The Uncommonwealth

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The Uncommonwealth
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Possible if
The player’s country:
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The Uncommonwealth achievement requires the player to start as Flag of Lithuania Lithuania and form the Polish-Lithuanian Flag of Commonwealth Commonwealth. The Commonwealth may be formed though a number of decisions, see Commonwealth#Formation.

Form Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Diplomatically)[edit]


Execute decision.pngForm Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Lithuania)

Replace the personal union between Poland and Lithuania with a real union, welding the two countries together into one powerful state, capable of withstanding our enemies.

Potential requirements Allow


Flag of Poland Poland begins the game in interregnum. So simply royal marrying Poland is usually sufficient to ensure that the same dynasty gets on the throne, barring the exceptional royal marriage with Flag of France France. While waiting for the interregnum to end, the player should be seeking alliances with Poland's rivals, who hopefully also border them, such as the Flag of Teutonic Order Teutonic Order, Flag of Bohemia Bohemia and Flag of Hungary Hungary, as well as making sure to take every possible event option to increase prestige, as this will need to be higher than Poland's in order to claim their throne. Assuming the interregnum ends with the same dynasty on the Polish throne, one strategy is to immediately claim the throne, and call as many of your allies which are also Poland's rivals into the war, on the promise of land. If successful in the war, it is advisable to not keep the promise to grant land, as this would diminish the Poland over which you will be forming a personal union. This admittedly comes with the downside of a significant trust reduction with those nations; however, with Poland under a personal union, and all of Poland's vassals under them, other alliances are less necessary and the player is free to seek out new alliances. From this point, once tech 10 is reached, the Decision to form the Flag of Commonwealth Commonwealth diplomatically should be available.

Enforce Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth[edit]


Execute decision.pngEnforce Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

Poland and Lithuania has a common history of close cooperation and through the Union of Vilnius and Radom our respective aristocracies where integrated with one another in 1413. While fate has since then brought us apart our interests remain closely aligned and now that we control both the core of the Lithuanian and Polish lands it is perhaps time we let our old friends become stakeholders in a joint state.

Potential requirements Allow

  • Becomes the Flag of Commonwealth Commonwealth
  • If Polish is not accepted culture or primary culture:
    • Add Polish as an accepted culture
  • If Lithuanian is not accepted culture or primary culture:
    • Add Lithuanian as an accepted culture
  • If is a member of the Holy Roman Empire but not the emperor or an elector:
    • All provinces are removed from the HRE
  • If is a duchy:
    • Becomes a Kingdom rank Kingdom
  • Gains permanent claim on all unowned provinces in the:
  • A random owned province with our primary culture gains Base tax.png1 Base tax
  • Gains Yearly prestige.png25 Prestige
  • Set country flag “formed_plc_flag”

Alternatively it is also possible to 'Enforce Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth'. This will involve conquering many of the Polish provinces as cores on Danzig, Warszawa, Krakow, Vilna, Minsk, Kiev, Turov and Marienburg are required. Make sure to not release Mazovia from Poland during these wars, or else they too will have to be conquered, as Mazovia must not exist in order to use the decision to form the Commonwealth in this way.

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  1. Poland starts with 22 provinces, so this is true unless they have gained 10 more.