileus icon
Restore the Roman Empire.
Definitely the Sultan of Rum icon
Own Rome, Moscow and Istanbul as Ottomans.
Market Control icon
Market Control
Be trade leader of seven different goods.
Norwegian Wood icon
Norwegian Wood
Own all naval supplies provinces as Norway.
Sons of Carthage icon
Sons of Carthage
As Tunisia, own Sicily, Sardinia, the Balearic Islands, the coast of Algiers and the southern coast of Spain.
The Great Khan icon
The Great Khan
As the Mongol Khanate or the Golden Horde, conquer or vassalize the Chinese, Russian and Persian regions.
The Re-Reconquista icon
The Re-Reconquista
Reconquer all of Iberia as Granada.
Turn the Table icon
As a colony, break free and vassalize your former overlord.
Traditional Player icon
Traditional Player
More than 90 percent Naval and Army Tradition.


Jihad icon
As Najd, conquer 500 provinces and convert it to Sunni religion.
Sunset Invasion icon
Sunset Invasion
As the Aztecs, conquer Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, London, Amsterdam & Rome.
The Three Mountains icon
The Three Mountains
Conquer the World as Ryukyu.
World Conqueror icon
World Conqueror
Conquer the World.