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Msg event.pngWestphalia

Initially it was a small duchy established in the 12th century east of the Rhine River but over time the area grew in importance especially during the Middle Ages as several cities in the Westphalian region such as Münster and Osnabrück prospered as members of the Hanseatic League.

Trigger conditions

This events fires only once.

The country:

  • is the target of the revolution.
  • owns Lüneburg (53), Osnabrück (56), Hessen (81), Westfalen (82) and Münster (86).

Flag of Westphalia Westphalia does not exist

Mean time to happen

180 months


The country:

  • owns Magdeburg (52): ×0.95
  • owns Stade (54): ×0.95
  • owns Brunswick (57): ×0.95
  • owns Nassau (83): ×0.95

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Support the idea of a Westphalian Nation

Flag of Westphalia Westphalia gains cores on Magdeburg (52), Lüneburg (53), Stade (54), Osnabrück (56), Brunswick (57), Hessen (81), Westfalen (82), Nassau (83) and Münster (86).