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Sons of Carthage - Work in progress

Early game - Conquer North African coast

  • Raid coasts (Mare Nostrum needed)
  • Vassalize Berber minors
- Vassalize Djerid
- Vassalize Touggourt
- Conquer Fezzan and feed to Djerid
- Conquer Mzab and feed to Touggourt
- After ten years annex both vassals
 - Tlemcen may be allied to the Ottomans. However they often guarantee Mzab, which can be exploited to attack Tlemcen without pulling the Ottomans in 
 - It will take more than one war to conquer the entire country.
 - Tlemcen can be forced to release Algiers, which can be conquered and vassalized later on. This will save administrative points, corruption and unrest.
  • Ally the Ottomans
 - Should be done as early as possible to build up favors

Mid game - Naval superiority

  • Move trade capital to Valencia node (Wealth of Nations needed)
  • Establish naval superiority
  • Conquer Aragonese islands
- Best done while Aragon is already at war
- Be aware that the strait between Naples and Sicilian island cannot be blocked until the fort in Messina is taken

End game - Let strong allies do the hard work

  • Rival either Aragon or Castille depending on France's rivals
  • Ally France
  • Conquer Iberian South coast
  • Declare war on Genoa and conquer Corsica
- By this time this should not be difficult. 

Curtailing the Ottomans

The Ottomans are both a strong ally and a potential threat, because of their rapid expansion into Mamluk territory. Their expansion can be curtailed by declaring war on the Mamluks with the Ottomans as an ally. Building up enough favors can take a long time, so initially they can be persuaded to join by promising territory. When the Mamluks are defeated, giving territory to the Ottomans will generated favors, which can be used when declaring war on Aragon or Castille. Giving away territory in this way will make the Ottomans expand slower than they would normally do.

Ideas & westernization

Since Tunis' navy is its greatest asset, naval ideas synergize well with above strategy. The first three ideas from this group will have a direct impact on each naval battle, since the main component of Tunis' navy will consist of galleys.

To complete this achievement, it is not necessary for Tunis to westernize. Generally Tunis can keep up very well in the early stages of the game, which would force the player to purposely postpone advancing in technology in order to be seven technology levels behind the neighbouring western country. Should the player wish to play beyond the achievement, westernization can be achieved easiest by bordering either Naples or Portugal.