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For the Ideas Rebalanced Mod.

Administrative power.png Administrative groups

Administrative power is required to unlock ideas within these groups.

Administrative idea group.png Administrative

Mercenary cost.png Organized Mercenary Payments

−25% Mercenary cost
−33% Mercenary maintenance modifier

Administrative free policies.png Adaptability

+1 Free Admin Policy
-10% Liberty Desire from Subject Development

Possible advisors.png Benefits for Mercenaries

+1 Possible Advisors
+1 Possible Policies

Interest per annum.png Bookkeeping

−1 Interest per annum
−0.025 Autonomy Reduction

Mercenary manpower.png Mercenary Recruitment

+20% Available mercenaries
+50% Available Condottieri

Administrative efficiency.png Administrative Efficiency

5% Administrative Efficiency

Administrative technology cost.png Civil Service

−10% Administrative technology cost
33% Reform Progress Growth

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

-15% Minimum Autonomy in Territories

Associated events: Espionage idea group events
Economic idea group.png Economic

National tax modifier.png Bureaucracy

+20% National tax modifier

Construction cost.png Organized Construction

−10% Construction cost
−33% State Maintenance
−20% Construction Time

Inflation reduction.png National Bank

+0.15 Yearly inflation reduction
−50% Inflation Reduction Cost

Interest per annum.png Debt and Loans

−1 Interest per annum

Autonomy.png Centralization

−0.075 Monthly autonomy change
0.25 Yearly Absolutism

Land maintenance modifier.png Nationalistic Enthusiasm

−7.5% Land maintenance modifier
+1 Monthly Splendor

Production efficiency.png Smithian Economics

+15% Production efficiency
+1 Free Admin Policy

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

−20% Development cost

Associated events: Espionage idea group events
Expansion idea group.png Expansion

Colonists.png Additional Colonists

+1 Colonist
Can fabricate claim overseas in Trade Company regions
Automatically discover adjacent when a colony is built.

Merchants.png Additional Merchants

+1 Merchant
25% Caravan Power

Reinforce speed.png Organised Recruiting

+20% Reinforce Speed
+25% Manpower Recovery Speed

Diplomatic relations.png Additional Diplomats

+1 Diplomatic Relation
−10% Diplomatic Annexation Cost

Core-creation cost.png Faster Colonists

-20% Core Creation Cost

May explore.png Improved Shipyards

Allows recruitment of explorers & conquistadors
+15% Global Ship Cost
+50% Transport Combat Ability
+5000 Global Sailors

Cost to fabricate claims.png Competitive Merchants

+25% Cost to Fabricate Claims
+25% Province Warscore Cost

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

-50% State Maintenance Modifier

Associated events: Espionage idea group events
Humanist idea group.png Humanist

Religious unity.png Tolerance

+25% Religious unity

National unrest.png Local Traditions

−1 National unrest
−25% Stability Cost

Tolerance heretic.png Ecumenism

+4 Tolerance of Heretics

Years of separatism.png Indirect Rule

−5 Years of separatism
−10% Liberty Desire from Subject Development

Max promoted cultures.png Cultural Ties

+2 Max Promoted Cultures
-50% Promote Culture Cost

Improve relations.png Benevolence

+15% Improve Relations

Tolerance heathen.png Humanist Tolerance

+4 Tolerance of Heathens

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

−10% Idea cost
+0.75 Yearly harmony increase

Associated events: Espionage idea group events
Innovative idea group.png Innovative

Prestige decay.png Patron of the Arts

−1% Prestige decay
+0.5 Yearly Prestige
−75% Native Advancement Cost

Mercenary cost.png Pragmatism

-33% Mercenary Maintenance Modifier
−10% Manpower Recovery Speed

Technology cost.png Scientific Revolution

−10% Technology cost
−20% Institution embracement cost
100% Global Institution Spread

Possible advisors.png Dynamic Court

+1 Possible advisor
+1 Possible Policies

Inflation reduction.png Resilient State

+0.05 Yearly Inflation Reduction
-0.5 National Unrest

War exhaustion.png Optimism

−0.05 Monthly war exhaustion
+1 Monthly Splendor

Leader(s) without upkeep.png Formalized Officer Corps

+1 Leader without upkeep
May Recruit Female Generals
-5% Movement Speed

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

−2% All Power Costs
100% Innovativeness Gain

Associated events: Espionage idea group events
Religious idea group.png Religious

Missionaries.png Missionary Schools

+1 Missionary

Stability cost modifier.png Church Attendance Duty

−25% Stability cost modifier
15% Religious Unity

Missionary strength.png Divine Supremacy

+3% Missionary strength
10% Imperial Authority Growth

Tolerance own.png Devoutness

+3 Tolerance of the true faith
+2 Yearly papal influence
+0.5 Monthly fervor
+0.5 Yearly devotion
+10% Church power

Cb on religious enemies.png Deus Vult

Permanent casus belli against neighboring heathens and heretics
Extra Manpower for Religious Wars

Prestige.png Religious Tradition

+1 Yearly prestige
-10% Development Cost

Missionary maintenance cost.png Inquisition

−50% Missionary maintenance cost
−0.05 Global Autonomy Reduction

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

−25% Culture conversion cost
−25% Same Culture Advisor cost

Associated events: Espionage idea group events

Diplomatic power.png Diplomatic groups

Diplomatic power is required to unlock ideas within these groups.

Diplomatic idea group.png Diplomatic

Diplomat.png Foreign Embassies

+1 Diplomat
-25% Cost to Fabricate Claims

Diplomatic relations.png Cabinet

+1 Diplomatic relation
-50% Diplomatic Advisor Cost

War exhaustion.png War Cabinet

-50% Cost to Reduce War Exhaustion
-50% War Tax Cost
-25% General Cost

Improve relations.png Benign Diplomats

+33% Improve relations

Diplomatic reputation.png Experienced Diplomats

+3 Diplomatic reputation

Province war score cost.png Flexible Negotiations

−25% Province warscore cost

Diplomatic technology cost.png Diplomatic Corps

−10% Diplomatic technology cost
+1 Free Diplomatic Policy

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

Lowered impact on stability from diplomatic actions

Associated events: Espionage idea group events
Espionage idea group.png Espionage

Spy network construction.png Efficient Spies

+50% Spy network construction
1.5x Claim Duration
−10% Discovered Spy Relations

Diplomat.png Agent Training

+1 Diplomat
−20% Aggressive Expansion Impact

Diplomatic reputation.png Vetting

+1 Diplomatic Reputation
−33% Envoy Travel Time

Maximum absolutism.png Additional Loyalist Recruitment

+10 Max Absolutism
−10% Yearly Absolutism
-0.5 Global Unrest

May fabricate claims for subjects.png Claim Fabrication

May fabricate claims for subjects
−33% Cost to fabricate claims
−10% Unjustified Demands

Rebel support efficiency.png Rumor Mongering

+500% Rebel Support Efficiency

Yearly corruption.png Audit Checks

−0.15 Yearly corruption

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

-5 Years of Nationalism

Associated events: Espionage idea group events
Exploration idea group.png Exploration

May explore.png Quest for the New World

Allows recruitment of explorers & conquistadors
-25% Naval Attrition

Colonists.png Colonial Ventures

+1 Colonist

Colonial range.png Overseas Exploration

+25% Colonial range

Global settler increase.png Land of Opportunity

+50 Global settler increase

Global tariffs.png Viceroys

+30% Global tariffs
-0.5 Interest per Annum

Settler chance.png Free Colonies

33% Colonist Settlement Chance

Naval force limit modifier.png Global Empire

+25% Naval force limit modifier
+10% Naval Engagement Width
+90% Transport Ship Combat Ability

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

Can fabricate claim overseas in colonial regions
+75% Native Assimilation

Associated events: Espionage idea group events
Influence idea group.png Influence

Income from vassals.png Tribute System

+75% Income from vassals
+1 Monthly Splendor

Chance of new heir.png Establish Cadet Branches

+50% Heir Chance
+1 Prestige
+1 Legitimacy
+0.5 Republican Tradition
+0.5 Devotion
+1.5 Horde Unity
+0.5 Meritocracy

Diplomatic annexation cost.png Integrated Elites

−33% Diplomatic annexation cost

Liberty desire in subjects.png State Propaganda

-15% Reduced Liberty Desire
-100% Rival Change Cost

Monarch diplomatic skill.png Diplomatic Influence

+1 Monarch Diplomatic Power

Envoy travel time.png Postal Service

−50% Envoy travel time
+2 Diplomatic Relations

Vassal forcelimit bonus.png Marcher Lords

+100% Vassal force limit contribution
+0.15 Yearly Tribal Allegiance
+1 Leaders without upkeep

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

−33% Unjustified demands

Associated events: Espionage idea group events
Maritime idea group.png Maritime


Not available for primitives.

Navy tradition.png Sea Hawks

+2 Naval Tradition
+10% Heavy Ship Combat Ability

National sailors modifier.png Merchant Marine

+50% National sailors modifier
+5000 Global Sailors
10% Ship trade power propagation
+2 Global Ship Trade Power

Global ship repair.png Sheltered Ports

+10% Global ship repair
−50% Sailor maintenance
−10% Construction Cost

Naval force limit modifier.png Grand Navy

+50% Naval force limit modifier
+1 Free Diplomatic Policy
+1 Monthly Splendor

Ship costs.png Ship's Penny

−15% Ship costs

Galley combat ability.png Excellent Shipwrights

15% Galley Combat Ability
-10% Morale Hit When Losing a Ship

Naval combat bonus off owned coast.png Naval Fighting Instruction

+1 Naval Combat Bonus in Owned Coast
+50% Blockade efficiency

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

Ships can repair when in coastal sea zones
+1 Diplomatic Relationship

Associated events: Maritime idea group events
Trade idea group.png Trade

Trade power.png Shrewd Commerce Practice

+20% Global trade power

Construction cost.png Free Trade

-10% Construction Cost
-30% Center of Trade Upgrade Cost

Trade range.png Merchant Adventures

+25% Trade range
+90% Light Ship Combat Ability
-25% Light Ship Cost

Trade efficiency.png National Trade Policy

+15% Trade efficiency
+50% Free Diplomatic Policy

Sailor maintenance.png Overseas Merchants

-50% Sailor Maintenance Modifier
5000 Global Sailors
+10% Ship trade power propagation
+10% Global Institution Spread

Trade steering.png Trade Manipulation

+25% Trade steering
-15% Naval Maintenance Modifier

Caravan power.png Fast Negotiations

+25% Caravan Power
-15% Province Warscore Cost

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

+1 Merchant
-10% Development Cost

Associated events: Trade idea group events

Military power.png Military groups

Military power is required to unlock ideas within these groups.

Aristocratic idea group.png Aristocratic


Enabled by most monarchies (except the Plutocracy reform), theocracies, steppe nomads, and the Noble Elite republican reform.

Cavalry cost.png Noble Knights

−10% Cavalry cost
+20% Cavalry combat ability

Autonomy.png Local Nobility

−0.05 Monthly autonomy change
+0.25 Yearly absolutism

National manpower modifier.png Serfdom

+33% National manpower modifier
-15% Regiment Cost

Army tradition decay.png Noble Officers

−1% Yearly army tradition decay
−1% Yearly navy tradition decay
−50% General Cost

Diplomat.png International Diplomacy

+1 Diplomat
+2 Leader without upkeep

Ab free war taxes.png Noble Resilience

-50% War Taxes Cost Modifier
-0.01 War Exhaustion

Military technology cost.png Military Traditions

−10% Military technology cost
+1 Monarch Military Skill

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

+1 Leader siege

Associated events: Aristocratic idea group events
Defensive idea group.png Defensive

Army tradition.png Battlefield Commissions

+1 Yearly army tradition

Morale of armies.png Military Drill

+10% Morale of armies

Land leader maneuver.png Improved Maneuver

+1 Land leader maneuver
7.5% Movement Speed

Land maintenance modifier.png Regimental System

−10% Land maintenance modifier

Fort maintenance.png Defensive Mentality

−25% Fort maintenance
-10% Fire Damage Received
-10% Shock Damage Received

Reinforce cost.png Supply Trains

-15% Reinforce Cost

Land attrition.png Improved Foraging

−33% Land attrition

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

+1 Attrition for enemies
-10% Reduced morale damage taken by reserve

Associated events: Defensive idea group events
Naval idea group.png Naval

War exhaustion.png Boarding Parties

0.05 Monthly War Exhaustion
5% Land Morale
20% Naval Morale

Transport combat ability.png Improved Rams

+90% Transport Ship Combat Ability
+2 Naval Leader Maneuver
+5% Movement Speed

Years of separatism.png Naval Cadets

-5 Years of Nationalism
−25% Harsh Treatment Cost

Idea claim colonies.png Naval Glory

Can fabricate claim overseas in trade company regions
Can fabricate claims on any overseas province, provided it is overseas for its owner

Colonists.png Press Gangs

+1 Colonists

Ship durability.png Oak Forests for Ships

+5% Ship Durability
Allows recruitment of explorers & conquistadors
+50% Colonial Range

Morale of navies.png Superior Seamanship

-10% Aggressive Expansion
+15% Improve Relations

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

-10% Minimum Autonomy in Territories
+50% Native Uprising Chance

Associated events: Naval idea group events
Offensive idea group.png Offensive

Land leader shock.png Bayonet Leaders

+1 Land leader shock

Army drill decay modifier.png National Conscripts

−25% Drill Decay Speed

Land leader fire.png Superior Firepower

+1 Land leader fire

Reinforce speed.png Glorious Arms

+25% Reinforce Speed

Siege ability.png Engineer Corps

+30% Siege ability

Land force limit modifier.png Grand Army

+10% Land force limit modifier
+1 Monthly Splendor
0.5 Yearly Prestige

Discipline.png Napoleonic Warfare

+5% Fire Damage
+5 Artillery Bonus vs Forts

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

+250% Drill Gain

Associated events: Offensive idea group events
Plutocratic idea group.png Plutocratic


Enabled by most republics (except the Noble Elite reform) and monarchies with the Plutocracy reform.

Mercenary manpower.png Tradition of Payment

+10% Available mercenaries
+50% Available Condottieri
+8% Mercenary discipline

Morale of armies.png Abolished Serfdom

+10% Morale of armies
+1 Free Military Policies

National unrest.png Bill of Rights

−0.5 National unrest
+1 Monthly Splendor

Merchants.png Free Merchants

+1 Merchant
+1 Free Diplomatic Policy

Goods produced modifier.png Free Subjects

+10% Goods produced modifier
+5% Idea Cost

Caravan power.png Free Cities

+25% Caravan power
+10% Free Administrative Policy

Manpower recovery speed.png Emancipation

+20% Manpower recovery speed
+100% Innovativeness Gain

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

Negative religious tolerance no longer gives any penalties. Heretic and heathen provinces do not give us any penalty to religious unity.

Associated events: Plutocratic idea group events
Quality idea group.png Quality

Infantry combat ability.png Private to Marshal

+10% Infantry combat ability
+25% Drill Speed

Army tradition.png Quality Education

+1 Yearly army tradition
+1 Possible Military Policy
+1 Free Military Policy

Cavalry combat ability.png Finest of Horses

+15% Cavalry combat ability
-30% Military Advisor Cost

Ship durability.png Corvettes

+5% Ship durability
-10% Morale hit when ship sunk
+1 Naval Tradition

Morale of navies.png Naval Drill

+20% Morale of navies
-30% Diplomatic Advisor Cost

Naval attrition.png Copper Bottoms

−25% Naval attrition
+50% Blockade Efficiency

Artillery combat ability.png Massed Battery

+10% Artillery combat ability
+10% Backrow Artillery Damage

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

+5% Discipline
-33% Drill Decay

Associated events: Quality idea group events
Quantity idea group.png Quantity

National manpower modifier.png Levée en Masse

+33% National manpower modifier
+1 Leader without Upkeep

Manpower recovery speed.png The Young can Serve

+25% Manpower recovery speed

Regiment cost.png Enforced Service

−15% Regiment cost

Land maintenance modifier.png The Old and Infirm

−10% Land maintenance modifier
-10% Reinforcement Cost

Supply limit.png Camp Followers

+33% Supply limit modifier

Garrison size.png Conscripted Garrisons

+25% Garrison size

Land attrition.png Expanded Supply Trains

−25% Land attrition
5% Movement Speed

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

+20% Land force limit modifier
+15 Land Force Limit
−10% Reduced morale damage taken by reserve

Associated events: Quantity idea group events