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Some draft work[edit]

This stuff could be used on some other page.

you forgot -25% core creation cost.. which doesn't apply to diplo-annex, which makes diplo-annex useless (except for provinces which have +core-creation cost modifiers, like Dai viet)

Settings file[edit]

It is possible to edit the settings file directly. Some options can only be changed via the settings file.

  • force_pow2_textures - Unknown purpose
  • language - Changes the language of the game
  • size - See resolution
  • min_gui - Changes the minimum resolution. The UI will break below 1280x720
  • fullScreen - See display mode
  • borderless - See display mode

message settings - show both icon and pop up[edit]

Is there a way to activate both pop up and icon within the message settings? There are lots of entries, which have both options selected by default, but if I click on any of them they'll no longer allow to select both again. Gendalf (talk) 09:00, 14 July 2015 (CEST)