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What is meant by "The only way to maintain the occupation status for the attacker is to maintain at all times an unit on said province; otherwise, the occupied status will be removed about a month after the last attacking unit left the province. Another way to do that is to besiege the fort that created the zone of control over the province, for as long as the siege will last no province within its zone of control will be able to be liberated."?

Clearly, that's not how what the game usually calls occupation works. So this article implicitly claims that there's a second status, also called occupation, that's only relevant for ZoC? If that's what's meant, I think the article should be more explicit, as it conflicts with the common usage of ZoC and may make readerts assume the article is outdated. If the article means something else, I think clarification is even more strongly needed. Dvd Avins (talk) 22:26, 26 April 2019 (UTC)

I think this assessment "You cannot move beyond ZoC even to your own territory, unless you have a fort (including just a capital fort) there and you are moving from a province without an enemy fort" is no longer true. Can't find the patch where this changed, but for sure 1.29+ (maybe even earlier versions) has the following rule (taken by the famous Reman's Paradox video, rule 6): "You can always move to OR from provinces with friendly ZoC". A friendly ZoC province is either:

  • a province you own with a capital fort or a fully maintained for on it
  • a province you own adjacent to another province you own that has a capital fort or a fully maintained fort

Note that owning the province is important, because captured forts do not project friendly ZoC in enemy territory. That is, in your territory only, capital forts and maintained forts project a friendly ZoC, denoted by the green stripes in the Fort map mode. You can test it by playing Aragon vs France, where there are two forts near each other in Rossillò (Aragonese) and Narbonnais (French). If the Aragonese fort is maintained, you can move from Narbonnais to your territory because of the aforementioned rule. --Novelty0 (talk) 17:53, 14 June 2020 (UTC)

1.30 Province Changes[edit]

The images for the Zone of Control explanation are all outdated in the sense that they were made with the 1.19 map (with less provinces) but they are still up-to-date in the sense that the ZoC mechanics did not change since then. I advocate for verifying the images for 1.30 and adding a warning/note to the Zone of Control page that the images were made in an older version, but that the rules still apply, since redoing the images and rewriting the guide would be extremely tedious. Wureen (talk) 09:47, 22 November 2020 (UTC)