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This template displays county ideas.


Parameter Description Default Status
version To specify the major patch of the ideas. empty required
name Name of country (including flag) or group, shown on National ideas and Group national ideas page empty required
name2 Name of the ideas as used in game, e.g. “Hanseatic” for Lübeck, shown on the country page empty required
notes Notes, especially the trigger conditions of group ideas empty optional
tradition1 first tradition empty required
tradition2 second tradition empty required
idea<1-7> name of idea empty required
idea<1-7>icon filename (not key for Template:Icon) for an icon to use with the, omitting “File:” and “.png” empty required
idea<1-7>effect effects of the idea empty required
bonus effects of ambitions empty required
collapse Whether to collapse the infobox. If set to ‘yes’ the content will be collapsed. empty optional


{{idea group
|version =
|name2 =
|name =
|notes =
|tradition1 =
|tradition2 =
|idea1 =
|idea1icon =
|idea1effect =
|idea2 =
|idea2icon =
|idea2effect =
|idea3 =
|idea3icon =
|idea3effect =
|idea4 =
|idea4icon =
|idea4effect =
|idea5 =
|idea5icon =
|idea5effect =
|idea6 =
|idea6icon =
|idea6effect =
|idea7 =
|idea7icon =
|idea7effect =
|bonus =


The following code

{{national idea
|version=<current patch version>
|name=[[File:Aachen.png|28px]] [[Aachen]]
|tradition1={{green|+1|b}} Diplomat
|tradition2={{green|+1|b}} Yearly prestige
|idea1=Charlemagne's Capital
|idea1effect={{green|−1%|b}} Prestige decay
|idea1icon=Prestige decay
|idea2=Imperial Free City
|idea2effect={{green|+0.3|b}} Yearly republican tradition
|idea2icon=Yearly republican tradition
|idea3=Spa City
|idea3effect={{green|−10%|b}} Stability cost modifier
|idea3icon=Stability cost modifier
|idea4=Guild and Government
|idea4effect={{green|+10%|b}} Production efficiency
|idea4icon=Production efficiency
|idea5=Expel Heretical Officials
|idea5effect={{green|+2%|b}} Missionary strength vs heretics
|idea5icon=Missionary strength vs heretics
|idea6=Baroque Architecture
|idea6effect={{green|−10%|b}} Construction cost
|idea6icon=Construction cost
|idea7=Congresses of Aachen
|idea7effect={{green|+2|b}} Diplomatic reputation
|idea7icon=Diplomatic reputation
|bonus={{green|+1|b}} Diplomatic relation

will display:

Aachen ideas

Traditions.png Traditions:

+1 Diplomat
+1 Yearly prestige

Prestige decay.png Charlemagne's Capital

−1% Prestige decay

Yearly republican tradition.png Imperial Free City

+0.3 Yearly republican tradition

Stability cost modifier.png Spa City

−10% Stability cost modifier

Production efficiency.png Guild and Government

+10% Production efficiency

Missionary strength vs heretics.png Expel Heretical Officials

+2% Missionary strength vs heretics

Construction cost.png Baroque Architecture

−10% Construction cost

Diplomatic reputation.png Congresses of Aachen

+2 Diplomatic reputation

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+1 Diplomatic relation