The Bohemians

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The Bohemians
The Bohemians.jpg
Possible if
The player’s country:
Achieved if
  • is Flag of Bohemia Bohemia
  • Province icon.png Own and core the province Pale (373).

The Bohemians is the name of an achievement included in the game with the 1.12 patch, specific for the nation of Flag of Bohemia Bohemia. The goal of the player is to seize and core the province of the Pale. As with most of the nation specific achievements, changing tag will prevent the player from gaining it.

Possible approaches[edit]

Initial steps[edit]

There are many ways which the player may take in order to get The Bohemians. The main issue with reaching the Pale is the fact that Bohemia does not start with a coastal province and even with no provinces bordering a coastal one. The main advantage of Bohemia is being a large elector country in the Holy Roman Empire, which makes becoming emperor particularly easy. To do so the player may improve relations with other electors, arrange royal marriages and alliances. Since the player is one of the electors convincing three more would guarantee an election, though likely two would be enough (if the rest of them are not voting for the very same opponent).

Quick approach[edit]

Getting the sea access[edit]

A crucial step which the player must take in order to achieve The Bohemians is to get access to the sea. The most obvious way is through Brandenburg and Pomerania. Taking provinces from those countries while not being Emperor is likely to anger current Emperor (typically Flag of Austria Austria). If the provinces are declared unlawful by the emperor the player would face severe consequences. It is of course much easier to take those after becoming emperor. Another way to gain sea access is possible only after being elected. The player may declare war on Flag of Burgundy Burgundy (The Imperial Ban casus belli would be available after the second imperial reform, but Burgundy is likely to conquer a small HRE state, therefore giving the player an Imperial Liberation casus belli). The Emperor is able to core any imperial province, so the player may demand one from Burgundy, and the second one adjacent to it, which may not be imperial, but has a port.

Another option, which requires a good degree of luck, is for the Burgundian succession crisis to trigger while the player is the emperor. This will cause Burgundy and its subjects to be divided up between France and one of the Emperor, a royal marriage partner, and Spain/Castile. The player-emperor is most likely to inherit if Bohemia and Burgundy have a royal marriage.

Getting a casus belli on England[edit]

Conquering Burgundian provinces is preferable, since it makes it possible to fabricate claims on Flag of England England. If the player chose the first option, they can get casus belli on England by conquering Orkney from Flag of Denmark Denmark or Flag of Norway Norway, if it still exists. While having Orkney, the player can take friendly or aggressive attitude towards Flag of Scotland Scotland. If Scotland has lost some of its core provinces to England already, they would be easy to vassalize diplomatically (particularly with the many diplomatic bonuses a Bohemian Emperor is going to have). After that, the player can use Scottish casus belli (cores and/or claims) on England. Otherwise the player may attack Scotland and get a border with England that way. This may be risky, as early on the independence of Scotland is guaranteed by Flag of France France.

War with England[edit]

If the player chose to fight England early on, it is almost certain that the English navy would be superior to the Bohemian one. While it is possible to neglect the difference by allying another navy focused great power, it would be preferable to fight on land. This should be no problem if the player conquered or vassalized Scotland. Otherwise, the player can ally them, as well as any Irish minor. After getting military access from new allies, the player can invade England from their territories. The player is advised to win the war by taking any steps necessary (of course, declaring war if England is fighting somewhere overseas would greatly help this issue) and take the Pale with possibly some other provinces as well. The player should receive The Bohemians achievement after coring the province.

Longer approach[edit]

If the player likes to have a longer play-through as Bohemia, they may receive this achievement later on with less difficulty. After becoming Emperor the player may put their effort into passing all but the last imperial reform. In the process the player should especially watch for having as many countries with sea access in the HRE as possible (therefore demanding unlawful territory and declaring wars on aggressive ones). After revoking the privilegia the player gets all the agreeing members as vassals. The combined power of their navies should easily outreach Great Britain (of course having other, bigger allies is highly recommended). In the right circumstances the player may just wait for their subjects to do all the work, and claim desired provinces in the peace deal. Of course, the player will need sea access in order to be able to core it (and thus to take it in the first place, unless fed first to a vassal). If the player choose the longer approach, they should be very attentive not to pass the last reform, as switching tag to the Holy Roman Empire would disable the discussed achievement.


The name of the achievement refers to the Dublin football team Bohemian F.C.

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