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User:Evil4Zerggin/Idea groups

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  • Innovative: Some solid bonuses in tech cost, advisor pool and cost, and passive WE decrease.
  • Religious: Conversion seems to continue to be the better choice.
  • Economic: Good for buildings and passive inflation reduction, but seems on the weak side.
  • Expansion: Temporary during the colonization rush?
  • Administrative: Core creation is the main draw, though advisors and tech cost could also be useful.
  • Humanist: Rather have Religious.


  • Espionage: Nah.
  • Diplomatic: Faster integration and 25% more province-taking. Not sure about this one still.
  • Trade: All the merchants.
  • Exploration: Still mandatory for colonization.
  • Maritime: Sea not important enough.
  • Influence: Probably best other than Exploration.


  • Aristocratic: Lowered tradition decay is decent. But still meh overall.
  • Plutocratic: Meh.
  • Offensive: +1 leader fire and shock, 5% discipline.
  • Defensive: +1 yearly AT (maybe not necessary in the long term), +15% morale.
  • Quality: 5% discipline and 10% combat ability.
  • Quantity: Less army cost and building power cost. It's economic really.
  • Naval: Sea not important enough.