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Machu redirect[edit]

Why is Manchu being redirected to China's page? That is ridiculous, Manchu starts as its own separate country and probably has different ideas from the Ming. It's own page should be restored.

OK you are right. I redirected Manchu to China beacuse of the formation event for Ming, and the Manchu section before that was useless, NOTHING. If you have any information about them, please, edit the section. I cannot do all the job myself and there are hunderds of sections to edit. Wrongovernmentype, 21:12,UTC, 9 August 2013.

FIXED. You may be happy again. Wrongovernmentype, 15:14, UTC, 9 August 2013.


Please don't upload flags at 128x128; the standard for the wiki is 800x533. By uploading too small versions, you make it more difficult for other contributors to find missing flags. Usually you can find the correct flag at proper size by googling "flag of x". ~ Meneth (talk) 15:36, 12 August 2013 (CEST)

I changed some of the flags to 800x533 size, I am afraid of copyrights and I don't wanna to mess with that, so I took the tga flags and by program of "TGA viewer" saved them as png's (of course I had at the start some problems). BTW, my Persia in 800x533 looks in the same resolution like yours, but you significantly changed some ofthe flags to much better (like Qara Qoyunlu). Wrongovernmentype (talk) 16:16, 12 August 2013 (CEST)
I restored the 128x128 Persia. Medibee then uploaded a much better 800x533 version. ~ Meneth (talk) 16:17, 12 August 2013 (CEST)

Please, please, please stop uploading terribly upscaled flags. It looks much worse than an occasional redlink. ~ Meneth (talk) 22:43, 12 August 2013 (CEST)

Fine. I stoped. You and the other teams will upload, I had enough of this. --Wrongovernmentype (talk) 09:30, 13 August 2013 (CEST)
Thanks. Looking forward to any future contributions from you. Pretty much everything text has been good that I've seen so far. ~ Meneth (talk) 15:55, 13 August 2013 (CEST)
How did you upload this flag for it will not have parallel horrible lines? Where did you find it? --Wrongovernmentype (talk) 12:20, 20 August 2013 (CEST)
I did a search for "SPQR flag" I think, giving me this wallpaper: ~ Meneth (talk) 13:04, 20 August 2013 (CEST)
OK, thanks. --Wrongovernmentype (talk) 13:47, 20 August 2013 (CEST)

3rd person narrative[edit]

Articles should virtually always use a 3rd person narrative. In practice this means that the word "you" should be avoided at almost all times, as it does not fit the style of an encyclopedic work. As such the strategy guide you wrote for the Timurids needs a rewrite.

There's also no rule against using linebreaks to break up long paragraphs. For more on this topic, see Project:Style. Thanks for all your contributions so far. ~ Meneth (talk) 09:12, 27 August 2013 (CEST)