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Duchy rankLübeck
Primary culture
Lower Saxon (Germanic)

Capital province
Lübeck (45)

Plutocracy Government republic.png

State religion

Technology group
WesternWestern technology group
Hanseatic ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
+15% Trade range
+10% Trade steering

Trade power.png The End of Victual Brothers

+10% Global trade power

Merchants.png Strong League Obligations

+1 Merchant

National sailors modifier.png Improved Shipbuilding

+15% National sailors modifier
−20% Light ship cost

Stability cost modifier.png Reformed Hanstag

−10% Stability cost modifier
−10% Cost to justify trade conflict

Manpower recovery speed.png Hanseatic Levy System

+15% Manpower recovery speed

Provincial trade power modifier.png Regularized Contributions

+20% Provincial trade power modifier

Interest per annum.png The Hansa Bank

−0.5 Interest per annum

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+10% Trade efficiency
Shield Lübeck.png
The cities of Lübeck, Flag of Bremen Bremen, and Flag of Hamburg Hamburg are all members of the venerable Hanseatic League, a once-mighty confederation of trade interests along the Baltic Sea which has since fallen on hard times. Although these Hanseatic cities do not enjoy the majesty and riches they once had, they still have considerable mercantile power at their disposal, and their treasuries are nothing to scoff at.

Although the Hanseatic cities still have some muscle, they have much to do if they wish to restore the old glory of the Hansa. Flag of Denmark Denmark introduced tolls on use of the Sound between Sjaelland and Scania in 1429, and these Sound Tolls are throttling the last remnants of Hanseatic trade in and out of the Baltic. If commerce is to prosper once more, the Danes must learn the error of their trade policies. Further east, the city of Visby on the island of Flag of Gotland Gotland was once a formidable and rich Hanseatic town, but a Danish attack on Visby in 1361 and various following depredations by Danes and pirates ruined the city's wealth and autonomy. The recovery of Visby and conquest of Gotland would be a key moment in the revitalization of the Hanseatic League.

The Hanseatic Cities cannot ignore German affairs, either. The free cities of the League owe their allegiance to the Holy Roman Emperor and enjoy “Imperial Immediacy”, able to deal directly with the Imperial court rather than working through various regional organs. Although the Imperial authority.png Holy Roman Empire guarantees the independence of the Hanseatic cities for now, any effort to centralize the Empire could become a dire threat to the future of the cities and to the League.

Lübeck is a trading nation located in northern Germany, bordering the Baltic Sea.



Main article: Lübeckian missions


These events can be found in flavorHSA.txt.


 Georg Giese

The merchant Georg Giese, who formerly worked in London as a member of the Hanseatic League, has returned to Danzig. He is to marry Christine Krüger, daughter of a prestigious Danzig citizen, and is currently looking for a new opportunity.

Trigger conditions

The country:

The year is at least 1520 and before 1562.

Mean time to happen

200 months

Hire him


  • gains  10 administrative power.
  • gains  10 prestige.
  • gets access to a discounted Prussian   trader (level 3) named ‘Georg Giese’.

 Heinrich Sudermann

An official of the Hanseatic League from Cologne, Heinrich Sudermann, was elected to the post of Syndic in 1556. He became a permanent official with legal training who worked to protect and extend the diplomatic agreements of the Hansa member towns.

Trigger conditions

The country:

The year is at least 1556 and before 1591.

Mean time to happen

200 months


Lübeck owns Köln (85): ×0.8

He could do much good in Lübeck


  • gains  100 diplomatic power.
  • gets access to a discounted Rhenish   trader (level 3) named ‘Heinrich Sudermann’.

 Shipbuilding technology

We, the Hansa, sell ships everywhere in Europe, including Italy and control most of the shipbuilding market, mainly in Lübeck and in Danzig. Holland wants to favor Bruges as a huge staple market at the end of a trade route and is starting to become a competitor of us in shipbuilding. Should we stop the flow of shipbuilding technology from Hansa towns to Holland?

Trigger conditions

The country:

  • is   Lübeck.
  • owns Danzig (43) and Lübeck (45).
  • does not have the modifier “Stop spreading the shipbuilding technology”.
  • does not have the modifier “Spread the shipbuilding technology”.

The Netherlands:

The year is before 1500.

Mean time to happen

2000 months

Stop the flow of shipbuilding technology!

  Lübeck gets the modifier “Stop spreading the shipbuilding technology” until the ruler changes which grants:

  •  -1 diplomatic relations,
  •  -10% diplomatic technology cost.
Spread the shipbuilding technology

  Lübeck gets the modifier “Spread the shipbuilding technology” until the ruler changes which grants:

  •  +1 diplomatic relations.


As a new ruler, it is customary to hold a Hansetag where the league's members are invited to participate in the central meeting. The member communities have chosen Ratssendeboten or envoys to represent their local consensus on the issue at the Hansetag. This Hansetag brought up some issues with the trade, the economy and the military. As the envoys haven't managed to reach a conclusion as to which of these matters we should address, and although the consensus-building at the Hansetag is supposed to follow the Low Saxon tradition of Einung, it is our duty to decide which matter to address.

Trigger conditions

The country:

  • is   Lübeck.
  • has a republican tradition of at least 90.
  • uses the “Merchant Republic” mechanic.
  • does not have the modifiers “Hanseatic Trade Reform”, “Hanseatic Economic Reform” or “Hanseatic Military Reform”.
Is triggered only by

a new ruler.

Reform the trade

  Lübeck gets the modifier “Hanseatic Trade Reform” until the ruler changes which grants:

  •  +10% global trade power,
  •  +20% trade efficiency.
Reform the economy

  Lübeck gets the modifier “Hanseatic Economic Reform” until the ruler changes which grants:

  •  -10% construction cost,
  •  -10% ship cost,
  •  -10% advisor cost.
Reform the military

  Lübeck gets the modifier “Hanseatic Military Reform” until the ruler changes which grants:

  •  +0.1 yearly army tradition,
  •  +0.1 yearly navy tradition,
  •  -10% regiment cost.


These decisions can be found in TheHansa.txt.

 The Lübeck Krantor

With wealth pouring into Lübeck, the port facilities are starting to look under-dimensioned. While it would cost nearly a whole year's income, a Krantor (a massive harbor crane) could greatly improve our trading potential.

Potential requirements
  • Playing with normal or historical nations

The country:

  • is   Lübeck.
  • owns Lübeck (45).
    • uses the “Merchant Republic” mechanic.
  • has not enacted this decision before.




  • loses  1 years worth of income.
  • loses  20 administrative power.

Lübeck (45):

  • gains the modifier “The Lübeck Krantor” for the rest of the campaign with the following effects:
    •  +5% global trade power,
    •  +10% trade efficiency,
    •  -1% diplomatic technology cost.

 The 'Adler von Lübeck'

On account of the ongoing war in the region, our shipwrights have presented plans for a new warship: The 'Adler von Lübeck'. The ship is massive, with more gunports than any other ship afloat in the Western world. Building it would be expensive, but our navy would be unrivaled in the Baltic for quite some time.

Potential requirements
  • Playing with normal or historical nations

The country:

  • is   Lübeck.
  • owns and controls Lübeck (45).
  • has not enacted this decision before.




  • loses  0.7 years worth of income.
  • loses  30 administrative power.
  • gains a heavy ship in Lübeck (45).
  • gains the modifier “The 'Adler von Lübeck'” for 30 years with the following effects:
    •  −2% heavy ship cost
    •  −2% diplomatic technology cost
    •  −10% shipbuilding time
    •  +20% morale of navies.


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