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Desirable acts requiring ideas

Act Required Effect
Tenures Abolition Act Economic, Aristocracy -6% stability cost, -5% production efficiency
Dissolution Act Economic -5% stability cost
Education Act Innovative, Christian +1 Prestige/year, -5% tech cost, +5% core creation cost
Judiciary Act Economic -1 revolt risk, -3% tax modifier, +1 diplomatic reputation
Combination Act Aristocracy, not Innovative +5% mercantilism, +5% production efficiency
School Establishment Act Innovative +4% production efficiency, -3% stability cost, -2% tax modifier, +3% build cost
Benign Neglect Plutocracy +4 colonist chance, -4% tax rate
Colonial Restrictions Not Economic +6% production efficiency, -5% stability cost, -10% colonist chance, -10 colony growth
Engineer Corps Boost Defensive +10% fort defense for 10 years
Merchant Shipping Act Trade +5% mercantilism, +2.5% trade efficiency, -5% tax modifier
Court Of Wards And Liveries Economic, Aristocracy +5% production efficiency
Importation Act Trade -5% mercantilism, +10% trade income, -5% production efficiency, +5% tech cost
Militia Act Economic +6% discipline, +5% stability cost
Navigation Act Trade +2.5% trade efficiency, +10% naval force limit, +0.5 naval tradition/year, -10% manpower, -1 diplomatic upkeep
Ibadat Khana Innovative, Muslim -1% revolt risk, +6% stability cost
Various Hindu Not Religious, Hindu Stuff

Looks like Trade, Innovative, and Economic are top choices in terms of enabled acts.