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Empire rankYuan
Primary culture
Mongol (Altaic)

Capital province
Khanbaliq (1816)

Celestial EmpireGovernment monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
ChineseChinese technology group
Great Yuan ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
+25% National manpower modifier
+20% Cavalry combat ability

Core-creation cost.png Dai Zai Qian Yuan

−25% Core-creation cost

Morale of armies.png A Savage Kingdom Holy and Enchanted

+10% Morale of armies

Technology cost.png The Three Teachings and Nine Schools All Respected

−10% Technology cost

Shock damage.png Keshik and Weijun

+10% Shock damage

Envoy travel time.png A Thousand Miles as if at Home

−10% Envoy travel time
+15% Movement speed

Administrative efficiency.png Sino-Mongol Administration

+5% Administrative efficiency

Goods produced modifier.png Pax Mongolica

+10% Goods produced modifier

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+5 Number of states

Yuan is a formable country in Asia. Historically, the Yuan Dynasty was founded in China in 1271 after the Mongol Conquests to serve the legitimacy of the Mongol emperors. However, they were overthrown just under a century later and replaced by the Flag of Ming Ming Dynasty. Re-establishing the Yuan dynasty brings great rewards due to its superb idea set, which combines military and expansionary power.


Any country of the Altaic culture group can take the decision to form Yuan.[1]

Execute decision.pngReform Great Yuan

The heirs of Kublai Khan once ruled over all Chinese and Mongol lands. Let us rise to reclaim the legacy of the old Yuan and crush the weaker lineages that have attempted to claim the Empire that is our birthright!
Potential requirements

Flag of Yuan Yuan does not exist.
The country:

If the country is AI-controlled, then:

  • it can not be a custom nation.
  • it can not be a former colonial nation.
  • it must own at least 8 cities.

The country:

  • is not at war.
  • is not a subject nation other than a tributary state.
  • has a stability of at least 2.
  • owns its core provinces Xilin Gol (723), Beijing (1816), Qaraqorum (2190), and Xuanhua (2136).
  • owns or has a non-tributary subject own all provinces of Mongol, Korchin, Khalkha, and Oirat culture.

If Mandate of Heaven.png Mandate of Heaven DLC is active and there is an Emperor of China:


If Beijing (1816):


  • Beijing (1816) leaves the HRE.
  • the emperor of the HRE:
    • loses Imperial authority.png1 imperial authority.
    • gets the opinion modifier “Removed provinces from the Empire” towards the country, worth Opinion.png−50 opinion with a yearly decay of 1.

Beijing (1816):

  • becomes the capital of the country.
  • gains Tax Base Icon.png1 base tax, Production.png1 production, and Manpower.png1 manpower.
  • is renamed to Khanbaliq.
  • has its capital renamed to Khanbaliq.

The country:

If Flag of Yuan Yuan:

Xilin Gol (723):

  • is renamed to Xanadu.
  • has its capital renamed to Xanadu.

Xuanhua (2136):

  • is renamed to Zhongdu.
  • has its capital renamed to Zhongdu.
Own core (red), own or non-tributary subject own (blue), permanent claims after formation (yellow)

Note: If there is any other country that is the Emperor of China, Yuan cannot be formed. The Mandate of Heaven must either be dismantled by means of annexing the former Emperor of China, or this country must be the Emperor of China. If the Mandate of Heaven is disabled by annexing the Emperor, this country must be Empire rank.


Back in Control icon
Form Yuan and be the only nation holding land in China.


  1. For the script code of the decision see in /Europa Universalis IV/decisions/YuanNation.txt.