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Golden bulls

Golden bulls icon
Golden Bulls are bonuses that the Papal Controller can enact using the Curia Coffers that benefits all Catholic Countries! They last until the current Pope dies.

Enacting a golden bull costs 400Gold Icon.png out of the curia treasury.[1]

Golden bull Effects Requirements
Golden bull illius qui se pro divini.png
Illius Qui Se Pro Divini
The soldiers of Christ must once again spill their blood upon the shores of the Holy Land. The spirit of the Crusades must be revived, for God wills it!
  • Aggressive expansion impact.png −10% Aggressive expansion impact
  • Enables Crusades after age limit.
It is not the Age of Discovery.png age of discovery and not the Age of Reformation.png age of reformation.
Apostolicae Servitutis icon
Apostolicae Servitutis
In spite of many prohibitive laws of the Church, some ecclesiastics had drifted into the habit of occupying themselves with worldly business and pursuits.
This is outrageous and should stop.
  • Curia powers cost −10% Curia powers cost
Christiana Pietas icon
Christiana Pietas
As good Christians we must lead by example. We shall invite the Jews and other unbelievers to our lands so that they may see the grace of Christian rule and accept the Lord into their hearts.
  • Tolerance heathen.png +2% Tolerance of heathens
  • Development cost.png −5% Development cost
Immensa Aeterni Dei icon
Immensa Aeterni Dei
Reorganize the Roman Curia, establishing permanent congregations of cardinals to advise the Pope on various subjects.
Libertas Ecclesiae icon
Libertas Ecclesiae
Libertas ecclesiae is the notion of freedom of ecclesiastical authority from secular or the temporal power, which guided the Reform movement which began in the 11th century.
But what if a puppet of the Holy Roman Emperor is sitting on the Throne of Saint Peter?
  • Imperial authority growth modifier.png +20% Imperial authority gowth modifier
  • Approval of imperial reforms by Catholic princes +25% Approval of imperial reforms by Catholic princes
The country is the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire which has CatholicismCatholicism as the official unchangeable faith.
Dei Gratia Rex icon
Dei Gratia Rex
In their hearts, all the faithful know that God ultimately selected our ruler, and thus they rule by His Grace and by His Word.
  • Absolutism.png +0.5 Yearly absolutism
  • Unrest in Catholic provinces −2 Unrest in Catholic provinces
  • Army drill decay modifier.png −25% Regiment drill loss
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