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Template to replace Template:Red and Template:Green, and standardise references to game values such as ducats and monarch power.

NB: Descriptive version of template: Adding the following CSS to Common.css (or Vector.css) will allow us to toggle on/off the display of the icon's meaning, by hiding or showing the image's link dependant on whether class .game_property_show is applied to the span or not.

/* show link of icon after the image */
.game_property_show a:after {
content: attr(title);

/* to negate paragraph line-height distortion */
.game_property img {
margin: -7px -3px -6px -1px;


  • {{Value
  • |Var 1 (Required) Value: e.g. 4 - pure numbers only.
  • |Var 2 (Optional) Property: e.g. ducat or mmp (military monarch power)
  • |Var 3 (Optional) Colour: e.g. red or green or good or bad
  • |Var 4 (Optional) Background: If equal to 1, will give it the number value a feint background
  • |Var 5 (Optional) Show Term: If equal to 1, will hide the name of the icon's term after it (e.g. Gold Icon.png instead of Gold Icon.png ducats)
  • }}


For: +9Gold Icon.png


... rather than...

<span style="color: red; font-weight: bold;">+9 [[File:Gold Icon.png]]</span>


The Papal Controller is a powerful honor that can be held by only one catholic nation. The country with most cardinals in the curia is the Papal Controller. The Papal Controller will gain following bonuses:

Military leader#Leader abilities

The leader's maneuver affects the movement speed of the army in the map, as well as affecting fleet positioning for naval battles. Also each point counts as a {{{{FULLPAGENAME}}|+5%|trade power|good}} bonus, when assigned to a fleet that protects trade nodes. It also reduces the attrition by -1%Land attrition.png per point.


All current possible property values and their resulting icons:

   NB: Feel free to add more to this, including multiple terms, short and long, to allow for logical terms to render correctly!
   ==== Realm====
   ==== Economy ====
   -->|ducat=[[File:Gold Icon.png]]<!--
   -->|money=[[File:Gold Icon.png]]<!--
   -->|d=[[File:Gold Icon.png]]<!--
   ==== Trade====
   -->|global_trade_power=[[File:Global trade power.png]]<!--
   ==== Military ====
   -->|land_morale=[[File:Land morale.png]]<!--
   -->|leader_shock=[[File:Leader shock.png]]<!--