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All now bow before the almighty and powerful Böhmerwald!!!

I like to write about strategy for countries that I have thoroughly played. I also am a Bavaraholic. Can't get enough of my badass southern German roots! For some reason I got an obsession with the Bohemian province of Böhmerwald when I was playing as. Bavaria and fantasized myself becoming The Monarch of the Great and Powerful Empire of the Böhmerwald. So if you support the BÖHMERWALD and it's imperial dreams, please reply to my page on the talk page (do profiles have talk pages?). Thanks for reading, and good luck on your next EU4 game.


Below are the countries I have added strategy guides to:

  • Tuscany (Technology and Misfortunes with Forming Italy)

Böhmerwald Modding Log

2014.4.20: Laid the foundations for the mod; created the nation of Böhmerwald; added leaders to Böhmerwald; made Böhmerwald a vassal of the Napoleonic Empire when at peak; all of the above but still no upload? long story short: I don't have any internet on the laptop I use!