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Country list[edit]

The country list is computer generated. This means that any manual changes to it will be overwritten the next time it is updated. So I'd recommend not wasting time trying to make manual changes to it. ~ Meneth (talk) 17:53, 27 October 2014 (CET)

How can I easily make a list of country by base tax? --Aldwoni (talk) 17:56, 27 October 2014 (CET)
Well, it isn't an easy problem (you need to check every single province and see what base tax it has, and then add all that up for the individual countries). So unless you know how to program, it isn't really doable. ~ Meneth (talk) 17:57, 27 October 2014 (CET)
Program in which language? Where can I find the info? --Aldwoni (talk) 17:59, 27 October 2014 (CET)
My parser is written in Python. Info on it is here. Though I'm not sure base tax values are really something that'd be useful to add to the page. ~ Meneth (talk) 18:00, 27 October 2014 (CET)
Only the country list on the countries page will be overwritten? --Aldwoni (talk) 18:05, 27 October 2014 (CET)
Yes. However, making a base tax list right now would be incredibly pointless, seeing as how it'll be useless once AoW is out in 3 days. ~ Meneth (talk) 18:06, 27 October 2014 (CET)
The devs added an nice base tax counter in the country select screen, so it is no probem anymore Aldwoni (talk) 11:50, 12 December 2014 (CET)
Feel free to make a list then; we could put it on the tax or countries page. Can't be added to the country list though due to it being computer-generated. ~ Meneth (talk) 14:11, 12 December 2014 (CET)