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This Msg event.pngevent[1] starts the Protestant Reformation, i.e. the ProtestantismProtestant faith in the game is enabled.


Msg event.pngThe Protestant Reformation

Thoughts of disapproval against the Roman Catholic Church are spreading across Europe as a result of the increasing corruption of monks and clerics. Voices are raised questioning the current principles and greed of the Church. A monk in $CAPITAL$ has for some time expressed deep concerns and is now openly declaring his discontent with the Church, paving the way towards a reformation of the faith.
Trigger conditions

The Reformation has not started yet.[2]
The country:

Catholicism has at least Catholic reform desire.png 100% reform desire.

Mean time to happen

4000 months


The country:

Catholicism has a Catholic reform desire.pngreform desire of:

  • at least 105%: ×0.9
  • at least 110%: ×0.9
  • at least 115%: ×0.9
  • at least 120%: ×0.9
  • at least 125%: ×0.9

Event button 547.png
Only time will tell what this might bring

The Reformation starts.[3]
The capital of the country:

  • changes its religion to ProtestantismProtestant.
  • becomes a Protestant Center of reformation.png center of reformation.
  • gets the modifier “Religious Zeal” for 9000 days with the following effect:
    • Local missionary strength.png −100% local missionary strength.
  • Hidden effect:

The country and its capital are marked as ‘birthplace of the Reformation’.[4]


  1. The script code of this event can be found in /Europa Universalis IV/events/Protestant.txt.
  2. I.e. the Protestant religion is not enabled. It is enabled by this event or in campaigns started after the 31st of October 1517.
  3. I.e. the Protestant religion is enabled.
  4. I.e. the country gets the flag ‘protestant_reformation’ and its capital the flag ‘start_of_protestant_reformation’.