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Absolutism.png Absolutism, unlocked from the Age of Absolutism.png Age of Absolutism onwards, gives scaling bonuses to discipline and administrative efficiency.

At 100 Absolutism the following benefits come into effect:

Discipline.png +5% Discipline
Administrative efficiency.png +30% Administrative efficiency
Foreign core duration.png −50% Foreign core duration

Yearly absolutism

Absolutism.png Traditions Ideas Bonuses Policies
+1.0 yearly
  • Swedish idea 5: Swedish Absolutism
  • Veronese idea 6: Some Shall Be Pardoned, Some Punished
+0.5 yearly
  • Aristocratic idea 3: Local Nobility
  • Portuguese idea 6: Royal Absolutism
  • Trent idea 2: Slaughter of the Republicans
  • Berg ambition

Events and Decisions

Changing absolutism

Absolutism.png Increasing modifiers
  • Increasing Icon stability.png stability
  • Decreasing Autonomy.png autonomy
    (per Development.png 20 development)
  • Harsh treatment action
Absolutism.png Decreasing modifiers
  • Decreasing Icon war exhaustion.png war exhaustion
  • Increasing Autonomy.png autonomy
    (per Development.png 20 development)
  • Separatist rebels.png Accepting rebel demands
Additional modifiers

Changing maximum absolutism

Maximum absolutism Increasing modifiers
  • Government monarchy.png Enlightened Despotism
  • Government monarchy.png Prussian Monarchy
  • Government monarchy.png Despotic Monarchy
  • Government monarchy.png Ottoman Sultanate
  • Government monarchy.png Shogunate
  • Empire rank Empire government rank
  • Great power.png Great power status
  • Monthly splendor.png During a Golden era
Maximum absolutism Decreasing modifiers
  • Government republic.png Free City
  • Government republic.png Trading City
  • Court And Country.png Court and Country disaster
  • Government monarchy.png Constitutional Monarchy
  • Government monarchy.png Elective Monarchy
  • Government monarchy.png English Monarchy
  • Government republic.png Administrative Republic
  • Government republic.png Ambrosian Republic
  • Government republic.png Constitutional Republic
  • Government republic.png Dutch Republic
−40 Government monarchy.png Noble Republic
  • Government republic.png Merchant Republic
  • Government republic.png Oligarchic Republic
  • Government republic.png Peasants Republic
Additional modifiers
  • Maximum absolutism Base value: +65 (effects capped at 100)
  • Religious unity.png 100% Religious unity +5
  • Legitimacy.png 0 Legitimacy −10
  • Legitimacy.png 100 Legitimacy +10
  • Court And Country.png Resolution of Court And Country disaster permanent +20, permanent +10, or temporary −10
  • Note that the Government monarchy.pngCelestial Empire and Government monarchy.pngTsardom governments have Maximum absolutism +5 Maximum Absolutism only due to them being fixed at Empire rank Empire Government rank, not because of an intrinsic bonus to the government form.
  • Note that the Government monarchy.pngCelestial Empire does not use Legitimacy.png Legitimacy and cannot get modifiers from it.

Events and Decisions