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where is the province conversion event[edit]

eg the default conversion successful

PAP_BONUS_FROM_CONV: "This increases our papal influence by §Y+$VAL$§!."
MISSSUCC_SETUP: "When our missionary is successful"
MISSSUCC_1: "Conversion Successful!"
MISSSUCC_2: "$MONARCHTITLE$, we have finally managed to"
MISSSUCC_3: "convert the heretics of $PROV$"
MISSSUCC_4: "to the one and only true faith!"
MISSSUCC_LOG: "$PROV$ was converted to our state religion."

text from localization, but where is the event associated with the text? with that, how to add an event that adds piety when you convert a province into the Muslim religious group?

Keeping dynasties in republics.[edit]

  I have hard time upradging the Election event (the one when previous monarch dies).

I wanted to add fourth option, the one where I can choose the heir of dynasty og previous ruler. For example, If Commonwealth (noble republic) is ruled by von Wettin, and when he dies i can choose a ruler of von Wettin dynasty too. Again, for example when Augustus von Wettin dies i can choose $random polish name$ von Wettin. My problem is that when I'm tring to define dynasty of new ruler in an event, but he is of some random dynasty. I tried everything from my poor modding skill: dynasty = PREV dynasty = ROOT for ex. So i beg for an anserw is that possible without modding other files than events.txt, if it will require so, i will surrender, because that only flavour thing. But if that possible give me some instructions.

Best Regards

Post Scriptum: Sorry for my bad English.

AI chance factor[edit]

I guess, that default AI chance factor is 1, and that if we have modifiers for AI factor, then definite factor is the result of multiplication of all the valid factors. It is just my guess, and it has not any confirmation in this article. Puchacz (talk) 22:09, 22 October 2015 (CEST)


This is present in the event files for estates in The Cossacks. For example:

trigger_switch = {
       on_trigger = has_country_flag
       growing_influence_burghers_10 = {
               add_estate_influence_modifier = {
                       estate = estate_burghers
                       desc = EST_VAL_BURGHERS_ADVANCE
                       influence = 10
                       duration = 5475
               clr_country_flag = growing_influence_burghers_10
       growing_influence_burghers_20 = {
               add_estate_influence_modifier = {
                       estate = estate_burghers
                       desc = EST_VAL_BURGHERS_ADVANCE_20
                       influence = 20
                       duration = 5475
               clr_country_flag = growing_influence_burghers_20

It seems to me that on_trigger's RHS is apllied to the LHS of each other statement in the block in turn. If the resulting statement returns true, the block is executed. So in this example, if has_country_flag = growing_influence_burghers_10 is true, the estate gets an influence modifier. Would need to make a test mod to check whether both happen if both are true. Hairy Dude (talk) 17:27, 2 December 2015 (CET)

Testing shows only the first one that's true gets executed. Hairy Dude (talk) 18:13, 5 December 2015 (CET)