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The regional divisions of the China and Far East super-regions.
Eastern Asian regions
China super-region
North China region
South China region
Xinan region
Far East super-region
Japan region
Korea region

The Eastern Asian regions are the combined regions of China super-region and Far East super-region. The area houses two unique mechanics acting in a similar fashion to the Imperial authority.png HRE in central Europe. In 1444 Flag of Ming Ming holds the title of Celestial Empire and governs over the all the Chinese regions. In time other claimants to the throne may rise, be it the newly formed Flag of Qing Qing from the north or one of the surroundings nations who may move to seize power when Ming is struggling to subdue large uprisings of Separatist rebels.png Separatist rebels. Further to east lie the Japanese lands. Across the connected islands the Daimyos will fight for dominance over each other to claim the seat of the Shogunate. Whoever succeeds in this mission may not only dictate the rules of the land, but ultimately move forward and form the unified nation of Flag of Japan Japan.

The break-down of the Eastern Asian regions is as follows:

Government types

  • Government monarchy.png Autocracy and Daimyo are the dominant government types in these parts (notable mentions are the Celestial Empire and Shogunate).


  • Confucianism Confucian is the prevalent religion in the mainland regions.
  • Shintoism Shinto is spread in the eastern part.
  • Animism Animist and Theravada.png Theravada can be found in the southwest.

Technology groups

  • All nations in these parts belong to the Chinese technology group Chinese technology group.

Culture groups

  • Chinese is the most dominant culture group in this region.
  • Japanese and Korean can be found in the east.
  • South-East Asian and Tibetan in the southwest.

Formable / Reformable nations

Some of these nations don't exist at the 1444 campaign start. They can appear if another nation chooses to form them. In (parentheses) are the historical start-dates they can be first played in, if applicable.

Revolter nations

These nations don't exist and also lack cores at the 1444 campaign start. They can still appear if Separatist rebels.png Separatist rebels manage to take control of their cultural provinces.

Regional nations