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National Ideas

  • All land and naval morale national ideas have been reduced to a maximum of 10%
  • Burgundy: Diplomatic relations tradition changed from +1 to +2
  • Burgundy: Replaced Allow Freedom of Worship (+2 Tolerance of heretics) with Unite the Low Countries (+1 Diplomatic Reputation -20% Diplomatic Annexation Cost) and moved it forward
  • England: Replaced The Sick and Hurt Board (+5% Ship durability) with Industrial Revolution (+10% Production Efficiency)
  • Portugal: Royal Absolutism now gives +3% Discipline in addition to the build cost
  • Papal State: +25% religious unity tradition changed to +2% Missionary strength
  • Papal State: Donation of Constantine (-20% Time to fabricate claims) changed to Holy War (Triple manpower while at war with another religion)
  • Prussia: Discipline tradition reduced to 5%, Goose Step reduced to +10% infantry combat ability
  • Poland: Winged Hussars reduced to +20% Cavalry combat ability
  • Sweden: +20% Infantry combat ability tradition reduced to +10%
  • Naples: +25% National spy defence tradition replaced with +2 Papal influence
  • Naples: +5% Recover army morale speed tradition replaced with +10% Infantry combat ability
  • Savoy: Repel the French now gives an additional +5% land morale
  • Timurids: +25% Income from vassals tradition is now +35% Religious unity
  • Timurids: Chagatai Literature (+1 Yearly Legitimacy) replaced with Glory of Conquest (+25% National manpower modifier)
  • Ottomans: Reduced Millets (-33% Core-creation cost) to -15%

Idea groups


  • Replaced Resilient State(-10% Reduce inflation cost) with Massed Battery (+10% Artillery combat ability)
  • Formalized Officer Corps (+1 Leader without upkeep) is now (+10% Production efficiency )
  • -25% Advisor costs finisher is now -10% Idea cost


  • Inquisition (+2% Missionary strength vs heretics) is now Religious Zeal (+10% Land morale)
  • Church Attendance Duty (-25% Stability cost) is now Arm the Faithful (+25% Manpower recovery speed)
  • -25% Culture conversion cost replaced with -30% Aggressive expansion


  • Replaced Organized Construction (-10% Build cost) is now Establish Customs Houses (+20% Income from vassals and +10% Global Tariffs)
  • Centralization (-0.05 Monthly autonomy) is now Public Banking (+20 Tax income)
  • Replaced Smithian Economics (+10% Production efficiency) with Resilient State(-20% Reduce inflation cost)
  • −20% Development cost finisher is now -30% advisor costs


  • Additional Colonists now auto explores adjacent terra ingonita
  • Organized Recruitment (-10% Recruitment time) is now Governor-Generals (+1 Leader without upkeep)
  • Additional Diplomats (+1 Diplomatic Reputation) is now The East Indies (+35% Trade range)
  • Improved Shipyards (-10% Shipbuilding time) is now Colonial Militia (+20% Land force limit)


  • Now available for everyone
  • Bill of Rights (-2 Revolt risk) is now Merchant Marine (+10 Light ship combat ability and -10% Light ship cost)
  • Finisher is now +30% Embargo efficiency


  • Now available for everyone
  • Local nobility (+10% Income from vassals) increased to +30%
  • International Nobility (1 diplomat) is now Bayonet Leaders (+1 Land leader shock)
  • Nobile Resilience (-20% Reduce war exhaustion cost) changde to -0.05 Monthly war exhaustion


  • Bayonet Leaders (+1 Land leader shock) replaced with +1 Land leader siege
  • +5% Morale recovery speed replaced with -20% Province warscore cost


  • Massed Battery (+10% Artillery combat ability) is now Prestigious Army (+1 Yearly prestige)


  • Reduced Military Drill (+15% Morale of armies) to +10%
  • Replaced Supply Trains (+33% Reinforce speed) with Conscripted Garrisons (+25% Garrison size)


  • Levée en Masse (+50% manpower) reduced to +30%
  • Replaced Mercenary Contracts (+25% Available mercenaries) and Improved Supply Lines (-10% Land attrition) with Grand Navy (+30% Naval force limit modifier) and Ship's Penny (-10% Ship costs)
  • The Old and Infirm now gives -10% naval maintenance in addition to land maintenance
  • Replaced Conscripted Garrisons (+25% Garrison size) with Formalized Officer Corps(+1 Leader without upkeep)
  • Reduced +50% Land force limit finisher to +30%


  • Now Diplomatic Idea
  • Naval Glory (+100% Prestige from naval battles) changed to +5% Ship durability
  • Oak Forests for Ships (+20% Heavy ship combat ability) has been merged with Improved Rams (+25% Galley combat ability)
  • Oak Forests for Ships is now Naval Fighting Instruction (+50% Blockade efficiency)
  • Reduced Superior Seamanship to +10% Naval morale
  • +10% Ship durability changed to Ships can now repair in coastal sea provinces


  • Privateers moved to Mercenary ideas, first idea is now Guerilla Warfare (+1% Hostile attrition)
  • Vetting (+25% Spy defence) replaced with Sabotage (+30% Siege ability)
  • Efficient spies now gives an aditional +25% spy defence
  • Sow Discontent now also decreases the targeted nation's land and naval morale by -10%


  • +1 Colonist and Quest for the New World have switched places
  • Quest for the New World now gives an additional +1 Naval leader maneuver
  • Reduced Land of Opportunity to +10 global settler increase
  • Increased Viceroys to +35% Global tariffs


  • Fast Negotiations (+25% Caravan Power) replaced with +20% Trade power abroad


  • Tolerance idea now also has 'Negative religious tolerance no longer gives any penalties'
  • Local Traditions and Indirect rule have been merged
  • Ecumenism (+3 Tolerance of heretics) is now Right to Bear Arms (+1 Land leader fire)
  • Indirect Rule is now Workshop of the World (+15% Global goods produced)
  • Benevolence is now +2 Diplomatic reputation and Lowered impact on stability from diplomatic actions
  • Changed Humanist Tolerance (+3 Tolerance of heathens) to -5% Technology cost
  • Finisher is now -30% Culture conversion cost


  • Renamed to Mercenary ideas


  • Renamed to Infrastructure ideas; focuses on internal development and land trade


  • Renamed to Imperialism ideas; merger of influence ideas and the none mercenary administrative ideas with a theme of expansion


To do


  • Client States moved forward to Diplomatic technology 20


  • Increased base papal influence by 1
  • Reduced religious zeal to -5% missionary strength
  • Catholicism now gives +5% land morale instead of -1 tolerance of heretics
  • Conversion Zeal (converting to Protestant or Reformed) now only gives +5% heretic missionary strength (down from +10%)

Holy Roman Empire

  • Vastly improved the Imperial Reforms, they now greatly benefit both the Emperor and members
  • Imperial authority loss from heretical princes halved
  • Doubled monthly imperial authority from the number of states in the HRE
  • Doubled monthly imperial authority from free cities
  • Boosted tax and force limits the Emperor receives per free city
  • Free cities now get an additional +5 land and naval force limit and increased base tax income by 1


  • Reduced starting global settler increase from 25 to 10
  • Native hostile policy reduced to +10 global colonial growth
  • Colonial nations that have 10 or more provinces now provide their overlord with +10 Land forcelimit


  • English monarchy and Constitutional monarchy now have noble estates
  • Feudal Monarchy +10% Manpower replaced with +1 Diplomatic relations
  • Administrative Monarchy National tax modifier increased to +10%
  • Absolute Monarchy +5% Discipline replaced with +15% Manpower
  • Enlightened Despotism +10% Manpower replaced with -10% Idea cost
  • Oligarchic Republic National tax modifier increased to +10%


  • Courthouse changed to +1 Tax income, +20% Local tax modifer and -0.02 Local autonomy & Town Hall changed to +2 Tax income, +30% Local tax modifer and -0.05 Local autonomy
  • Dock now gives an additional +25% local manpower & Drydock now gives an additional +50% local manpower


  • Removed cede French region from the Form Dutch Nation decision
  • Embrace the Counter-Reformation no longer increases tech and idea cost


  • You can now declare war while in a regency
  • Increased base ship durability. Naval battles should result in far fewer stack wipes
  • Army and Naval tradition now gives maximum 15% morale
  • Revoke imperial reform warscore cost reduced to 40%
  • Demanding trade power warscore cost reduced to 40%
  • Forced conversion scaling warscore modifier reduced by 80% (664 development = 100% WS)


  • Maximum idea groups in the same category reduced to 40%
  • Selling a core no longer costs prestige *fix*
  • Aggressive Expansion now decays at -5 per year (up from -2)
  • Lowered negative opinion modifier for breaking alliance to -5
  • Minimum relations needed to ally increased to -50
  • Navies now require manpower to build and reinforce: Heavy ship = 250, Galley = 200, Lightship = 150 Transport = 100
  • Increased hostile attrition in winter, arid, arctic and tropical provinces
  • Increased land maintenance cost from technology slightly
  • Bankruptcy now only reduces land and naval morale by -30% but lasts for 20 years
  • Minimum amount of techs required to be behind to allow westernisation lowered to 5
  • You can now create overseas client states
  • Prussia is now Prussian Blue & Germany is now Grey

Administrative power.png Administrative

Administrative power is required to unlock ideas within these groups.

Innovative idea group.png Innovative

Prestige decay.png Patron of the Arts

-1% Prestige decay

Mercenary cost.png Pragmatism

-25% Mercenary cost

Technology cost.png Scientific Revolution

-5% Technology cost

Possible advisors.png Dynamic Court

+1 Possible advisors

Artillery combat ability.png Gunpowder

+10% Artillery combat ability

War exhaustion.png Optimism

-0.05 Monthly war exhaustion

Idea cost.png Philosophy

-10% Idea cost

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

+10% Production efficiency

Associated events: Innovative idea group events
Religious idea group.png Religious

Cb on religious enemies.png Deus Vult

Permanent casus belli against neighboring heathens and heretics

Missionaries.png Missionary Schools

+1 Missionaries

Manpower recovery speed.png Arm the Faithful

+25% Manpower recovery speed

Missionary strength.png Divine Supremacy

+3% Missionary strength

Tolerance of the true faith.png Devoutness

+1 Tolerance of the true faith
+2 Yearly papal influence
+0.25 Monthly fervor
+0.5 Yearly devotion
+10% Church power

Yearly prestige.png Religious Tradition

+1 Yearly prestige

Morale of armies.png Religious Zeal

+10% Morale of armies

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

-30% Aggressive Expansion

Associated events: Religious idea group events
Economic idea group.png Economic

National tax modifier.png Bureaucracy

+10% National tax modifier

Global tariffs.png Customs Houses

10% Global tariffs
+20% Income from vassals

Yearly inflation reduction.png National Bank

+0.10 Yearly inflation reduction

Interest per annum.png Debt and Loans

-1 Interest per annum

Yearly tax income.png Public Banking

+20 Tax Income

Land maintenance modifier.png Nationalistic Enthusiasm

-10% Land maintenance modifier

Reduce inflation cost.png Resilient State

-20% Reduce inflation cost

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

-30% Advisor costs

Associated events: Economic idea group events
Expansion idea group.png Expansion

Auto explore adjacent to colony.png Additional Colonists

Auto-exploration of all territory adjacent to owned home territory.
+1 Colonists

Merchants.png Additional Merchants

+1 Merchants

Global settler increase.png Faster Colonists

+10 Global settler increase

Leader(s) without upkeep.png Governor-Generals

+1 Leader(s) without upkeep

Trade range.png The East Indies

+35% Trade range

Land forcelimit.png Colonial Militia

+20% Land force limit modifier

Trade power.png Competitive Merchants

+20% Global trade power

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

Permanent Casus Belli against Chinese, Indian, Nomad and Sub-Saharan tech group nations if own tech group is Western, Eastern or Anatolian.

Associated events: Expansion idea group events
Administrative idea group.png Administrative

Mercenary cost.png Organized Mercenary Payments

-25% Mercenary cost

Embargo efficiency.png Privateers

+25% Embargo efficiency
+33% Privateer efficiency

Mercenary maintenance.png Benefits for Mercenaries

-33% Mercenary maintenance

Looting speed.png Organgised Looting

+25% Looting Speed

Mercenary manpower.png Mercenary Recruitment

+25% Available mercenaries

Leader(s) without upkeep.png Mercenary Captains

+1 Leader(s) without upkeep

Garrison size.png Hired Garrison

+25% Garrison size

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

-10% Recruitment time

Associated events: Administrative idea group events
Humanist idea group.png Humanist

No religion penalty.png Tolerance

Negative religious tolerance no longer gives any penalties.
+35% Religious unity

Years of separatism.png Indirect Rule

-10 Years of separatism
-2 National unrest

Land leader fire.png Right to Bear Arms

+1 Land leader fire

Max promoted cultures.png Cultural Ties

-50% Accepted culture threshold

Goods produced modifier.png Workshop of the World

+15% Goods produced modifier

Diplomatic reputation.png Benevolence

+2 Diplomatic reputation

Technology cost.png Humanist Tolerance

-5% Technology cost

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

-30% Culture conversion cost

Associated events: Humanist idea group events

Diplomatic power.png Diplomatic

Diplomatic power is required to unlock ideas within these groups.

Espionage idea group.png Espionage

Attrition for enemies.png Guerrilla Warfare

+1 Attrition for enemies

Siege ability.png Sabotage

+30% Siege ability

May sabotage reputation.png Rumormongering

Allows sabotage reputation

Diplomat.png Efficient Spies

+1 Diplomats
+25% Spy offence
+25% National spy defense

May study technology.png Shady Recruitment

−33% Covert action relation impact
May study technology

May sow discontent.png Destabilizing Efforts

Allows sow discontent
May agitate for liberty

May infiltrate administration.png Espionage

Allows infiltrate administration

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

+50% Rebel support efficiency

Associated events: Espionage idea group events
Diplomatic idea group.png Diplomatic

Construction cost.png Organized Construction

-10% Build cost

Goods produced modifier.png Factories

+10% Goods produced modifier

Caravan power.png Road Network

+25% Caravan Power

Development cost.png Internal Development

−20% Development cost

Reinforce speed.png Supply Trains

+33% Reinforce speed

Production efficiency.png Smithian Economics

+10% Production efficiency

National manpower modifier.png Agricultural Revolution

+20% National manpower modifier

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

+10% Provincial trade power modifier

Associated events: Diplomatic idea group events
Trade idea group.png Trade

Trade power.png Shrewd Commerce Practice

+20% Global trade power

Merchants.png Free Trade

+1 Merchants

Trade range.png Merchant Adventures

+25% Trade range

Trade efficiency.png National Trade Policy

+10% Trade efficiency

Merchants.png Overseas Merchants

+1 Merchants

Trade steering.png Trade Manipulation

+25% Trade steering

Trade power abroad.png Fast Negotiations

+20% Trade power abroad

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

+1 Merchants

Associated events: Trade idea group events
Exploration idea group.png Exploration

May explore.png Quest for the New World

Allows recruitment of explorers and conquistadors. Explorers can explore ocean provinces.
+1 Naval leader maneuver

Colonists.png Colonial Ventures

+1 Colonists

Colonial range.png Overseas Exploration

+50% Colonial range

Global settler increase.png Land of Opportunity

+10 Global settler increase

Global tariffs.png Viceroys

+35% Global tariffs

Colonists.png Free Colonies

+1 Colonists

Naval forcelimit.png Global Empire

+25% Naval force limit modifier

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

Permanent Casus Belli against Primitives

Associated events: Exploration idea group events
Naval idea group.png Naval

Naval leader shock.png Boarding Parties

+1 Naval leader shock

Heavy ship combat ability.png Oak Forests for Ships

+20% Heavy ship combat ability
+25% Galley combat ability

Naval leader fire.png Naval Cadets

+1 Naval leader fire

Ship durability.png Naval Glory

+5% Ship durability

Naval maintenance modifier.png Press Gangs

-10% Naval maintenance modifier

Blockade efficiency.png Naval Fighting Instruction

+50% Blockade efficiency

Morale of navies.png Superior Seamanship

+10% Morale of navies

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

Ships can repair when in coastal sea zones

Associated events: Naval idea group events
Influence idea group.png Influence

Core-creation cost.png Adaptability

-25% Core-creation cost

Income from vassals.png Tribute System

+35% Income from vassals

Autonomy.png Centralization

-0.05 Monthly autonomy change

Imperial authority.png Shadow of the Empire

+25% Imperial authority

Colonists.png Overseas Empire

+1 Colonists
+20% Colonial Range

Discipline.png Imperial Army

+5% Discipline

Vassal force limit contribution.png Marcher Lords

+200% Vassal force limit contribution

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

Lowered impact on stability from diplomatic actions

Associated events: Influence idea group events

Military power.png Military

Military power is required to unlock ideas within these groups.

Aristocratic idea group.png Aristocratic

Cavalry cost.png Noble Knights

-10% Cavalry cost
+10% Cavalry combat ability

Hostile core-creation cost on us.png Local Nobility

+50% Hostile core-creation cost on us
+30% Income from vassals

National manpower modifier.png Serfdom

+25% National manpower modifier

Land leader shock.png Bayonet Leaders

+1 Land leader shock

Yearly army tradition decay.png Noble Officers

-1% Yearly Army Tradition decay
-1% Yearly Navy Tradition decay

War exhaustion.png Noble Resilience

-0.05 Monthly war exhaustion

Military technology cost.png Military Traditions

-10% Military technology cost

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

+1 Leader(s) without upkeep

Associated events: Aristocratic idea group events
Plutocratic idea group.png Plutocratic

Mercenary manpower.png Tradition of Payment

+25% Available mercenaries

Light ship cost.png Merchant Marine

-10% Light ship cost
+10% Light ship combat ability

Merchants.png Free Merchants

+1 Merchants

Goods produced modifier.png Free Subjects

+10% Goods produced modifier

Morale of armies.png Abolished Serfdom

+10% Morale of armies

Caravan power.png Free Cities

+25% Caravan Power

Manpower recovery speed.png Emancipation

+20% Manpower recovery speed

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

+30% Embargo efficiency

Associated events: Plutocratic idea group events
Offensive idea group.png Offensive

Leader siege.png Bayonet Leaders

+1 Land leader siege

Recruitment time.png National Conscripts

-10% Recruitment time

Land leader fire.png Superior Firepower

+1 Land leader fire

Prestige from land battles.png Glorious Arms

+100% Prestige from land battles

Siege ability.png Engineer Corps

+20% Siege ability

Land forcelimit.png Grand Army

+20% Land force limit modifier

Discipline.png Napoleonic warfare

+5% Discipline

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

-20% Province warscore cost

Associated events: Offensive idea group events
Defensive idea group.png Defensive

Army tradition.png Battlefield Commissions

+1 Yearly army tradition

Morale of armies.png Military Drill

+10% Morale of armies

Land leader maneuver.png Improved Maneuver

+1 Land leader maneuver

Land maintenance modifier.png Regimental System

-10% Land maintenance modifier

Fort maintenance.png Defensive Mentality

+20% Fort defense
-10% Fort maintenance

Garrison size.png Conscripted Garrisons

+30% Garrison size

Land attrition.png Improved Foraging

-25% Land attrition

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

+1 Attrition for enemies

Associated events: Defensive idea group events
Quality idea group.png Quality

Infantry combat ability.png Private to Marshal

+10% Infantry combat ability

Army tradition.png Quality Education

+1 Yearly army tradition
+1 Naval army tradition

Cavalry combat ability.png Finest of Horses

+10% Cavalry combat ability

Ship durability.png Corvettes

+5% Ship durability

Morale of navies.png Naval Drill

+10% Naval morale

Naval attrition.png Copper Bottoms

-25% Naval attrition

Yearly prestige.png Prestigious Army

+1 Yearly prestige

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

+5% Discipline

Associated events: Quality idea group events
Quantity idea group.png Quantity

National manpower modifier.png Levée en Masse

+30% National manpower modifier

Manpower recovery speed.png The Young can Serve

+20% Manpower recovery speed

Regiment cost.png Enforced Service

-10% Regiment cost

Ship costs.png Ship's Penny

-10% Ship costs

Naval forcelimit.png Grand Navy

+30% Naval force limit modifier

Land maintenance modifier.png The Old and Infirm

-10% Land maintenance modifier
-10% Naval maintenance modifier

Leader(s) without upkeep.png Officer Corps

+1 Leader(s) without upkeep

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

+30% Land force limit modifier

Associated events: Quantity idea group events