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This template switch {{religion|name_of_religion}}

into: {{icon|name_of_religion}} name_of_religion religion.

It is supposed to work with all the names of Eu4 religions (Confucianism is presented without reiligion appendix). Examples:

  • {{religion|Catholic}} displays: Catholicism Catholic religion
  • {{religion|Sunni}} displays: Sunni Islam Sunni religion
  • {{religion|Confucianism}} displays: Confucianism Confucianism

Other then that, this template will change Islam/Muslim or Buddhist/Buddhism into disjunction of separate religions existing in that groups:

  • {{religion|Muslim}} displays: Sunni Islam Sunni, Shiite Islam Shiite or Ibadi Islam Ibadi religion
  • {{religion|Buddhist}} displays: Theravada.png Theravada, Vajrayana.png Vajrayana or Mahayana.png Mahayana religion

It is not meant to work with any other names, and will result in error if the name is not supported by the Template:icon.