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For tips & tricks on how to complete an achievement, see the achievements category.

EU4 has 295 different achievements, all using the Steam achievements mechanics. Achievements have no in-game effects; the achievement just pops up in-game and then added to the player's Steam profile. It is possible to see the achievements sorted by the percentage of users that managed to complete each achievement by going to the game's global achievements at Steam (for more accurate numbers one can use the Steam web API).

The difficulty of each achievement varies; some achievements are very easy (e.g. signing a royal marriage with another country), while some are extremely difficult (e.g. conquering the world as Ryukyu). The below list groups the various achievements by a difficulty level as assessed by the wiki editors (uncategorized - UC - achievements haven't been assessed yet).

Achievements, for the most part, can only be gained in single-player Ironman games, on Normal or higher difficulty, with historical nations started at 11 November 1444. Some will require that you play as a released nation. Some achievements can also be earned while playing a custom nation. Six allow some custom game setup options. Four do not require the 1444 start date. All of this is noted in the table.

Achievements can be earned while playing older versions of the game (1.6 and above) as long as the given achievement was present in that version. E.g., Azur semé de lis or can be earned in 1.11, but Big Blue Blob cannot, since it was only added in 1.12.

List of achievements

The "Notes" column lists helpful short tips/strategies.

The   column denotes achievements which can't be completed without the use of DLC mechanics (currently 84 out of 295). The   icon means it can also be achieved with custom nations; those without this icon can't be achieved if any custom nations exist, even if played by AI.

The "Ver" column indicates in which version a certain achievement was added. Achievements cannot be earned prior to the version they were added in (and no lower than 1.6).

The "DI" column is for difficulty as assessed by wiki editors. VE = Very Easy, E = Easy, M = Medium, H = Hard, VH = Very Hard, I = Insane, UC = Uncategorized.

Achievement Starting conditions Requirements Notes   Ver DI
A Golden Empire
Enact a Golden Age as an Empire.
The golden era can be started on the first day of the next month after completing 3 objectives. Easily done as the Ottomans, conquering Constantinople and taking the decision to move capital will give Empire rank, A Large City and Control Centers of Trade. Both Dulkadir and Aq Qoyunlu are close and weak to invade, and have provinces that count as in Asia for Present on Two Continents. Can also be done as Ming. You begin as an empire, already have a 30-development capital, and have more than five centres of trade at the beginning, you just need to release five vassals and you can begin your golden era. 1.20 VE
AAA Credit
As a Great Power, take on over 1,000 ducats of another nation's debt.
  •   Is a Great power
  •   Has taken on 1000 ducats of another country's debt.
Must be done in a single action. 1.18 VE
All That's Thine Shall Be Mine
As a Greedy ruler, take all of a nation's ducats in a peace deal.
  Took all of an enemy nation's ducats in a peace deal, during the reign of a   Greedy Ruler. Can be achieved without being the warleader by having a Greedy ruler and the warleader taking all of a nation's   ducats in a peace deal. The Ruler of Cleves is greedy at the start of the game. 1.18 VE
Cold War
Win a war without fighting a single battle.
  Won one war without fighting a single battle. Start as a neighbor of an OPM. Go to a total war with them and sign peace (break their alliances if needed and take all their money). Soon after declare another war (breaking the truce) and capture their undefended capital. 1.1 VE
Combined Arms
Have both an Admiral and a General with a trait.
  No restriction of the start date
  •   Have an Admiral with a trait
  •   Have a General with a trait
  • Conquistadors and explorers do not count.
  • Leaders gain traits at the end of battles with a chance based on the military tradition gain from that battle, which is based (in part) on the number of losses inflicted on the enemy. The   Ottomans start with a general with a trait in 1444.
1.18 VE
Cowardly Tactics
Have a fort and a supply depot in a mountainous province producing livestock.
  Own and control a livestock-producing mountain province with a fort building and a supply depot Possible to achieve in Custom Setup and Random Setup nation modes. Very easy to do with   Mamluks, who start with a fort on a livestock province. 1.23 VE
Defender of the Faith
Become Defender of the Faith.
  Is not defender of the faith   Is defender of the faith   1.1 VE
Have 3 different estates in your country with at least 70% influence each.
  Have 3 estates with 70% influence Easily done as   France by giving all provinces to estates at start and pushing all the interaction buttons. 1.14 VE
For the Glory
Diplo-annex a vassal.
  Have diplomatically annexed a vassal. Start as Denmark, then annex Holstein after 10 years.   1.1 VE
Foul Mouthed
Scornfully insult 10 nations that border you.
  •   No more than 1 custom nation exists in the world
  •   Used no more than 201 nation designer points
  •   At least 10 neighbouring countries have the “Scornfully Insulted” opinion modifier towards you
The 10 countries must all have the opinion modifier at the same time. Lithuania borders 11 nations at the start of game.   1.26 VE
Full House
Have 3 Vassals and 2 Marches at the same time.
  •   Have 3 vassals
  •   Have 2 marches
Easily done as   England,   Muscovy,   Lithuania or   Timurids at the start of the campaign.   1.12 VE
Gentle Persuasion
Have a Siege Specialist general win a siege in a province with a fort.
  No restriction of the start date   Won a siege against a fort using a General with the Siege Specialist trait. Easily done as France as they begin with a siege specialist general. 1.18 VE
It's all about the money
Accumulate 3000 gold.
  Have 3,000 ducats in the treasury Easily done as a big nation by taking loans until reaching the target.   1.1 VE
Marshy March
Have a march with at least two marsh provinces.
  Have a march with at least two marsh provinces Easily done as   England (with releasing   Northumberland and granting them Norfolk).   1.8 VE
My True Friend
Go to war in support of a rebel faction and win, enforcing their demands.
  Help a rebel faction win a war against another country   1.8 VE
Name a general after yourself and lead your army to victory.
  •   An army is led by a general with the player's Steam name
  •   Win a battle with a general with the player's Steam name
Possible to achieve in Custom Setup and Random Setup nation modes. Can be done without Cradle of Civilization by editing the player's Steam name to match the name of a general or by creating monarch in Custom Setup with exact name as player's Steam name and assign as general. 1.23 VE
Not so sad a state...
As Portugal, have a colony in Brazil and in Africa.
  Have a colony in both Brazil and in the continent of Africa Establish two colonies in Brazil and in Africa. For the African colony, Rio de Oro, Arguin, and Trarza are not valid for this achievement. Keep in mind the colonies need to only be established, not finished, so this can be done extremely quickly after unlocking the first two exploration ideas. The name is a reference to the Portuguese word "saudade". 1.1 VE
Populists in Government
Switch government type through government reforms.
  •   No more than 1 custom nation exists in the world
  •   Used no more than 201 nation designer points
  Has switched government type via a government reform Fastest as a tribal nation, as only 5 reforms are needed to change government type.   1.26 VE
Pyramid of Skulls
As a Steppe Horde, raze a province with at least 30 development.
  Government type is   Steppe Nomads
  •   Is steppe nomad
  •   Razed a province of at least 30 development.
The eligible provinces in 1444 are Milan (30), Nanjing (33), Beijing (33) and Constantinople after Ottoman conquest (34), although it is much easier to conquer a good province from a minor, develop it to 30, give it back, conquer again and finally raze it.   1.14 VE
Queen of Conquest
Conquer land while in a Queen Regency.
  •   Have a consort regency with a female consort
  •   Conquered land
The achievement won't be given if the player full-annexes a country due to a bug.[1]   1.18 VE
Kill 10,000 men in one battle.
  Have killed 10 000 men in one battle.   1.1 VE
Subsidize my Love
Subsidize 3 different allies at least 50% of their monthly income without running a deficit.
Easily done as   England with the Irish minors or as   Austria with HRE OPMs. 1.12 VE
Tear Down This Wall
Use artillery Barrage on Berlin.
  Has used artillery barrage on Berlin. 1.20 VE
That is mine!
Conquer a province.
  Have conquered one new province.   1.1 VE
That's a Grand Army
Build up your army to your country's maximum army forcelimit.
  Army size isn't 99% of maximum force limit   Have an army size that is 99% of maximum force limit This achievement is not awarded if the player plays a nation that already is at or is over its maximum force limit.   1.1 VE
That's a Grand Navy
Build up your navy to your country's maximum navy forcelimit.
  Navy size isn't 99% of maximum force limit   Have a navy size that is 99% of maximum force limit   1.1 VE
The Continuation of Diplomacy
Successfully use Threaten War to gain a province from another nation.
  Have acquired a province through threatening war. Easily done as the   Ottomans with   Aq Qoyunlu.   1.14 VE
This is My Faith
Convert to Protestantism and unlock 3 Aspects of Faith.
Bohemia, the nations in the British Isles and those in Scandinavia start in a great position for this achievement.   1.12 VE
Three Trivial Tributary Tribes
Have 3 Tribal States as Tributaries.
  Religious group is Eastern or government type is   Steppe Nomads.   Has 3 Tributary States with government type Steppe Nomads, Tribal Despotism, Tribal Monarchy, Tribal Federation, Tribal Democracy, Native Council, or Siberian Clan Council. Easily done as   Ming at the start of the campaign.   1.20 VE
Time Bandit
Successfully steal a map from another nation.
  Stole a map from another country. 1.16 VE
Truly Divine Ruler
Get a 5/5/5 Ruler.
  Starting ruler has less than 5 skill in any category   Have a ruler that has at least 5 skill in every category Easiest way to obtain this achievement is starting with   Poland and appoint a local noble ruler for the event. In contrary to the achievement text getting a better ruler than 5/5/5 also counts. 1.1 VE
Until death do us apart
Secure a Royal Marriage with another country.
  Is not in a royal marriage   Have a royal marriage Note that it won't trigger if the player already has one or more royal marriages at game start.   1.1 VE
Win a war.
  Has won a war. Win a war as the main participant.   1.1 VE
Viva la Revolución!
Have rebels you support in another country enforce their demands.
  Have supported rebels in another country that enforced their demands. 1.1 VE
A Pile of Gold
Own 10 provinces which produce gold.
  Own 10 Gold provinces In 1444, the Niger region has 3, the South Africa and East Africa regions have 5, the Peru and Upper Peru regions have 6, and the Mexico region has 5. Does not require provinces to be cored. Provinces owned by colonial nations do not count (playing as released colonial nation counts to achieve pile of gold).
All pre-determined gold provinces
1.6 E
Have 100% Mercantilism.
  Have 100% mercantilism Only easy with   DLC. Can be easily attained by playing an isolated country such as   Ternate or   Tidore, eliminating nearby threats, and then ignoring technology and just pressing the "promote mercantilism" button until you get the achievement.

Without Mare Nostrum, it is easiest to do as   England, who start with 25% mercantilism and have a unique event which gives a 10% boost.

1.6 E
Gain 100 Absolutism.
  Have 100 absolutism
  • Possible to achieve in Custom Setup and Random Setup nation modes.
  •   Sweden and   Prussia have events to increase their maximum absolutism.   France,   Portugal,   Sweden, and   Russia have events, decisions, or ideas that give yearly absolutism gain.
  1.20 E
Start as Mali and have 4 Colonial Subjects in South America.
  Playing as   Mali   Have 4 colonial nations based in the continent of South America All 4 colonies must have their capital on the South American continent. Possible with Colombia when not colonizing Panama or further north. Might be possible with Caribbeans based of Trinidad. 1.18 E
Own 200 provinces.
  Own 200 provinces.

Easiest to do as   Ming.

Mispelled as "Agressive Expander" on Steam.

1.1 E
All belongs to Mother Russia
Start as a country of Russian culture and form Russia.
  Primary culture is either Muscovite, Ryazanian or Novgorodian   Is   Russia Easiest to do as   Muscovy. 1.1 E
An Industrial Evolution
As Great Britain, own all of England as core provinces and have at least 25 development in each province there.
  •   Not as a released vassal.
  •   Form   Great Britain
  •   Own and have cores on the London, East Midlands, West Midlands, East Anglia, Wessex, and Yorkshire areas with each province having at least 25 development. (Cumbria and Northumberland aren't needed.)
1.12 E
Own one province on each continent.
  Not using a random New World.   Own a province in each of the 6 continents. The continents are: Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, and Oceania. Most easily done as   Spain or   Portugal, as they can colonize faster.

NOTE Colonial Nations do not count, you must own the provinces directly.

1.1 E
Azur semé de lis or
Get all the French Cores as France.
  Playing as   France   All cored provinces are owned by   France
Aside from reconquest, can also be done by revoking the cores from non-owned provinces. 1.1 E
Baa Baa Black Sheep
As Qara Qoyunlu become the leading producer of wool.
  Playing as   Qara Qoyunlu   Be production leader of wool You start with 5 wool-producing provinces. Focus solely on accumulating diplomatic points to develop them. Can be done before 1450.

Alternatively, annexing   Bitlis with 3 additional provinces will reduce the amount of developing needed (note that annexation can start as early as 1445 in this case). Annexing neighbouring OPM   Hisn Kayfa also helps, as they produce wool.

1.18 E
Have at least 21 different subjects with 5 cities each and without any subject having 50% or more Liberty Desire. Trade Companies do not count.
  Has 21 different subjects with more than 5 cities and less than 50%   Liberty Desire Can be easily achieved with Tributary states as the Chinese Emperor with the Mandate of Heaven DLC or   Ashikaga with its daimyos. 1.12 E
Blockade at least 10 ports of one enemy.
  Blockade at least 10 enemy ports at the same time. Easily done as the   Ottomans with the   Mamluks at the start of the campaign. 1.10 E
Blood for the Sky God
As a Tengri nation, have Nahuatl as your syncretic faith.
  •   Is Tengri
  •   Syncretic faith is   Nahuatl
Start as a Jurchen tribe and choose   Exploration ideas first. Conquer Eastern Siberia for colonial range to North America and colony-hop to Mesoamerica. Do not form   Qing.   1.14 E
Bright Spark
Have 50 Innovativeness.
  •   No more than 1 custom nation exists in the world
  •   Used no more than 201 nation designer points if playing as a custom nation
  •   Have 50 Innovativeness
Starting as Florence, only focus on technology and doctrines, accept all events that give innovativeness and always choose the same leader during election, can be done before 1550. 1.25 E
Brothers in Arms
Win a war as a secondary participant.
  Won a war without being the war leader. 1.1 E
Center of Attention
Own both a Protestant and a Reformed Center of Reformation.
A random event creates the first Center of Reformation for each denomination. After that, the next two nations in Europe to convert have a random province designated as a Center of Reformation. 1.8 E
Chop Chop
With only one Monarch, have six different Consorts.
  •   No more than 1 custom nation exists in the world
  •   Used no more than 201 nation designer points if playing as a custom nation
  •   Have six different consorts
As an Anglican nation, (a)Divorce Consort every 100 church power, then wait for a new consort; (b)royal marriage with another nation or (c) press "Marry a local Noblewoman" button in religious panel. Cycle through the options five times. Kill the heir if necessary. Easily doable if the ruler is young. 1.25 E
Cities of Cibola
As Pueblo, own at least seven provinces with 10 development each.
  Playing as   Pueblo   Own 7 provinces with at least 10 development each Easily achieved by declaring no-CB wars on adjacent starting nations and manually developing provinces. 1.18 E
City of Cities
Own a core province with at least 60 development.
  Own and have core a city with at least 60 development Easiest to do as the   Ottomans with Constantinople. 1.12 E
Colonial Management
Have 3 colonial governors that were directly appointed by you at the same time.
  Appoint 3 colonial governors holding office in your colonies at the same time "Appoint Colonial Governor" is a subject action you may perform on your colonial subjects.   1.12 E
David the Builder
As Imereti, form Georgia and have no free building slots.
  Playing as   Imereti Can be done by filling the capital with buildings and then giving all other provinces to vassals. 1.23 E
Die Please Die
Have a ruler with 1 or lower in all three categories who is over the age of 70.
  •   Is not in a regency
  •   Have a ruler that:
    •   Has less than 2 in every Monarch power
    •   Has reached the age of 70 years
  Mali's ruler is eligible.   Castile's starting heir is eligible. Very easy in 1.22 or earlier with   Timurids' 67 year old ruler. 1.8 E
Starting as Dai Viet, have 10 nations follow the Mahayana Faith by 1500.
  Playing as   Dai Viet
  •   The year is before 1500
  •   10 other nations follow the Mahayana faith
  • Note that the player's country itself does not count.
  •   Pangasinan already starts as Mahayana, effectively bringing down the requirement to 9, and the Philippine islands are an excellent place to start forcing conversions.
1.20 E
Double the Love
Start with no unions and get two at the same time.
  Has no personal unions   Have 2 or more personal unions Obtainable as Castile if the union with Aragon occurs whilst they maintain their union with Naples, or as Muscovy by claiming   Tver and   Ryazan thrones. It does not mean inheriting two personal unions simultaneously, only that a country starting with no personal unions eventually holds two at the same time. These unions can occur independently.   Poland is good option as well, because it can easily get union with   Bohemia and   Lithuania. 1.3 E
Down Under
Have a colony in Australia.
  Have a colony in Australia. Easily done as one of the nations located in proximity to the region. Establish a colony on any province of the Australian coastline (no need to finish the colony). Taking someone's colony in Australia when signing peace won't earn the achievement. 1.1 E
Dude, Where's my Boat?
Capture 20 boats with the Boarding Naval Doctrine.
  •   No more than 1 custom nation exists in the world
  •   Used no more than 201 nation designer points if playing as a custom nation
  •   Capture 20 boats
  •   Have the Boarding naval doctrine
1.25 E
Early-Modern Warfare
Have 100 regiments at 100% Army Drill.
  Have 100 regiments at 100% Army Drill Possible to achieve in Custom Setup and Random Setup nation modes. Easy as   Ming; just go slightly over force limit and drill for ten years. 1.23 E
Become an elector in the HRE as a country which does not start as elector.
  Does not start as an elector of the Holy Roman Empire   Become an elector of the Holy Roman Empire Easily done by annexing an elector (e.g.   Mainz) while having good relations with the Emperor. Other possibility is to inherit an elector, e.g. as Austria if you inherit Bohemia (not integrate) the electorate will pass to you. 1.6 E
Forgive me, for I have Sindh
Become Christian as Sindh.
  Playing as   Sindh Socotra is the nearest christian province and can be easily conquered. 1.26 E
Four For Trade
Form four Trade Companies and get bonus merchants from all of them.
  Control 4 strong trade companies A trade company must control at least 51% of the trade power in its node for it to be a "strong" company and give you an extra merchant. Also, since nations may not form trade companies on the continent of their capital, this achievement cannot be obtained with capital in Asia (as Africa has only 3 trade company regions).   1.6 E
Grand Coalition
Join a coalition of more than 5 nations.
  Be a part of a coalition with 6 or more members Way easier with the more aggressive AI from 1.20 onwards.   1.2 E
Grand Duchy
Starting as a Duchy, have 1000 development without upgrading your government rank.
  Government rank is   Duchy
  •   Government rank is   Duchy
  •   Has at least 1000 development
  Muscovy is the largest duchy in 1444, though   Lithuania and   Austria could also work well. The most important thing is to remember not to upgrade or form a nation (like   Russia or   Commonwealth) that gives a higher government rank as you'll become ineligible for the achievement. If you think you'll forget that, you might want to play Austria. As long as you stay in the Holy Roman Empire or do not form it, you cannot upgrade your rank unless you are an elector. 1.14 E
Hard Bargaining
As Defender of a Muslim Faith, propagate your religion in The Moluccas through trade to convert 5 provinces.
Possible to achieve in Custom Setup or Random Setup nation modes.

You are not required to be Defender of the Faith when the provinces are converted. Converting 5 provinces and then becoming Defender of the Faith will work.

1.23 E
Imperio español
As Spain have Mexico, Panama, Havana, Cuzco in colonial Nations under you.
  Not using a random New World.
1.10 E
In the Name of the Father
As an Orthodox country, have 100 Patriarch Authority.
  Have Patriarch Authority of 100% 1.4 E
Isn't this the way to India?
Discover the Americas as Castile or Spain.
  Has discovered North America and South America Remove the terra incognita of 1 province in the continent of South America and 1 province in the continent of North America. 1.1 E
It's all about luck
Win a battle against a great leader, without a leader.
  Defeated an enemy leader with 3 stars. Easily done as the   Ottomans attacking   Albania at the start of the campaign. 1.1 E
Just a Little Patience
Play a campaign from 1444 until 1820.
  Is year 1820 1.3 E
Just Resting In My Account
Corrupt the officials in a rival country
  Corrupted officials in a rival country. 1.16 E
As Ming, have a subject from each religion group.
  Playing as   Ming No CB War against Mihhlaf in Arabia, vassalise them in the peace deal. Ally a neighbour (Yemen is a good choice), ask for maps of the horn of Africa and then establish one of the Coptic minors as a tributary. Done by 1447. 1.9 E
Form the nation of Croatia and station a unit of cavalry in Stockholm.
Only nations with Croatian culture can form Croatia, so you need to either start with Ragusa, or change your culture to Croatian. Easily done with Hungary. 1.9 E
Land of Eastern Jade
Own a core province in Central America as a Buddhist country.
  Not using a random New World.
  •   Be   Theravada,   Vajrayana, or   Mahayana.
  •   Own a core province in Mexico.
1.8 E
Liberty or Death
Start as United States in 1776 bookmark and own all your cores while being at peace.
  •   Different start date required (4 July 1776)
1.3 E
Made in Japan
Embrace "manufacturies" institution as Japan by 1655.
  Culture group is Japanese
  •   The year is before 1655
  •   Is   Japan
  •   Has embraced the   Manufactories institution
1.20 E
Magellan’s Voyage
Make the first circumnavigation.
Colonize along the route as much as possible, or get fleet basing rights. Fully-repaired ships can be stationed along the way to join the explorer's fleet before he moves to the next sea tile. If the fleet stops to repair, ships can also be sent to augment it while it is in port. How long the AI takes to circumnavigate varies from game to game.   1.10 E
Maharana Pratap
Start as Mewar and field an army of 20 Rajput regiments.
  Has at least 20 Rajput regiments   1.26 E
Have 4 different Cultures and 4 different religions represented in your court.
  •   No more than 1 custom nation exists in the world
  •   Used no more than 201 nation designer points if playing as a custom nation
  •   Four different religions in court
  •   Four different cultures in court
Possible to achieve in Custom Setup nation mode. Spawned advisors take the culture and religion of a random held province. Easy as   Ming: dismiss advisors until you have one Theravada, one Animist, and one Vajrayana advisor. Release nations to increase the proportion of your provinces which have one of the remaining religions.   1.23 E
Have 100 point spy networks in 3 rival nations.
  Have 100 point spy networks in 3 rival nations   1.16 E
Nobody wants to die
Own Timbuktu as Songhai
  Playing as   Songhai   Own and core the province of Timbuktu Can be done swiftly by declaring a no-Casus Belli war a month from the start of the game, before any alliances are made. Hiring a handful of mercenaries will help with the conquest, whereas hiring an administrative advisor and changing the National Focus to administrative will help to core the province sooner. 1.3 E
Not just Pizza
Become a Great Power as Naples.
  Playing as   Naples   Is a Great power   1.18 E
As Aztecs, reach 95 Doom, then go 20 years without Doom hitting 100.
  •   Not playing as a released vassal
  •   Reach 95 Doom for 20 years without hitting 100 Doom. Had the flag doom_reached_95 for 20 years and do not have flag doom_reached_100
It is not required to keep Doom between 95 and 100 for 20 years. Doom may drop below 95 at any time. Passing Religious Reforms (except the Reform Religion button) will also not prevent the achievement.   1.10 E
One Family to Rule them All
Have your dynasty on 8 thrones at the same time.
  •   Is monarchy
  •   Have the same dynasty as 7 other non-client state nations
Can be done after passing Revoke the Privilegia (as HRE emperor), and put your dynasty on the throne whenever a vassal has a regency, through the subject interaction screen. Or just start as France and release 6 OPM vassals and give them your dynasty through the vassal interaction. For the latter way you need   Common Sense though. 1.12 E
As Poland, become an absolutist monarchy, abolishing the Sejm.
  Playing as   Poland Available by event starting in 1600. Forming the Commonwealth will not prevent the achievement. 1.7 E
Start as England, own and have a core on Paris (do not form another country unless it's Great Britain).
  Playing as   England 1.1 E
Pirate Bay of Janjira
Have more than 50% Privateering power in the Gujarat trade node.
  •   Has at least 50% trade power from privateers in the Gujarat trade node
  or   1.26 E
Queen of Mercury
As Kilwa, own and have cores on Zanzibar and Bombay (North Konkan).
  Playing as   Kilwa   Own and core Zanzibar and North Konkan.
  • Since Kilwa starts with Zanzibar, essentially the goal is to expand to North Konkan on the west coast of India. If you form any nation, you will be ineligible for the achievement.
  • Much easier with the   Dharma expansion, as you can simply charter North Konkan off its owner.
  • Freddie Mercury of Queen fame was born in Zanzibar and was raised in Zanzibar and Bombay. Fun fact: Freddie Mercury and his family were Zoroastrian.
1.6 E
Relentless Push East
Starting as a Russian nation, By 1600 own the East Siberian Coastline.
  Culture group is East Slavic

These provinces are Kamchatka, Penzhina, Kagyrgyn, Gizhiga, Tauisk, Okhotsk, Jugjur and Udi.

This achievement is pretty easy to reach as   Muscovy and you can finish it 40 to 50 years before the deadline. It is recommended to form   Russia and take advantage of their Siberian Frontier idea. This allows you to colonise Siberia faster than taking exploration ideas at a cost of diplomatic points. Another idea group can be taken instead of exploration to help with your wars in Europe. If one chooses not to form   Russia, exploration idea group is mandatory. 1.22 E
Have 100 prestige, 100 legitimacy and three stability.
  •   Have 100 prestige
  •   Have 100 legitimacy
  •   Have +3 stability
  • Fight battles and explore terra incognita to increase prestige;
  • Maintain positive stability, have heirs with strong claim and control the amount of royal marriages to increase legitimacy;
  • Wait for stability improving events and invest administrative points to increase stability.
  • Easy to achieve as   Russia. The decision "Make St. Petersburg the Capital" gives the player   100 prestige, which fulfills the most difficult requirement if the player had non-negative prestige.
  • Having a level 3 advisor or higher will eventually cause an event to trigger that will let the player choose to gain   50 prestige.
  1.1 E
Install a union through a succession war.
  Have installed a union in a succession war.
  • Win a war with the "Claim on Throne" or "Restore Union" casus belli. The former is used in succession wars. Only requires winning a war with the right CB; the peace deal does not actually need to force a union.
  • Easily done as   Muscovy against   Ryazan, or against   Tver with a claim on throne.
1.1 E
Rozwi Empire
Starting as Butua, conquer Mutapa (Zimbabwe and Lower Zambezi areas).
  Playing as   Butua
Easy only with   or   DLC. Starting in 1444 you can always get Kilwa (and at least one of these: Tumbuka, Maravi, Makua) to support your independence. Declare war ASAP and boost your gold production.

Without either of these DLCs, you're on your own. Save up money and build an army when Mutapa has started integrating you.

1.18 E
Sikh Pun
Convert to Sikhism and form the nation of Punjab.
  •   Not playing as any end-game nation
Aside from forming Punjab, releasing Punjab as a vassal and playing it and converting to Sikh is also possible. 1.26 E
As Hormuz, have at least 10 diplomatic reputation.
  Playing as   Hormuz Diplomatic reputation is gained from Hormuz ideas and completing missions. Easier in 1.24 since one of Islam's taxation policies gives +1 Diplomatic reputation. 1.14 E
Sweet Home Qaraqorum
As the Mughals assimilate Mongolian culture.
  •   Not playing as an end-game tag other than   Mughals
  •   Is   Mughals
  •   Has the Mughal Government reform
  •   Have Mongol as accepted culture
  1.26 E
The Coin is Stronger than the Sword
Charter Company from an Indian nation.
  •   No more than 1 custom nation exists in the world
  •   Used no more than 201 nation designer points
  Has successfully used the Charter Trade Company diplomatic interaction with an Indian country.   1.26 E
The Emperors new clothes
Overthrow Austria and become the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.
  Not playing as   Austria   Is emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Become emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Austrian players already start as the emperor so they won't get the achievement. Easiest to do as Bohemia. 1.1 E
The Five Colonies
Have five colonial nations.
  have 5 colonial nations Is an Age Objective in the Age of Reformation. 1.4 E
The Navigator
As Portugal, get owned provinces in Africa, India and Indonesia before 1500.
  Playing as   Portugal
  •   The year is before 1500
  •   Owns a province in the continent of Africa and the super-regions of India and East Indies.
It's enough to just start a colony. It doesn't need to be finished. 1.20 E
The Princess is in this Castle
As a country that does not start with a female heir, have a female heir while having a Castle in your capital (more advanced fort buildings do not count).
  Does not have a female heir Easily done as   Castile by waiting for the Iberian wedding event while not upgrading or deleting the capital fort. Note that Muslim countries cannot get female heirs. 1.6 E
The Six Nations
Form a Federation of at least six nations as the Iroquois.
  Playing as   Iroquois   1.12 E
The Spice Must Flow
Form the nation of Malaya.
1.9 E
Join a war on the other side of someone to whom you have rented condottieri.
  Join a war against a nation that you hire out condottieri to. Have the country flag white_company 1.16 E
Starting as any European country, conquer and have cores on Aden, Hormoz and Malacca.
  Capital is in Europe

  Own and core the provinces of Aden, Hormuz and Malacca

1.2 E
True Catholic
Control three Cardinals.
  Have less than 2 controlled cardinals   Have 3 or more controlled cardinals The achievement only triggers if the number of player controlled cardinals is greater than or equal to (≥) 3. If the player starts with 2 or more cardinals the achievement will not be awarded. Easily done as Spain.   1.1 E
Turn the Table
As a colony, break free and vassalize your former overlord without forming any other nation.
  •   Playing as a former colonial nation
  •   Vassalize the former owner of the colonial nation
Easily done as   Ternate. Colonize Australia to the point where a colonial nation forms. Release them and select 'Play As', then vassalize your former overlord.   1.4 E
Turning the Tide
Start as a Steppe Horde in 1444 and embrace all institutions.
  Government type is   Steppe Nomads This requires a Steppe Horde to embrace all Institutions. Much faster in pre-1.17 patches, where the requirement is westernizing, which can be done by around 1520 instead of waiting until 1700 for all institutions to appear. 1.3 E
Vasa or Wettin?
Get a ruler of your dynasty on the throne of Poland or the Commonwealth while they are an elective monarchy.
  Not playing as   Poland   1.7 E
Successfully pass 11 issues in a row in Parliament.
  Pass 11 parliament issues in a row England is the only nation with a parliament in 1444.   1.12 E
Where am I?
As a New World native with Random New World active, explore the entire New World.
  •   Government type is   Native Council
  •   Capital is in the New World
  •   Is using a random New World
  •   No more than 1 custom nation exists in the world
  •   Used no more than 201 nation designer points if playing as a custom nation

  Has discovered all provinces in the New World.

sometimes a random world is generated where all of the land is already discovered by most native nations, one only needs to unpause in order to get the achievement 1.28 E
Winged Hussars
Have Winged Hussars as your active unit with more than +50% cavalry combat ability.
  • Winged Hussars cavalry unit is part of the   eastern technology group (military tech level 22). For details on   cavalry combat ability see the article on Land units.
  • Poland is the easiest nation to play for this achievement due to the cavalry combat ability in their national ideas. Taking Aristocratic and Quality ideas will give Poland enough combat ability to satisfy this achievement.
1.2 E
World Discoverer
Discover all non-wasteland land provinces.
  Discover all terra incognita. You do not have to discover all Terra Incognita yourself, as TI can be automatically uncovered via spread of discovery. The condition is simply that no TI exists in the world for you, not including sea zones. Wastelands are not needed. Easiest in Europe. With Mare Nostrum DLC, a good way to find the last few is to check the Request to share maps diplo action on colonizers or anybody else. 1.1 E
You Get a New Home, and You Get a New Home
Expel 5 different minorities to your colonies.
  •   No more than 1 custom nation exists in the world
  •   Used no more than 201 nation designer points if playing as a custom nation

  Has expelled 5 different minorities to colonial provinces.

1.28 E
A Fine Goosestep
Form Prussia and have at least 125% Discipline.
An easy way to achieve this is to form Prussia and in the government tab, click "militarization of the country" until the bar is full. It would also help if you have completed the Prussian discipline idea. 1.12 M
A tale of two Families
Starting as Vijayanagar or Bahmanis conquer the other's capital and have them not exist.
  Playing as either: Forming   Bharat or   Hindustan will prevent the achievement. 1.18 M
All Your Trade Are Belong to Us
Have the highest trade power in Genoa, Venice and English Channel while having an income of at least 300 ducats per month.
  •   Highest Trade power in Genoa, Venice, and English Channel
  •   Have 300 income
Easily done as   England or   Netherlands by controlling the English Channel via provincial trade power and sending light ships to the Venice and Genoa trade nodes. 1.12 M
Arabian Coffee
Form Arabia and be the nation producing the most coffee in the world.
Coffee is common in the area around   Ethiopia and   Mali. If you are not the leading producer after conquering these areas, build manufactories or conquer Mesoamerica. Forming   Arabia is easiest as The   Mamluks 1.10 M
As a Maghrebi nation, have 500 light ships privateering at the same time.
  Culture group is Maghrebi   has at least 500 ships privateering 1.9 M
Bengal Tiger
Start as Bengal and own Samarkand as a core province.
  Playing as   Bengal   Own and core Samarkand. Forming Hindustan will not prevent the achievement 1.9 M
Bleed Them Dry
Have 10 different War Reparations being paid to you at the same time.
  Have 10 War Reparations at the same time Can be done more easily as   Austria or current Holy Roman Emperor.   1.12 M
Breaking the Yoke
As Ryazan, own Saratov, Crimea and Kazan while being independent.
  Playing as   Ryazan
  •   Is not a subject nation
  •   Own the provinces of Crimea (284), Kazan (1082) and Saratov (303)
1.22 M
Carthago Delenda Est
As an Italian culture nation, make sure entire Tunis Area is at 100 devastation.
  Culture group is Latin
  •   Culture group is Latin
  •   All provinces in the Tunisia area have   100 Devastation
Culture must be Latin at game start AND when Tunisia is devastated.   Naples is by far the strongest and closest Latin nation in 1444. Fabricate on Djerba and declare a Conquest war for it before Tunis allies the Ottomans. Occupy everything but the war goal to prevent call for peace, and repeatedly loot the Tunisia area, moving armies away to let the loot replenish faster. 1.20 M
Conscript a 3 star general from a Daimyo Subject.
  Culture group is Japanese   Conscript a 3-star general from a Daimyo subject As the shogun, keep going to war to release annexed daimyos. Eventually, one will get a 3-star general via a rare event. 1.20 M
Force a nation to revoke 5 cores in one peace deal as Corfu.
  Playing as   Corfu   Forced a country to revoke 5 cores in one peace deal 1.18 M
Definitely the Sultan of Rum
Own and have cores on Rome, Moscow and Istanbul as Ottomans or Rum.
Make sure to attack Muscovy ASAP to remove a future potential threat. 1.1 M
Even Better than Piet Heyn
Gain over 100 gold from privateering a single treasure fleet.
  Gained over 100 gold by plundering a treasure fleet. 1.10 M
Fine Financials
Own Eight level 3 Centres of Trade.
  •   No more than 1 custom nation exists in the world
  •   Used no more than 201 nation designer points
  Own 8 provinces that have a level 3 center of trade.   1.26 M
Starting as a Norse custom nation with no more than 200 points and a maximum of 5 provinces, own & core Scandinavia and the British Isles and convert it all to Norse.
  •   Playing as a custom nation
  •   Only 1 custom nation exists in the world
  •   Used no more than 201 nation designer points
  •   No more than   5 provinces
  •   Religion is Norse
Britain and Scandinavia
  1.14 M
Ganges Khan
Start as Tribal nation in India and become a Steppe Horde.
  •   Government type is Tribal
  •   Capital is in India superregion
  •   Has the Steppe Nomads government reform
Eligible countries are:   1.26 M
Georgia on my Mind
Fully own all three Georgias.
  Not using a random New World.

Own or have a non-tributary subject own the following provinces:

1.9 M
Gold Rush
Reform the Golden Horde before 1500.
  •   Government type is   Steppe Nomads
  •   Culture group is Tatar
1.20 M
Golden Horn
As a Somali nation, fully own the Horn of Africa region and have a monthly gold income of at least 10 ducats.
  Culture is Somali
  •   All provinces of the Horn of Africa region are owned by the player's country or its non-tributary subjects.
  •   Have 10 income from   gold
  • Note that the provinces of Fazughli, Afder and Ogaden have to be colonized for the achievement, but the colonies do not need to be complete. You can just send your colonist to all 3 provinces at once as soon as you have the other land.
  • Start as   Adal or   Ajuuraan, and set the National Focus to administrative, then swiftly conquer all adjacent nations in the region that are smaller than you. Aggressive Expansion will not be an issue due to the nations belonging to different religious groups. To attain the gold income, improve production development in Kaffa.
  • Save a promoted culture slot for Sidamo, the culture in Kaffa, which will make your income in the province higher, requiring less development.
1.16 M
Great Moravia
Restore the Great Moravian borders as Nitra or Moravia.
Nitra's cores don't expire except by culture conversion. Requires all the territory of   Bohemia and   Silesia, Wien and Ostmark from   Austria, Kraków and Nowy Sacz from   Poland, and the Slovakia and Transdanubia areas from   Hungary. 1.23 M
Hessian Mercenaries
As Hesse, have at least 50 regiments of mercenaries and no loans.
  Playing as   Hesse 1.10 M
As a Fetishist nation, have 13 available Cults.
  •   Religion is   Fetishist
  •   No restriction of the start date
  1.18 M
Home and Away
As Wales, hold Cardiff, Dublin, Edinburgh, Rome, Paris and London.
  •   Is   Wales
  •   Own Cardiff, Dublin, Edinburgh, Rome, Paris and London
It is not needed to core the required provinces. 1.25 M
Ideas Guy
Starting as a custom nation with the full 800 points but no more than 3 total development, have a monthly income of at least 500 ducats.
  •   Playing as a custom nation
  •   Only 1 custom nation exists in the world
  •   Used no more than 801 nation designer points
  •   No more than   3 total development
Despite description, can be done with fewer than 800 points - below 200 will allow eligibility for other custom nation achievements. Spoils of war do not count towards the income; you must make 500 ducats not including them.
It became very easy after Third Rome, due to Siberian frontier ability: Start a nation in Americas with Siberian Frontier as a tradition, it will allow to expand in uncolonized regions rapidly.
  1.14 M
Industrial Powerhouse
Have 10 furnaces built in your nation.
  •   No more than 1 custom nation exists in the world
  •   Used no more than 201 nation designer points if playing as a custom nation
  •   Have 10 furnaces
1.25 M
Form Italy.
  Is   Italy Become Italy. The primary culture of the country you start with should be in the Latin culture group (the achievement won't be visible in game unless you are Latin) but you can also get the achievement via culture shift. The Papal State and The Holy Roman Empire can't form Italy. 1.1 M
Je maintiendrai
Form the Netherlands as a minor nation starting with Dutch culture.
  Culture is Dutch   Form the   Netherlands Possible starts are   Holland,   Utrecht,   Gelre, and   Friesland. Easily done as Holland by seeking independence support from   Burgundy's enemies and then carefully eating the other Dutch minors. 1.6 M
Kuban Cigars
As Kuba, own or have a subject own Havana and be the world's leading producer of Tobacco.
  Playing as   Kuba
  •   Own or have a non-tributary subject own the province Havana (484)
  •   The leading producer of Tobacco is either this country or a subject of this country
  • Not possible with Random New World.
  • Making the leading Tobacco producer a tributary would count.
1.16 M
Kushite Restoration
As a Nubian culture nation, own the entire Egyptian region as core provinces.
  Culture is Nubian   All provinces in the Egypt region are owned by the player's country or its non-tributary subjects. Possible starts are   Dongola,   Alodia, and   Makuria. 1.16 M
Own the provinces of Haha, Hehe and Lolland.

  Own the provinces of Lolland (1983), Haha (2470), and Hehe (4073)

Lolland begins held by   Denmark, Haha held by   Morocco, and Hehe uncolonized in Central Africa. 1.22 M
As Dithmarschen, hold the provinces of Sjaelland and Holland while Denmark do not exist.
  Playing as   Dithmarschen
  •     Denmark does not exist
  •   Own the provinces of Sjaelland (12) and Holland (97)
1.22 M
Lion of the North
Start as Sweden and lead the Protestant League to victory against the Emperor.
  Playing as   Sweden
  •   Is Protestant
  •   Lead and win League War
Has to be protestant and lead the League. Forming   Scandinavia does not prevent the player from getting the achievement.   1.9 M
Live Long and Prosper
Have 30 states with prosperity at the same time as you have a 70 year old ruler.
  •   30 states have   Prosperity
  •   Current ruler is at least 70 years old
1.20 M
Market Control
Be trade leader of seven different goods.
  Be trade leader in 7 different trade goods You will need seven different "Trading in X" modifiers at the same time. 1.1 M
My armies are invincible!
Gain at least 7.0 land morale.
  Have 7 Morale of armies Research military techs, invest in ideas that improve morale, maintain high prestige and army tradition. Finally hire an Army Reformer. Easiest as France, with their national idea "Élan!" that gives +20% morale. 1.1 M
Have 7 Free Cities in the Empire, none of which is of a Germanic culture.
  •   Is emperor of the Holy Roman Empire
  •   7 Free Cities in   Holy Roman Empire
  •   No free cities are of Germanic culture group
  1.12 M
No Pirates in my Caribbean
Own or have a subject own the entire Caribbean.
  Not using a random New World.

  Not a pirate republic

  Owns or has a non-tributary subject own all provinces of the Caribbean region.
  • The required provinces are the geographical region of the Caribbean, not the colonial region. Don't forget Bermuda.
  • Portugal is a good nation to try for this achievement. Simply make sure to block Spain from colonizing any provinces in Africa or in any of the islands in the Atlantic Ocean. This strategy should give enough time to colonize all of the Caribbean. With   Mandate of Heaven, the "Portuguese Colonial Growth" splendor ability can give Portugal a huge head start. Annexing Portugal with Castile in the early game is also a working method for being the first in the Caribbean. It is enough to start colonizing the province, for it to count towards the achievement.
1.1 M
No Trail of Tears
Own and have cores on the Thirteen Colonies as Cherokee with all institutions embraced.
1.1 M
Parisian Pasha
Assign Pasha to Paris.
  •   Government type is Ottoman Government
  •   Paris has a pasha

Can be done as either   Ottomans or   Rûm

  1.23 M
Poland can into space
As Poland, reach the maximum level in all technologies (32).
  Playing as   Poland
  •   Administrative technology is 32
  •   Diplomatic technology is 32
  •   Military technology is 32
It is only required to start the game as Poland. Forming the Commonwealth will not prevent the achievement. Researching level 32 loses the ahead-of-time penalty in 1820. 1.1 M
Starting as an Orthodox Nation, Consecrate Metropolitan in Roma.
  Is Orthodox
  •   Own and core Roma
  •   Activated consecrate metropolitan in the stated area of Central Italy
Easiest to do as   Muscovy.   1.22 M
Starting as a Zoroastrian custom nation with no more than 200 points and a maximum of 5 provinces, rekindle the royal fires (aka take the decision).
  •   Playing as a custom nation
  •   Only 1 custom nation exists in the world
  •   Used no more than 201 nation designer points
  •   No more than   5 provinces
  •   Is Zoroastrian
  1.14 M
Rise of the White Sheep
As Aq Qoyunlu, own Tabriz and have Qara Qoyunlu not exist by 1478.
  Playing as   Aq Qoyunlu 1.20 M
Ruina Imperii
Dismantle the Holy Roman Empire.
Dismantling the Holy Roman Empire requires allying electors or controlling their capital as well as controlling the emperor's capital. Note that the HRE disbanding itself due to lack of an eligible emperor and another nation disbanding HRE both counts for the achievement. 1.1 M
Sakoku Law
Go full isolationist in 6 Incidents.
  Religion is   Shinto Isolationism achievement counter is 6 By "going full isolationist" the game is NOT referring to the level of isolationism in your country. Rather, it's referring to the fact that each incident has an outcome of either open, neutral, or isolationist. To get the achievement you must get the isolationist outcome of 6 incidents. 1.20 M
Get Orangists in power with 100% Republican Tradition, and owning a province in China.
  • Orangist-Statist mechanics require the Dutch Republic government, which is only available for the   Netherlands.
  • Colonizing Taiwan counts for the achievement; no need to wait for a Mingplosion.
  1.7 M
Sleepless in Seattle
Own 10 Coffee producing provinces, and have your capital in Salish.
  •   Capital is Salish(874)
  •   Own 10 Coffee producing provinces
1.25 M
Sweden is not overpowered!
Own and have cores on the entire Baltic coastline as Sweden.
  Playing as   Sweden   Own and core the following provinces:
Forming Scandinavia won't prevent getting the achievement. 1.1 M
Sweet Harmony
Harmonize 7 religions as Confucian.
  •   Is Confucian
  •   Have 7 harmonized religions
Harmonization takes 33.3 years, but events can speed it up marginally.   Ming and   Korea start with Mahayana already harmonized. Easiest as Ming, conquering some Hindu, Sunni, and Shinto land.

It is also good option to start as Korea, form   Japan, then conquer Philippines, Indonesia to achieve this achievement. Harmonization requires owning 20 development of the target religion or religious group. Might be quicker and more fun to create a custom nation with harmonizing ideas.

1.20 M
Own 99 provinces as Switzerland while owning no ports.
  Playing as   Switzerland Can be achieved as part of a normal game and then giving away all the coastal provinces. Avoid expanding into the Holy Roman Empire to prevent high aggressive expansion. 1.9 M
Take that, von Habsburgs!
As Hungary, own all of Austria as core provinces.
  Playing as   Hungary
Besides provinces from   Austria, also requires taking Istria from   Venice. Does not require Sundgau or anything else Austria may have expanded into. 1.12 M
As Kazan or Nogai, own all Tatar culture group lands.
  Playing as either:
1.14 M
As Bohemia, own Dublin as a core province.
  Playing as   Bohemia 1.12 M
As Burgundy, own the Low Countries region as core provinces and have France and Austria as your subjects.
  Playing as   Burgundy 1.14 M
The Iron Price
Restore the Danelaw region to Danish rule, and make it Danish culture.
  Playing as   Denmark
  •   Own and core Northumberland and the Yorkshire, East Midlands, and East Anglia areas.
  •   All these provinces have Danish culture.
Forming   Scandinavia will not prevent the achievement. 1.7 M
The League of Mayapan
Starting as Huastec, form Maya.

  Playing as   Huastec

  Form   Maya

1.28 M
The Levant Turnabout
As the Mamluks, have 100 Army Professionalism and annex the Ottomans.
  Is   Mamluks
  •   Have 100 Army Professionalism
  •     Ottomans does not exist
  •   Own and core Edirne (149), Constantinople (151), Hüdavendigar (317), and Ankara (326)
  1.23 M
The Ostenders
As Austria have the District and Military Administration investments in the West Bengal area.
  •   No more than 1 custom nation exists in the world
  •   Used no more than 201 nation designer points
  •   Is   Austria
  •   Owns a province in West Bengal area with the District trade company investment
  •   Owns a province in West Bengal area with the Military Administration trade company investment
  1.26 M
The Prince of Egypt
Starting as Florence, form Egypt.
  Playing as   Florence   Is   Egypt Forming   Tuscany or another country before Egypt will not prevent this achievement. As of 1.26   Italy is an end game tag, and if you form it you won't be able to form Egypt. 1.23 M
The Rising Sun
Own and have cores on all of Japan as a European nation.
  Capital is in Europe   Own and core all provinces in the Japan region
  • The Japan region includes Okinawa, Hokkaido, and the Kuril Islands.
  • One possible and relatively easy way to do this is with   Spain. After you can reach the East Sibirian Coastline after getting some colonies in North or South America, get a colony there and start wars with   Japan afterwards. Due to their lacking of good military forces and technology those wars are pretty easy to win.
1.4 M
The Sudanese Expedition
Starting as Morocco, conquer the Niger and Sahel Regions.
  Playing as   Morocco

  Own all of the Niger and Sahel regions

For the event see: The Sudanese Expedition.

Forming   Andalusia will not prevent the achievement.

1.18 M
As Lithuania, form The Commonwealth.
  Playing as   Lithuania Lithuanias missions will give a restoration of Union casus belli against Poland, if Lithuania are independent after 1450, rival Poland and have annexed all of   Livonian Order and   Riga 1.14 M
The White Elephant
As Ayutthaya, own all of Indochina and Burma as core provinces.
  Playing as   Ayutthaya
1.12 M
This navy can take it all
Gain at least 7.0 naval morale.
  Have 7 Morale of navies Research diplomatic techs, invest in ideas that improve naval morale, maintain high prestige and navy tradition. Finally hire a Naval Reformer. 1.1 M
This Revolution Was Crushed
In a war against the target of the Revolution, control their capital and have at least 99% war score.
  •   Is at war with a revolution target
  •   Control the capital of the revolution target
  •   Have greater than 98% warscore against the revolution target
The Revolution disaster (and the French Revolution variant) is announced in a major event: 'Revolution in $COUNTRY$' (or 'The General Estates'). A country will become the revolution target, with "Revolutionary" in its name, if its capital is occupied by rebels while this disaster is active. The disaster spawns a stack of rebels, adds +10 national unrest, removes 3 stability, and can only be ended by having +3 stability while being a monarchy, or by becoming the revolution target. It is feasible both to wait for (or encourage) an AI revolution target, or to become the revolutionary target oneself before releasing (and playing as) a powerful vassal or colonial nation. The player can check if the disaster is still active for a country by looking for the +10 unrest modifier on its provinces.   1.8 M
Total Control
Own 100 or more provinces with no local autonomy or unrest.
  Own 100 provinces that have 0%   unrest and   autonomy 1.8 M
Traditional Player
More than 90 percent Naval and Army Tradition.
Easiest to do with Utsunomiya as they get -1 decay to each respectively from their traditions and ideas. See the page Military tradition for other ways of gaining tradition. 1.1 M
Trophy Hunter
Capture an enemy flagship.
  •   No more than 1 custom nation exists in the world
  •   Used no more than 201 nation designer points if playing as a custom nation

  Capture a flagship

1.28 M
Have five allies with 100 trust towards you each.
  Have 5 allies with 100 trust Can be done as   Ming by releasing 5 OPMs (not bordering each other), allying them and waiting for the trust to tick up.

Can be sped up with   Rights of Man by using the Influence nation interaction as a great power.

Can be sped up with   The Cossacks by using the Increase trust interaction.

1.14 M
Turtles all the way down
As Korea get 135% Ship Durability.
  Playing as   Korea   Ship durability is at least 135%. Either stack multiple policy bonuses, or become Emperor of China, which has a +20% durability decree.

Recommended to form   Japan and change the NI. Japan has a NI for the ship durability (Maritime Legacy, +10%) better than Korean one (Geobukseon, +5%)

1.20 M
As Busoga, Buganda or Karagwe, reach administrative, diplomatic and military technology level 32.
  Playing as either:
  •   Administration technology is 32
  •   Diplomatic technology is 32
  •   Military technology is 32
Most easily accomplished by manually spawning Renaissance, Colonialism and Printing Press, and not expanding too much. To get the other institutions, build manufactories and universities. Researching level 32 loses the ahead-of-time penalty in 1820. 1.16 M
Voltaire's Nightmare
Have at least 75 countries in the HRE.
  •   No more than 1 custom nation exists in the world
  •   Used no more than 201 nation designer points if playing as a custom nation
  At least 75 countries are members of the Holy Roman Empire Possible to achieve in Random or Flat province tax and manpower modes. Possible as   France: Become HRE Emperor, inherit   Burgundy, add provinces to HRE, and release French and Dutch minors.

Once client states are available, you can conquer some low-developpement provinces, add them to the Empire, and create a one-province clients from each. Break vassalage as necessary.

  1.23 M
A Blessed Nation
As a Coptic Nation, gain all 5 Blessings.
  •   Is Coptic
  •   Have 5 active blessings
Player can start as Muslim nation (such as The Ottomans) and switch religion by rebels.   1.18 H
A Decent Reserve
Have a maximum manpower of at least 1 million.
  Have   max manpower of more than 1 million Although the achievement specifically says "maximum manpower" you actually need to have more than a million saved up. Easiest done as   Ottomans or   Muscovy or   Ming; the latter can demand manpower from its tributaries.

Becoming Revolutionary Empire grants extra +25% national manpower modifier
Another way to get this achievement is to slacken recruiting standarts, until the point you reach 1 million manpower.

1.12 H
A Hero’s Welcome
As Karaman, form the Sultanate of Rum.
  Playing as   Karaman   Is   Rûm 1.23 H
A Kaiser not just in name
Enact all reforms in the Holy Roman Empire.
  Form   Holy Roman Empire 1.1 H
A Manchurian Candidate
Start as one of the Jurchen tribes and form Qing.
  Playing as either:   Formed   Qing Need to form Manchu first. 1.8 H
An early Reich
Form Germany.
  Is   Germany 1.1 H
Complete all English and British missions.
  •   Complete all English and British missions.
  • Provided you are able to force France into a PU, the missions are fairly easy to complete apart from being elected Emperor of the HRE - you will either need to convert to Protestant and win the league wars, or convert to Anglican or Reformed and hope the Peace of Westphalia occurs - which can be very difficult. You may want to stay out of the league wars and rent out your troops to the losing side so you can keep the war going.

Alternatively, you can just disband the HRE while remaining any religion.

1.25 H
Auld Alliance Reversed
As Scotland, have France as a vassal (do not form Great Britain).
  Playing as   Scotland. 1.9 H
Back in Control
Form Yuan and be the only nation holding land in China.
Taiwan is only required if it is colonized. 1.22 H
As Mazovia or Silesia, form the nation of Poland.
  Playing as either: 1.14 H
As Teutonic Order or Livonian Order, own all of Russia as core provinces and convert it to Catholic.
  Playing as either:
Easiest as Teutonic Order; ally Muscovy, Austria and Bohemia and DOW Poland ASAP, or else Poland will form a PU with Lithuania. Restarting until Poland declines the PU is also a viable strategy. 1.12 H
Better than Napoleon
As France, own Vienna, Berlin and Moscow as core provinces.
  Playing as   France
1.12 H
Bunte Kuh
As Hamburg, trade in both Gems and Livestock.
  Playing as   Hamburg
  •   Has country modifier Trading in Livestock
  •   Has country modifier Trading in Gems
The Bunte Kuh was a ship of Lübeck that, according to legend, captured the notorious pirate Klaus Störtebeker in 1401. 1.23 H
Consulate of the Sea
As Aragon conquer all Mediterranean Centers of Trade.
  Playing as   Aragon

  Own the following provinces:

For the event see: Consulate of the Sea.

The requirements do not match the actual Centers of Trade.

1.18 H
Unify Islam under your rule.

Enact the "Unify Islam" decision. Requires the following provinces:

1.14 H
Dovmont's Own
Starting as Pskov, have 100 standing Streltsy units.
  Playing as   Pskov   Has at least 100 Streltsy units   1.22 H
Dracula's Revenge
Start as Wallachia or Moldavia, form Romania and own or have a subject own all of the Balkans.
  Playing as either: 1.9 H
Emperor of Hindustan
Starting as Delhi, Restore their Empire's borders.
  Playing as   Delhi   Owns the following provinces:
Avoid the event at the start of the game that attempts to free Sirhind by using the 'place relative on throne' subject interaction right away. To make them loyal you can do development in their land, remember that it costs 0 dip to integrate them as you already start with cores. Focus on expanding south and northwest to begin the game.

Provinces owned by vassals and other non-tributary subjects of the player's country will count for the achievement.

1.26 H
Fanatic Collectivist
Own all Institution Origin provinces.
  Own all 6 institution origin provinces   1.18 H
Forever Golden
Complete the Spanish Mission Tree.

  Not using a random New World

  Complete all Spanish missions.

You don't get the Spanish missions if your culture is Aragonese or Catalan when you form Spain. If you start as   Aragon you need to culture convert before forming Spain to complete this achievement, otherwise you retain the Aragonese missions (culture converting after formation does not change your missions).

1.28 H
From Humble Origins
Starting as a custom nation with no more than 50 points, have at least 2000 total development.
  •   Playing as a custom nation
  •   Only 1 custom nation exists in the world
  •   Used no more than 51 nation designer points
  1.14 H
Good King René
Start as Provence, form the Kingdom of Jerusalem.
  Playing as   Provence   Is   Jerusalem Note that the Kingdom of Jerusalem cannot be formed after Age of Reformation ends. 1.23 H
Guarantor of Peace
Guarantee the Independence of France, The Ottoman Empire and Russia.
You can only guarantee a country if you are larger than it. Can be achieved easily after unifying the HRE. 1.9 H
As the Papacy, own Jerusalem and have Livonian Order, Teutonic Order and The Knights as Marches.
  Playing as   The Papal State If Teutonic Order reforms to Prussia or Livonian Order to Kurland, there won't be any remaining core of the former nation, so the achievement must be done BEFORE that happens.   1.9 H
It's All Greek To Me
Form Greece and own and have cores on Zeta, Thatta, Lamba, and Roh.
  •   Is   Greece
  •   Own the provinces of Zeta (138), Thatta (504), Roh (578), and Lamba (4104)
  • Forming Greece requires Greek primary culture. Zeta begins held by   Serbia, Thatta held by   Sindh, Roh held by   Afghanistan, and Lamba uncolonized in Central Africa.
  • Alternatively, you can conquer Byzantium and wait for Greek cores to form after the Greek Separatism event fires (requires Admin Tech 20). Release Greece as a vassal and feed him the required provinces. Once they are cored, diplomatically annex Greece and release them again, but chose to play as Greece this time. Note that since Thatta is in a Trade Company region you must own the province yourself to state and fully core it before giving it to Greece, otherwise they will lose their territorial core upon annexing.
1.22 H
Form the Kingdom of Jerusalem as Cyprus or The Knights.
  Playing as either:   Form   Jerusalem 1.9 H
Kirishitan Japan
Start as a Japanese Daimyo, convert yourself and all of Japan to Christianity.
  Government type is   Daimyo
  •   Is   Japan
  •   In Christian religious group
  •   All provinces in Japanese region are in Christian religious group.
  • You must start as a Daimyo vassal to Japan. Forming Japan does not prevent the achievement. The Japan region includes Okinawa, Hokkaido, and the Kuril Islands. Uncolonized provinces (most likely the Kurils will be uncolonized) are not required.
  • If Mandate of Heaven is disabled: don't take the decision to enforce Sakoku, wait for events to convert your provinces and spawn Catholic rebels, and let them convert at least half your provinces. Harder if you have too many disconnected provinces outside the Japan region.
  • It became very simple after Shinto was given incident events, one of the which allows conversion to Christianity. In fact, since the update, Japan and countries with Shinto religion in general, are one of the easiest countries to convert to Christianity.
1.10 H
As Tver, Yaroslavl, Ryazan, Beloozero, Rostov or Odoyev, eliminate all other Rurikovich nations without changing your ruling dynasty.
  Playing as either:   Is the only nation with Rurikovich dynasty 1.16 H
As Serbia, own the entire Balkans as core provinces.
  Playing as   Serbia 1.14 H
Luck of the Irish
Own and have cores on the British Isles as an Irish nation.
  Playing as either:   Own and core all provinces of the Britain region.   Desmond is a good choice due to early military ideas. Rushing to conquer the rest of the Irish OPMs and securing an alliance with   Scotland can deter   England until the time is right. 1.2 H
As Lucca, own Lucknow!
  Playing as   Lucca Lucknow is in northern India, initially owned by   Jaunpur. 1.12 H
Mare Nostrum
Restore the Roman Empire and own the entire Mediterranean and Black Sea coast lines.
  Not playing as   The Papal State
Easiest to do as the   Ottomans after converting to Christianity. Durrës, Lezhë and Saruhan are not required. Alternatively, with  Golden Century, this is relatively easy as   Aragon as their mission tree gives you claims on most of the required territory. 1.16 H
Master of India
Own and have cores on all of India as a European nation.
  Capital is in Europe   Own and core all provinces in the Indian sub-continent (regions Deccan, Coromandel, Bengal, Hindustan and West India). It's required for the player to properly own all provinces inside the Indian sub-continent (i.e. vassals don't count to trigger the achievement). The capital does not need to remain in Europe. Edirne is European, so the Ottomans are eligible and have the best shot at a quick land rush into India. 1.1 H
Mass Production
Starting as Odoyev, own one of every manufactory.
  Playing as   Odoyev   Own at least one manufactory of each type Building the manufactories isn't very hard. The hard part is surviving long enough to get to the required technology (Admin Tech 16) as well as getting provinces with the correct trade goods. (No Furnace necessary) 1.22 H
Mewar Never Changes
Complete the Mewar Mission Tree.
  Has Mewari missions   Has completed all Mewari missions   1.26 H
Over a Thousand!
Own 1001 provinces directly.
  Own 1001 provinces

Colonial provinces taken in war from other nations do not add overextension. Colony won't be estabilished as long as at least 5 provinces aren't cored so don't core them them untill you get the achievment.

1.9 H
Østindisk Kompagni Te
As Denmark establish Trade company and have at least 10% Tea market share.
  •   Is   Denmark
  •   Has at least one province assigned to a trade company
  •   Has 10% market share in Tea
Forming   Scandinavia will prevent the achievement. Trade companies may only be formed with  Wealth of Nations or  Dharma. 1.26 H
Pandya Empire
Starting as Madurai, conquer the Pandya Territories.
  Playing as   Madurai   Own all provinces in the region of Coromandel and the areas of Kerala, Mysore, and Rayalaseema
1.23 H
Philippine Tiger
As Cebu, recreate the Chola Empire.
1.25 H
Pick Your Poison
As Kaffa, develop in Cafa while a subject of yours owns it.
  Playing as   Kaffa
  •   Developed in Caffa (285).
  •   Any subject nation owns Caffa.
   1.18 H
Own and have cores on Alexandria, Antioch and Constantinople as Coptic Ethiopia.
  Playing as   Ethiopia
  •   Is   Ethiopia
  •   Is Coptic
  •   Own and core Alexandria, Antioch and Constantinople.
If you form any nation, you will be ineligible for the achievement. Can be combined with 'A Blessed Nation'. 1.9 H
Protect the Secret
As Yemen, prevent any European Nation from owning a Coffee-producing province in the Old World until 1700.
  Not using a random New World
  •   Culture is Yemeni
  •   Is year 1700 or later
  •   Is   Yemen
  •   No coffee-producing provinces in the continents of Asia, Africa, or Oceania are held by a country with its capital in Europe.
Conditions may be fulfilled any time after 1699, and do not need to be fulfilled before that time. Yemen is reformable via culture shift, so this is very attainable playing as any country. 1.23 H
Qing of China
Become Chinese Emperor as Qing.
  •   Is   Qing
  •   Is Emperor of China
  •   Own all provinces in the China super region.
Can be combined with the 'A Manchurian Candidate' achievement.   1.20 H
Sailor Mon
As Pegu, have at least 100,000 sailors.
  Playing as   Pegu   Have max sailors of at least 100,000. 1.16 H
Sons of Carthage
As Tunisia, own and have cores on Sicily, Sardinia, the Balearic Islands, the coast of Algiers and the southern coast of Spain.
  Playing as   Tunis   Own and core the following provinces:
1.6 H
Spain is the Emperor
Become the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire as Spain.
  Not the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire

Easiest to do as   Aragon by allying   Austria in 1444, abandoning your Personal Union with   Naples, and returning 1-2 provinces in Sicily to get just below 200 development. This way, you can add your provinces to the HRE so becoming the Emperor is much easier. Once you get to Administrative Technology 10, and the Iberian Wedding event has happened, form Spain diplomatically. Wait until you're already Emperor or you'll leave the HRE and it's becomes much harder to do again.

1.1 H
Sun Invasion
As the Madyas, own and have cores on Tepeacac, Mexico, Tullucan and Huastec.
  •   Is   Madyas
  •   Own and core the provinces of Tepeacac, Mexico, Tullucan and Huastec.

You need to directly own and core the target provinces, and not through your colonial nation. For this you either need to move your capital city into the North America continent before a subject formed or to reintegrate them. Or you can vassalize a native, take land from some other native including the needed ones and core one coast piece to magically being able to core the other 4 and just give the 5th to your vassal to not form a colonial nation. Simply annexing a vassal in the region won't fire the achievement. You could also wait for the last age and use Unrestricted Conquest.

1.25 H
Sworn Fealty
Starting as an Arabian Tribal Federation, unite Arabia and have Maximum tribal Allegiance.
  •   Culture group is Levantine
  •   Culture is not Turkish
  •   Government type is Tribal Federation
  1.23 H
As Riga, own the Baltic region as core provinces.
  Playing as   Riga 1.14 H
That's a Silk Road
Own or have a subject own all provinces in the world producing silk.
  All provinces with silk are owned by the player's country or its non-tributary subjects. Silk provinces stretch from Hüdavendigar to Kyoto, with concentrations in the Persia, India and South China regions. 1.8 H
The 52 Garhs
As Garhwal own and maintain 52 forts without going into debt.
  Playing as   Garhwal
  •   Has no loans
  •   Own at least 52 forts (level 2)
1.22 H
The Animal Kingdom
As Manipur, unite the Bengal region and convert it to Animism.
  Playing as   Manipur
  •   All provinces in the Bengal region are owned by the player's country or its non-tributary subjects.
  •   All provinces in the Bengal region are Animist
1.16 H
The Chrysanthemum Throne
Unite Japan as a Daimyo.
  Government type is   Daimyo You must start as a Daimyo vassal to the   Ashikaga Shogunate. The Japan region includes Okinawa, Hokkaido, and the Kuril Islands. 1.1 H
The Grand Armada
Have 500 heavy ships and no loans.
Best done with a high income nation with naval force limit and ship build cost bonuses. Netherlands, Venice, and Genoa are optimal but can easily be done with England, Spain or Malaya. With   Rights of Man DLC, this can be done much more easily by debasing currency. 1.6 H
The pen is mightier than the sword
Have three unions at the same time as Austria.
  Playing as   Austria Austrian missions can give Restore Union CBs on Bohemia and Hungary. Check the page for the exact requirements. Events can also lead to a Habsburg ruling in Spain, allowing Austria the opportunity to claim the throne of Castile, and possibly Aragon and Naples as well. 1.1 H
Form Hindustan or Bharat and own or have a subject own Cape, London, Hong Kong (Canton) and Ottawa (Kichesipi).
  Not using a random New World.
Provinces owned by vassals and other non-tributary subjects of the player's country will count for the achievement. 1.9 H
These Banners need a Saga
Have 100 regiments as Banners raised at the same time.
  Started with culture Manchu   Have 100 banner regiments Make a custom Manchu duchy holding all Manchu provinces and the most developed states in East Asia. Set it up for high number of states, reduced culture conversion cost, and lots of diplomatic power. Start with at least 1200-1250 development, or face needing to develop or conquer more and wait for separatism to tick down. Form Manchu and then Qing, then make everyone nearby pay tribute in diplomatic power. Everything can be converted to Manchu before 1500, which is enough for 100 regiments and a few more. Admin tech 8 gives 3 more state slots but it is possible without them. 1.20 H
Tiger of Mysore
Starting as Mysore, Conquer the Deccan and Coromandel Regions.
  Playing as   Mysore
  •   All provinces in Deccan and Coromandel regions are owned by the country or a non-tributary subject
You need to ally Bahmanis to make it possible to defeat Vijayanagar If you cant then you might have to restart a few times or no-cb a country in southeast asia 1.26 H
Turkish Delight
Start as Candar and own 20 Sugar provinces between you and your subjects.
  Playing as   Candar   Have 20 provinces of sugar owned by   Candar and its non-tributary subjects Tributary states do not count towards the achievement. Fleeing to the new world is recommended, if not required for this achievement. 1.18 H
Venetian Sea
Have a 75% Trade share in both the Alexandria and Constantinople nodes as Venice, owning less than 10 cities.
  Playing as   Venice
  •   Not playing as a released vassal
  •   Have less than 10 provinces
  •   Have at least 75% of the total trade power in the trade nodes Alexandria and Constantinople
1.7 H
With a little help..
As Ragusa, lead a Trade League of at least 5 nations and guarantee the Ottomans' independence.
  Playing as   Ragusa
  •   Lead a Trade League of at least 5 nations
  •   Guarantee the independence of   Ottomans
You can only guarantee a country if you are larger than it. Ironically, taking land from the ottomans for a vassal is probably the best way to do this.   1.16 H
Yarr Harr a Pirate's Life for Me
Choose to play as New Providence and conquer all of Caribbeans.
  •   No more than 1 custom nation exists in the world
  •   Used no more than 201 nation designer points if playing as a custom nation
Bermuda is in the Caribbean region also.
  • Pirate's republics can declare war on Colonial nations without their overlord being called as an ally, so it may be easier to allow a colonial nation to form before attempting to acquire provinces.
1.28 H
Form Inca, embrace all Institutions and own all of South America as core provinces.
  Not using a random New World.
  • Uncolonized provinces and unfinished colonies are excluded, and may be safely ignored.
  • Keep in mind, that you also need the islands of the Falklands, South Georgia, and Galapagos Islands, but not St. Helena or Trinidad or any of the Caribbean.
  • The continent is equivalent to the regions of Brazil, La Plata, Colombia, Peru, and Upper Peru, except it does not include Panama or the two provinces west of it.
1.10 VH
As Athens, own 50 universities.
  Playing as   Athens
  • Start by getting support independence from the   Ottomans and declare independence against Byzantium. Give land to the Ottoman in the peace deal if you want but get independence. Wait until tech 11. During this time, get exploration and expansion ideas as well as upgrading Athens so it is generating a profit of ducats as well as being able to afford level 1 advisors for admin and dip. Exiting and rejoining the game may result in the Ottoman deciding to give you subsidies as well. When you reach tech 11 you should have about 500 ducats and the 50% range bonus from exploration. You should try to reroll your dip advisor for the 20% colonizing range. From here you should save 220 dip so you can expel minority for your first colony in the Carribean. It is recommended to only do 1 or 2 colonies until you can financially support all 3. After your first colony, try to prioritize colonizing the centers of trade and continue colonizing the Caribbean. You will want to make the Carribean your center of trade. After all of the 8+ dev land is colonized start colonizing the US east coast. From here you are pretty much guaranteed to get the achievement, however if you wish to speed it up you can take Mexico / Peru to help speed up the process. Eventually, make the Chesapeake Bay your center for trade and transfer trade from other nodes to it.
1.14 VH
African Power
Own and have cores on all provinces in Africa as Kongo.
  Playing as   Kongo

  Own and core all provinces in the continent of Africa

  • Empty provinces and unfinished colonies are excluded, and may be safely ignored.
  • The continent is the same as the Africa super-region, plus Hollhavai (formerly known as Diego Garcia). The isolated islands required are: Comoros, Mahe, Hollhavai, Mauritius, Île Bourbon, Sao Tome, Fernando Po, St. Helena, Cape Verde and Djerba (but not the Canarias, Madeira, Maldives, Socotra, or any other in the Mediterranean).
1.1 VH
As Albania, own or have a subject own Iberia and the Caucasus.
  Playing as   Albania
1.9 VH
An Unlikely Candidate
Starting as Mzab, Touggourt or Djerid, reform Al-Andalus.
  Playing as either:

  Form   Andalusia

Forming   Morocco,   Tunis or any other nation will not prevent the achievement. 1.28 VH
Around the World in 80 Years
Starting as a Custom Nation of up to 400 points in the British Region, own New York, San Francisco, Suez, Bombay, Calcutta, Hong Kong and Yokohama by 1524.11.11.
  •   Playing as a custom nation
  •   Only 1 custom nation exists in the world
  •   Used no more than 401 nation designer points
  •   Not using a random New World
  •   Own no provinces outside the Britain region
  •   The date is before 12 November 1524
  •   Own Manhattan (965), Salinan (869), Suez (2315), North Konkan (529), Bengal Delta (561), Canton (667), and Musashi (1028)
Requires Salinan instead of Miwok (San Francisco).   1.23 VH
Avar Khaganate
Achieve Empire rank and conquer Hungary as Avaria.
  Playing as   Avaria
  •   Is empire
  •   Avaria owns all provinces in the areas Alföld, Transdanubia, Slovakia, Northern Transylvania, and Southern Transylvania.
  1.23 VH
As Byzantium, restore the Roman Empire.
  Playing as   Byzantium
1.1 VH
Basque in Glory
Starting as Navarra, ensure that most of Iberia is Basque culture before the Age of Absolutism.

  Playing as   Navarra

  •   It is not the   Age of Absolutism or the   Age of Revolutions
  •   At least 32 provinces in Iberia have Basque culture
1.28 VH
As France, hold 100 European core provinces before 1500.
  Playing as   France Most used route is attacking Scandinavia or Balkans. Make sure to conquer low-development provinces to limit AE. 1.12 VH
Choson One
As Korea, own or have a subject own all Shinto, Confucian and Buddhist provinces in the world.
  Playing as   Korea   All provinces following an Eastern religion are owned by   Korea or its non-tributary subjects. The Eastern religions are Theravada, Vajrayana, Mahayana, Confucian, and Shinto. Due to   Ming's size and power it is best to become their tributary and go after all other nations around before attempting to attack them. 1.16 VH
Cotton Kandy
As Kandy be production leader in Cotton.
  Playing as   Kandy   Be production leader of cotton The Indian sub-continent already has the highest concentration of cotton-producing provinces in the game, so this achievement is best partnered with The Buddhists Strike Back. 1.26 VH

Empire of Mann
As Mann, conquer all Islands in the world.
  •   Is   Mann
  •   Own all island provinces in the world.
Mann can't be selected as a country in 1444, you must release it as a vassal and choose the option to play as released vassal.

As England release Mann at the very start of the game. After 10 years you can annex them again. As the annexation progresses grant them your provinces bit by bit before the process hits 100%. You can even move your capital to continental Europe and give London to Mann. Be careful about France as they will likely attack you once you are weakened. After annexation is finished spend all your monarch points to boost provinces that Mann considers as core. Now release Mann again and chose to play as released vassal. Do NOT form England again or any other country because it will prevent getting the achievement. Alternatively, sabotage England as much as possible, such as releasing all releasable nations, leaving Mann for last. Release and play as them, then ally all other released nations, plus a major like Castile. Take London, Sussex, and Kent in first war and you should be off to a great start.

1.25 VH

First Come, First Serve
Starting as a Western technology custom nation in North America or South America with no more than 200 points, unite the two continents.
  •   Playing as a custom nation
  •   Only 1 custom nation exists in the world
  •   Used no more than 201 nation designer points
  •   Not using a random New World.
  •   Is in western technology group
  •   Capital is on the North or South American continent.
Both Americas must be fully colonized. Let the Colonial Nations do most of the job; their overlords will not defend them in a war. Only native provinces give OE; this means you are able to annex the Colonial Nations in one war, but do the war before they break free.   1.14 VH
Start as Orissa and own or have a subject own all tropical wood provinces.
  Playing as   Orissa   All provinces with tropical wood are owned by the player's country or its non-tributary subjects. 1.9 VH
Frozen Assets
Start as Novgorod and control 90% of the trade power in the White Sea trade node while it is the highest valued trade node in the world.
  Playing as   Novgorod   Have 90% trade share in White Sea and it's the highest valued trade node in the world.
  • Forming other nations will not prevent this achievement.
  • Note that "highest valued trade" means Total trade value minus outgoing trade.
1.14 VH
Gothic Invasion
Start as Theodoro and conquer all Germanic culture provinces in Europe.
  Playing as   Theodoro Forming other nations will prevent this achievement. 1.9 VH
Great Perm
As Perm, own or have a subject own the Russian, Siberian, Scandinavian, Canadian, Hudson Bay and Cascadian regions.
  Playing as   Perm
Provinces owned by vassals and other non-tributary subjects of the player's country will count for the achievement. 1.14 VH
I'll graze my horse here.. And here...
As a Horde, own over 200 provinces producing grain.
  Government type is   Steppe Nomads
  •   Is steppe nomad
  •   200 provinces produce grain or livestock
Since 1.23, livestock provinces also count. 1.20 VH
As Najd, own 500 Sunni provinces.
  •   Own 500 provinces with Sunni religion
  •   Is Sunni
Easier to achieve as many new provinces were added to the game since release. 1.1 VH
Komnenoi Empire
As Trebizond, have the Empire government rank.
  Playing as   Trebizond Forming Byzantium or another country will prevent the achievement.   1.12 VH
Meissner Porcelain
As Saxony, own or have a subject own all Chinaware provinces in the world.
  Playing as   Saxony Chinaware appears in China, Japan and the East Indies. 1.12 VH
Never say Nevers
As Nevers, own the entire France region as core provinces.
  Playing as   Nevers
  •   Is   Nevers
  •   Own and have cores on every province in the France region.
Forming France or another country will prevent the achievement. 1.26 VH
Norwegian Wood
Own or have a subject own all naval supplies provinces as Norway.
  Playing as   Norway   All provinces with naval supplies are owned by   Norway or its direct subjects, but no tributary states. Note that the achievement cannot be completed if you form any other nation. 1.1 VH
Rags and Riches
Have the highest income in the world while neither owning nor starting with a province with a development level higher than 10.
  •   No owned province has more than   10 development at the start of the game
  •   No owned province has more than   10 development
  •   No other country has a higher income than this country
1.14 VH
Raja of the Rajput Reich
Conquer all of Germany as Nagaur.
  Playing as   Nagaur
Forming other nations won't prevent getting the achievement, that includes Mughals, Hindustan, and Delhi. 1.9 VH
Saladin's Legacy
Playing as Hisn Kayfa, reforge the Ayyubid Empire.
  Playing as   Hisn Kayfa   Own the following provinces:
1.23 VH
Start as Ardabil and form Persia.
  Playing as   Ardabil Made easier by declaring on Ajam when he get attacked since you have cores there 1.8 VH
Spanish Fly
Starting as Offaly, secure a Personal Union over an Iberian nation.

  Playing as   Offaly

  Lead a personal union over a country whose capital is located in Iberia.

Forming Ireland or another country will prevent the achievement. Take a single Spanish province with a core of another tag and release that tag as a vassal. Place dynasty member on throne   and annex the vassal. Return their core via the province screen to release them as an independent nation with your dynasty ruling. Claim their throne, immediately declare with restoration of union CB and enforce union for the achievement. 1.28 VH
Sunset Invasion
Own and have cores on Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, London, Amsterdam and Rome as the Aztecs.
  Playing as   Aztec   Own and core the provinces of Lisboa, Madrid, Paris, London, Holland, and Roma.
1.2 VH
The Buddhists Strike Back
As Kotte or Kandy, own all of India and convert it to Theravada Buddhism.
  Playing as either: 1.12 VH
As Fezzan, control at least 90% of the trade power in Tunis, Katsina, Safi and Timbuktu.
  Playing as   Fezzan   Have at least 90% trade power in Katsina, Safi, Timbuktu and Tunis trade nodes 1.16 VH
The First Toungoo Empire
As Taungu, unite the Burman culture group by 1500.
  Playing as   Taungu
  •   The year is before 1500
  •   Is   Taungu
  •   All provinces in the Burman culture group are owned by   Taungu
Notice that it is required to control all of the Burman culture group, not only the Burman culture. 1.20 VH
As the Mongol Khanate or the Great Horde, own or have a subject own the Chinese, Russian and Persian regions.
  Playing as either: