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Empire rankSynthetics
Primary culture

Capital province
Aachen (1878) by script

Republic Government republic.png

State religion

Technology group
WesternWestern technology group
Synthetic ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
−85% Regiment cost
+50% Fire damage received

Technology cost.png Logic Engines

−25% Technology cost

Morale of armies.png Loyalty Circuits

+20% Morale of armies

Shock damage received.png Durable

−25% Shock damage received

Land force limit modifier.png Mass Produced

+25% Land force limit modifier
−25% Recruitment time

Aggressive expansion impact.png Propaganda Machines

−20% Aggressive expansion impact

National tax modifier.png Harvesters

+20% National tax modifier

Diplomatic reputation.png Emotion Emulators

+1 Diplomatic reputation

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+15% Production efficiency

Synthetics are an easter egg state that is created using the console command syntheticdawn. They will substitute themselves to a country, which can be chosen by adding the country tag after the command's name. (Ex. syntheticdawn FRA will make Synthetics annex Flag of France France).


Synthetics have Easter events dedicated to them, notably one where Flag of Maya Maya can open a temporal rift to fight them, and also a unique set of ideas.


Msg event.pngSynthetic Dawn

They came from the sky in immense metal vessels larger than a city. The slaughter began as soon as they disembarked; unfeeling monsters covered entirely in armor and with no discernible flesh or blood exterminated all in their path. The Synthetic invasion has begun.

Trigger conditions Mean time to happen

1 month

Event button 547.png
What are these creatures? What do they want?

Msg event.pngSynthetics on the Horizon!

The Synthetics have appeared on our borders! Let us pray that these strange metallic creatures do not turn their attention to us next.

Trigger conditions
  • The event "Synthetic Dawn" has happened to this country[2]
  • Is not Flag of Synthetics Synthetics
  • Owns a province bordering one owned by Flag of Synthetics Synthetics
  • Did not have this event before[3]
Mean time to happen

1 month

Event button 547.png
Prepare for the worst.

Msg event.pngSynthetic Dusk

The last of the Synthetics has been destroyed. Though much of the world now lies in ruin and countless people have lost their lives, the world is finally rid of them. Scavengers mill over their static husks searching for some clue as to how these murderous automatons were able to function and what drove them to invade our world. They find few answers. But perhaps some of the technology they left behind might be adapted to our own purposes.

Trigger conditions Is triggered only by
  • Unknown (Missing MTTH and is_triggered_only)

Event button 547.png
We will not go quietly into the night!

Msg event.png[Root.Province.GetName] Falls to the Synthetics

Trigger conditions
  • Province is controlled but not owned by Flag of Synthetics Synthetics
Is triggered only by

a siege being won.

Immediate effects
  • Hidden effect:
    • Cede province to Flag of Synthetics Synthetics
    • Flag of Synthetics Synthetics gains a core on this province
    • Set Tax Base Icon.png base tax to 1
    • Set Production.png base production to 1
    • Set Manpower.png base manpower to 1
    • If province is Roma and is owned by Flag of The Papal State The Papal State:
      • Unless they already have it, Flag of The Papal State The Papal State gains country modifier “Last Stand of the Swiss Guard” for the rest of the campaign, giving the following effects:
        • Discipline.png +10% Discipline

Event button 547.png
The Synthetics will pay for this.

Msg event.pngTemporal Rift

The Synthetic invasion was foretold in the prophecies. We followed the instructions left by our ancient ancestors and opened the Temporal Rift, revealing an astonishing arsenal of weapons from across space and time. Our warriors are unaccustomed to riding the tyrant lizards or piloting the flying saucers, but they must adapt quickly if we are to defend humanity from this alien menace.

Trigger conditions
  • DLC Star and Crescent is active
  • Is not Flag of Synthetics Synthetics
  • The event "Synthetic Dawn" has happened to this country[7]
  • Religion is Mayan.png Mayan
Mean time to happen

6 months

Event button 547.png
We have awaited this day for many cycles.
  • Every Mayan.png Mayan country in the world:
    • Gain country modifier “Dinosaur Cavalry” for the rest of the campaign, giving the following effects:
      • Cavalry combat ability.png +50% Cavalry combat ability
    • Gain country modifier “UFO Support” for the rest of the campaign, giving the following effects:
      • Land fire damage.png +33% Land fire damage


Another Paradox Interactive videogame, called Stellaris, features space colonization. In this context, an alien country ruled by robots (the Synthetics) found a primitive world, Earth, and decided to invade it. This easter egg has been preannounced by tweets on the Twitter pages of Europa Universalis IV and of Stellaris, through encrypted messages.


  1. Set global flag synthetics_discovered_global if it wasn't already
  2. Global flag synthetics_discovered_global and country flag discovered_synthetics are set
  3. Country flag bordered_synthetics is not set
  4. Set country flag bordered_synthetics
  5. Global flag synthetics_discovered_global and country flag bordered_synthetics are set
  6. Set global flag synthetics_defeated
  7. Country flag discovered_synthetics is set
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