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This template can be used to display the ingame startup screen for a specific country.

First, create a country shield located in category:Country shields. It is associated to the description you can found in /Europa Universalis IV/localisation/startup_screen_l_english.txt.


Example for France:

Shield France.png
The Hundred Years War which has torn France apart for over a century is currently halted by a truce following a number of key French victories. With the support of Joan of Arc, since martyred at the hands of the Flag of England English, and the support of the rich Flag of Provence Anjou family, Charles VII has reclaimed Paris and many of the French lands. Charles has also been acknowledged as the rightful King by the Dukes of Flag of Burgundy Burgundy in the treaty of Arras in 1435.

However, the truce with England is tenuous. The English have still not relinquished their claims to the French throne, and one of the main demands of the new treaty, the surrender of Maine to France, has yet to materialize months later.

While the Burgundians now passively support the French cause in the conflict with England, they are still a matter of concern for the French Crown. They have grown their domains far beyond the borders of France, into the Lowlands and the Imperial authority.png Holy Roman Empire. It is said that the Duke, who is also one of the richest men in Europe, harbors dreams of a future kingdom based around his collective domains.

A united France would be one of the richest and most densely populated regions in Europe. If France could bring its many autonomous nobles to heel, and drive the English once and for all from the continent, it would be one of the most powerful states on the continent. Free to pursue voyages of exploration, an active foreign policy in Germany and the Low Countries or even an attack on the rich cities of Northern Italy, where the imperial influence has been waning for centuries.