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Game modification: Veritas Et Fortitudo
Veritas Et Fortitudo
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Major Overhaul

Penguintopia and the VeF team

v4.0.1 for EUIV v1.30.x

Steam workshop

Veritas Et Fortitudo (VEF) is an EUIV total conversion mod created by Penguintopia, lead by RivtalDM, and supported by the VEF team.

VEF, which began as the alternate history mod Glory of Byzantium, was created to bring depth and intricacy to the management of your realm in Europa Universalis IV while presenting realistic historical challenges to the player. With a unique map, new mechanics for management of your realm, multiple new subject types and plenty of added events/missions/decisions VEF brings a whole different experience to EUIV.

Veritas Et Fortitudo, Introduction[edit | edit source]

The Current Team[edit | edit source]

  • Penguintopia - Founder, Consultant, Occasionally spits out some code
  • RivtalDM - Project Lead
  • visor841 - Playtester
  • fluffy_fishy - Playtester
  • kmrblue1027 - Playtester

Included Mods[edit | edit source]

  • Serenissima Italia
  • Scandinavian Flavour
  • Hordes Unlimited
  • More Provinces Mod
  • Tenth Idea Mod

Past Contributors[edit | edit source]

  • Lord Satyr
  • Boleslav
  • jrgen3
  • Danubian Cossack and the MPM team
  • KHL Flags
  • Naeven
  • Redbat
  • Sun_Wu
  • AhoyDerr
  • BananasGoMoo
  • Daniel Coffey
  • Delta Green
  • Delta21
  • Delpiero
  • Dogu Arkan
  • Dylan Skoda
  • Echolot
  • Emnel
  • Florin Iacob
  • frankatank
  • Gelu Oltean
  • General von Gelre
  • Geralt
  • Gnome109
  • Golladan
  • Hurhacs
  • Ivo Tentye
  • Jakob Sandberg
  • Lorb
  • McGregorus
  • Majber
  • Morkazar
  • Naeven
  • Papagenu
  • Redbat
  • Runcktiorless
  • Sir Kulinski
  • Snap Hook
  • Tinholt
  • Treksdot
  • Vincent Van Vega
  • VineFynn
  • Wolf Lenhardt
  • iTy
  • machineking
  • ultrapowerpie
  • zeress

Concepts and Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Extended Timeline[edit | edit source]

From Avignon To Appomattox[edit | edit source]

VEF features a timeline that runs from 1309 to 1865 and includes additional nations relevant to the extended time period. Participate in the rise of the Osman clan from its humble beginnings, the breakup of the feared Ilkhanate, and the collapse of the once-powerful Yuan dynasty. An additional Age (Late Medieval Age) and additional institutions have been added to round out the timeline.

Dynastic System[edit | edit source]

In a monarchy, the entire royal family is tracked making heirs much less of a black box. Rest soundly knowing that your monarch has two or three more sons should your heir suffer a hunting accident or toss and turn at night knowing that your aged monarch has only a young daughter to leave the throne to.

Subjects[edit | edit source]

Unique subject types for Bohemia, France, Switzerland, the Romagna lords, the Hansa, and the Russian Princes. In addition the standard vassal progression features a number of different stages ranging from a roughly controlled suzerainty which conducts independent diplomacy to a more traditional vassal nearing the end of the integration process.

Realm Managment[edit | edit source]

An event-and-decision-driven system which allows the player to apply various modifiers to states within the nation in order to raise more troops, collect more taxes, increase the defensibility of an area, or placate an unruly populace.

Reformation[edit | edit source]

The reformation includes additional religious choices for reformers, some culture based (Anglican, Presbyterian, and Hussite) and others universal (Anabaptist) as well as multiple league wars representing both the historical Schmalkaldic League and the Thirty-Years-War.

Reworked Cores & States[edit | edit source]

No longer is the entire profitability of a province tied up in whether it is a core but cores also do not come as readily. Cores represent the true heartland of your nation while states are made everywhere to permit maximum use of estates.

Development Growth[edit | edit source]

Provinces grow their population and wealth naturally over time; of course you can still invest in them

Additional Content[edit | edit source]

Hundreds of new events and decisions, new mission trees, new formable nations, and much more.