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Duchy rankSwabia
Primary culture
Swabian (German)

Capital province
Ulm (1872)

Feudal Nobility Government monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
WesternWestern technology group
Swabian ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
+20% National manpower modifier
+25% Improve relations

State maintenance.png Swabian Decentralization

−15% State maintenance

Inflation reduction.png Fugger Banking

+0.05 Yearly inflation reduction
−0.5 Interest per annum

Provincial trade power modifier.png Land of the Free Cities

+15% Provincial trade power modifier

Diplomatic relations.png The Swabian League

+1 Diplomatic relation

Construction cost.png A Miserly People

−5% Construction cost
−10% Advisor costs

Prestige.png Memory of the Hohenstaufen

+1 Yearly prestige

Aggressive expansion impact.png Barbarossa's Legacy

−15% Aggressive expansion impact

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+15% Morale of armies

Swabia is a formable nation in southern Germany. It can be formed by any nation with Swabian as its primary culture. Its map color can be described as 'salmon'.



Msg event.pngThe Founding of Karlsruhe

The city of Durlach has grown into a prosperous town. However, visitors are often underwhelmed by its ill looks and general lack of splendor, compared to our neigbors' main cities. [Root.Monarch.GetTitle] [Root.Monarch.GetName] shares this opinion. In a dream, [Root.Monarch.GetSheHe] recently saw a vision of a grand palace at the heart of a beautiful, well-ordered city - [Root.Monarch.GetHerHis] city.\n\nDurlach's municipal authorities are reluctant to allow a major redevelopment of the city and its palaces, so another site a short distance from the town has been suggested. The proposed site, which proponents of the plan are calling "Karlsruhe", shows considerable promise; however, Durlach's inhabitants may resent their town being supplanted. Should we build the new city?
This event happens only once during a campaign.
Trigger conditions
  • Owns Durlach (4714):
    • Has at least 20 development
  • Primary culture is Swabian
  • Government is monarchy
  • Is not in a regency
Mean time to happen

60 years

  • Is or was Flag of Baden Baden ×0.5
  • Durlach (4714) is our capital ×0.5

Event button 547.png
Let us found Karlsruhe.
  • Gain Gold Icon.png ducats equal to 1 years of income
  • Gain Prestige.png +15 prestige
  • Durlach (4714):
    • Becomes our capital
    • Is renamed "Karlsruhe"
    • Gain Tax Base Icon.png 3 base tax
    • Gain Years of separatism.png 15 Years of separatism
Event button 547.png
We see no need for a new city.

Lose Prestige.png -15 prestige



Execute decision.pngForm Swabia

The old Duchy of Swabia ended with the execution of Conradin, the last of the Hohenstaufen Dukes, in 1268. Since then, a plethora of countries, bishoprics and free cities have emerged to fill the void left by the fall of the Hohenstaufens. However, these small states are often unable to protect their liberty - thus, the Habsburgs of Austria have built up considerable territorial holdings in Swabia, which they call "Further Austria". We must restore unity to Swabia if we are to end this pattern of outside encroachment.
Potential requirements

Flag of Swabia Swabia does not exist.

The country:

If the country is AI-controlled then

  • it cannot be a custom nation.
  • it cannot be a former colonial nation.

The country:


The country:

If Flag of Swabia Swabia:


Main article: Swabian missions

Swabia's missions focus on dominating Italy and South Germany.

  1. There are 13 provinces with Swabian culture in the game 1444.