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This page seems a bit of a mess that I think needs some reorganization.

I think a step by step instruction of what to do when you first play the game is far more helpful then all the bits and pieces of advice cobbled here together. If someone could get a screenshot of a country, then we could label everything on the screen and in turn be able to explain it. Along with that we can tell the beginning player what to look out for in order to play the game well.

So it'd go like this

Screen shot with numbers over it. Label of all the numbers so that we can easily reference it below. What is Money, how do I get it and what do I spend it on. What are monarch points, how do I get them what do I use them for. What do I use my agents for and where is a smart place to put them. Military Basics, how do I build units and what should I do with them.

What should I do next?

With these things a player is able to look at this page and figure out what to do. How do you guys like the sound of this so far? Andrew4250 (talk) 03:40, 5 August 2013 (CEST)

Sounds good to me. If it is clearly sectioned so moderately knowledgeable players can skip the first section or two as well, that'd be great. ~ Meneth (talk) 11:56, 5 August 2013 (CEST)
Yeah I think we need to reorganize this a bit better, we should have the absolute newbies guide followed by a section of tips and hints for the moderate player going up in increasing difficulty. As it is now it's just a mess with the info just dumped everywhere (Though audience label will be useful for sorting it out for this) I'm also thinking that we could pull our collective wisdom together and dump some skilled player knowledge somewhere. (Like minimising stab hit events, plus detailed comparisons of national ideas and unit types. It doesn't have to be nation specific but I think if we did it right it'd be one of the most useful pages on this wiki Andrew4250 (talk) 06:40, 29 August 2013 (CEST)
Yup, definitely agree. The whole thing should start out simple and gradually get more advanced. Maybe with a fancy custom ToC at the top indicating the audiences the sections are meant for, replacing the generic wiki ToC. ~ Meneth (talk) 08:46, 29 August 2013 (CEST)
So I just went ahead and did a fairly major overhaul of the page. Does it seem to be working better now? Andrew4250 (talk) 03:25, 23 November 2013 (CET)

"THEN" vs "THAN" edit. :)

Resources to integrate[edit]


We could do with some on this page to break up the text. If anyone's up to the task, go for it.

(Edit also serving as self-reminder to do later if still undone)--General Baker Great Britain.png (Talk | Contribs) 23:27, 8 October 2013 (CEST)