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Duchy rankThuringia
Primary culture
Saxon (Germanic)

Capital province
Thüringen (63)

Feudal Monarchy

State religion

Technology group
WesternWestern technology group
Thüringian ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
+1 Diplomat
+1 Leader without upkeep

Legitimacy.png The Partition of Leipzig

+1 Yearly legitimacy

Fort defense.png Fortifications of Erfurt

+20% Fort defense

Tolerance heretic.png Protector of Reformers

+2 Tolerance of heretics

Administrative technology cost.png Salana University

−10% Administrative technology cost

Chance of new heir.png The Saxon Duchies

+50% Chance of new heir

Idea cost.png Weimar Classicism

−10% Idea cost

Diplomatic relations.png Expansive Marriage Policy

+1 Diplomatic relation

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+20% Improve relations
For the area, see Thuringia (area).

Thuringia is not available at the 1444 start. It only starts to appear in 1445, where it has the dynasty of Saxony. Thuringia is situated in North Germany, in the Holy Roman Empire. It is bordered by Saxony, Bohemia, Wurzburg, Hesse, Brunswick, Anhalt and Brandenburg. In the 1445 start it begins with three provinces. Saxony has cores over all Thuringian provinces. It is a tough start because of several large states nearby who will be interested in Thuringia's lands.


As country with Saxon primary culture Thuringia is able to form Prussia.

Execute decision.pngReform into Prussia

The territories once conquered and Germanized by the Teutonic Order will always need protection against rapacious neighbors. Should the Order fail in this duty, we can take their place and usher in a new era of prosperity and Prussian discipline.

Potential requirements

This country:

  • Flag of Prussia Prussia does not exist.
  • This country:
    • Has an Administrative tech.png administrative technology of at least 10.
    • is not a subject nation other than a tributary state.
    • Is not at war.
    • Is not a nomad nation.
    • Is either Protestantism Protestant or Reformed.png Reformed.
    • Owns core Province icon.png provinces Königsberg (41), Warmia (42) and Danzig (43)

  • Gain “Increased Centralization” modifier for 10 years:
    • −0.05 Autonomy.png Monthly autonomy change
    • +1 National unrest.png National unrest

Forming Prussia as other countries

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