Viking Shattered Earth

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Game modification: Viking Shattered Earth
Viking Shattered Earth
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General Overhaul


(2021.07.24) For EU IV v1.31.5

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Viking Shattered World Mod is a total conversion mod for Europa Universalis IV. It is set in the same era as vanilla EU4. Alongside this, it features almost all of the shattered world tags as Doge Shattered Europa, which was the baseline for the mod. The mod includes many new gameplay religions and cultures and historical tag revivals such as the rise of Argead Empire, East and West Roman Empire among others, along with over 900 unique National Ideas.

Main Features[edit | edit source]

The mod contains several new features including: unique religions, new culture groups, and over 900 nations with unique National Ideas. Estates have also had an update - such as working only with specific cultures among other new things!

Religions[edit | edit source]

Religions - The base game has had some of the religious expanded upon within this mod. With new denominations of Virtually every faith group in the game, there is bound to be something for everyone.

Governments[edit | edit source]

Governments - Lots more monarchies, republics and theocracies added in. While not all listed.

  • This page is a Work in Progress - Only a handful added at present

Formable Nations[edit | edit source]

Formable Nations - Many new formables have been added to the mod, and some old ones adjusted - to account for new religions, or new tags in the game!

  • This page is a Work in Progress - Only a handful added at present

Monuments[edit | edit source]

Monuments Some new ahistoric "What If?" monuments have been added. More to come in due course!

Cultures[edit | edit source]

Culture Many cultures have been tweaked by their groups, new ones added, some removed, bits chopped and moved.

  • This page is a Work in Progress - Only about 1/3 added at present