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A collection of thought-out suggestions for changes to the game.



  • Westernisation should be redesigned to be a gradual, partial (military/diplomatic/administratively separate) process.
  • Partial westernisation should be possible with trade links, without bordering western provinces.


Cascading alliances

  • Cascading alliances should only "cascade" so many times, and allies of a cascading warleader should have less chance of joining the war, as it is only partially relevant to them.

Distant overseas


Allies occupying your wargoals

  • You should not be prevent from demanding the ceding of ally-occupied provinces to you, if it is the goal of the war.

Shattered armies

  • Shattered armies should not regain morale or reinforce, and should be limited in how far they can retreat.

Army tradition by regiment

  • Replace army tradition as a global value, with army tradition as the mean average of all regiments' individual army tradition, and have it decay in the same way.
  • Have regiments gain army tradition in battles, in the same way that global army tradition is gained.
  • Apply bonuses to regiments individually based on their army tradition.


  • Give users access to debug camera controls