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Technologies are the advancements you can purchase with monarch points in the Technology interface.

Technology Tables[edit]

Although the base game only contains three technology tables (ADM, DIP and MIL), it is possible to add your own.

In /Europa Universalis IV/common/technology.txt, the technology tables are defined in the tables = { } section. For example, to add example_tech, you'd modify the technology.txt like so:

tables = {
	adm_tech = "technologies/adm.txt"
	dip_tech = "technologies/dip.txt"
	mil_tech = "technologies/mil.txt"
        example_tech = "technologies/example.txt"

You can then add technologies to /Europa Universalis IV/common/technologies/example.txt.

example_tech_cost_modifier is dynamically generated, and can be used as a country-scope modifier.

Note: currently the AI will not purchase technologies from custom tables and the add_x_tech effects are not dynamically generated, meaning functionally custom tables are only for the player.


To integrate your new technology table correctly, you have to edit /Europa Universalis IV/interface/countrytechnologyview.gui.

Importantly, you need to create an new windowType that corresponds with your technology table name. For example:

windowType = {
    name = "countrytechnologyview_table_example_tech"
    # ....

Note: currently the AI doesn't interact correctly with non-vanilla tables. With the lack of a working add_<name>_tech, it is not recommended you add new tables.


Each technology table points to a specific file within /Europa Universalis IV/common/technologies/. These contain the actual technologies that the player and AI can purchase.

There are three internal types of technology: ADM, DIP, MIL. Each type has commands that can only be contained within a file using a certain type.

You set the type for the technology file by placing the following at the top of the file.

monarch_power = <type>  # ADM, DIP or MIL

Ahead of time bonus[edit]

This is applied when a nation is ahead of time in one of the three internal types.

Ahead of time bonus accepts any country modifier:

ahead_of_time = {
    production_efficiency = 0.2


Each technology is separated into their own objects. Each object needs a year set, and any technology commands that the technology should apply. It is formatted like so:

technology = {
    year = <year>

    <technology commands>

The year is used to determine when to apply the ahead of time cost modifier to the technology cost, and to determine if the country is ahead of time in a technology type.

The order of the technologies in game is the order they appear in the file, descending.

Technology Commands[edit]

Name Type Example Notes
<building> ADM/DIP/MIL temple = yes Any building from /Europa Universalis IV/common/buildings/ is valid.
enable = <unit> DIP/MIL enable = barque Any unit from /Europa Universalis IV/common/units/ is valid.
<government> ADM tribal_despotism = yes Any government from /Europa Universalis IV/common/governments/ is valid.
production_efficiency ADM production_efficiency = 0.05 Overall maximum a country can have is 2.0 (200%).
Stacks additivily.
may_support_rebels ADM may_support_rebels = yes
allowed_idea_groups ADM allowed_idea_groups = 1 This sets (not adds) the amount, so increment then number in later technologies.
max_states ADM max_states = 5 This adds to a country's maximum state count.
Stacks additivily.
may_force_march ADM may_force_march = yes
administrative_efficiency ADM administrative_efficiency = 0.1 Overall maximum a country can have is 1.0 (100%).
Stacks additivily.
development_efficiency ADM development_efficiency = 0.1 Overall maximum a country can have is 1.0 (100%).
Stacks additivily.
naval_morale DIP morale = 2.0 Stacks additivily.
naval_maintenance DIP naval_maintenance = 0.1 Stacks additivily.
range DIP range = 50 Stacks additivily.
global_colonial_growth DIP global_colonial_growth = 10 Stacks additivily.
trade_range DIP trade_range = 100 Stacks additivily.
trade_efficiency DIP trade_efficiency = 0.1 Overall maximum a country can have is 2.0 (200%).
Stacks additivily.
num_accepted_cultures DIP num_accepted_cultures = 1
may_fabricate_claims DIP may_fabricate_claims = yes
merchants DIP merchants = yes
reduced_naval_attrition DIP reduced_naval_attrition = yes
allow_client_states DIP allow_client_states = yes
may_steal_maps DIP may_steal_maps = yes
may_study_technology DIP may_study_technology = yes
may_slander_merchants DIP may_slander_merchants = yes
may_sabotage_recruitment DIP may_sabotage_recruitment = yes
may_sow_discontent DIP may_sow_discontent = yes
may_sabotage_reputation DIP may_sabotage_reputation = yes
may_corrupt_officials DIP may_corrupt_officials = yes
may_agitate_for_liberty DIP may_agitate_for_liberty = yes
may_infiltrate_administration DIP may_infiltrate_administration = yes
sprite_level MIL sprite_level = 3 Sets the graphical sprite level to use. 1 to 5 is valid.
infantry_fire MIL infantry_fire = 0.1 Stacks additivily.
infantry_shock MIL infantry_shock = 0.1 Stacks additivily.
cavalry_fire MIL cavalry_fire = 0.1 Stacks additivily.
cavalry_shock MIL cavalry_shock = 0.1 Stacks additivily.
artillery_shock MIL artillery_shock = 0.1 Stacks additivily.
artillery_fire MIL artillery_fire = 0.1 Stacks additivily.
land_morale MIL land_morale = 0.1 Stacks additivily.
military_tactics MIL military_tactics = 0.1 Stacks additivily.
supply_limit MIL supply_limit = 0.25 Stacks additivily.
maneuver_value MIL maneuver_value = 0.1 Cavalry flanking bonus.
combat_width MIL combat_width = 1 Integers only. Stacks additivily.


By default the technology localisation is found in /Europa Universalis IV/localisation/technology_l_english.yml.

It is formatted like so:

 <type>_tech_cs_<num>_name: "Tech name here"
 <type>_tech_cs_<num>_desc: "Tech description here"

The number is the index of the technology in its respective file. The first technology is 0, second is 1, etc.

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