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Primary culture
Northern Thai (Thai)

Capital province
Sukhothai (601)

Despotic MonarchyGovernment monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
ChineseChinese technology group
Sukhothai ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
+2 Tolerance of the true faith
+1 Diplomatic reputation

Prestige.png Birthplace of a Culture

+1 Yearly prestige

Technology cost.png Akson Thai

−5% Technology cost

Trade efficiency.png Sawankalok Ware

+10% Trade efficiency

Missionary strength.png Wat Si Sawai

+1% Missionary strength

National unrest.png Father Governs Children

−1 National unrest

Legitimacy.png Ramkhamhaeng Stele

+1 Yearly legitimacy

Cavalry combat ability.png War Elephants

+10% Cavalry combat ability

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+25% Land force limit modifier

Sukhothai is a two province Theravada nation in South-East Asia. It is available up until 1530 as a vassal of Ayutthaya. It starts with a core on the neighboring Ayutthayan province of Phitsanulok.

It borders Flag of Lan Na Lan Na to the North, Flag of Ayutthaya Ayutthaya to the South and East, and Flag of Pegu Pegu to the West.


Flag of Sukhothai Sukhothai, like its fellow brother vassal Flag of Ligor Ligor, starts in a highly precarious position: it is the vassal of Flag of Ayutthaya Ayutthaya, one of the strongest nations in the region, and critically, Flag of Ayutthaya Ayutthaya starts as a tributary of Flag of Ming Ming, the leading power of the world, who does not need even a quarter of its forces to completely wipe the Flag of Sukhothai Sukhothai army off the map. It is impossible to become an individual tributary of Flag of Ming Ming while being a vassal, and as such, once the player declares their independence, they will be forced to fight the Emperor of China, a terrifying prospect in 1444.


However, all is not lost. Should Flag of Ayutthaya Ayutthaya make the critical mistake of rivaling not just one, but both of its main regional opponents, Flag of Lan Xang Lan Xang and Flag of Khmer Khmer, they can both be counted on to support Flag of Sukhothai Sukhothai's independence. The player's opportunity to strike arises once Flag of Ming Ming declares war on the neighboring Flag of Oirat Oirat horde to enforce tributary status upon it, as Flag of Oirat Oirat resides far away from the region Flag of Sukhothai Sukhothai finds itself in and Flag of Ming Ming will always send its full army towards the Flag of Oirat Oirat horde's territories. Once the Chinese armies are far enough away, Flag of Sukhothai Sukhothai must strike hard and fast. As Flag of Lan Xang Lan Xang and Flag of Khmer Khmer both revoke their support for independence at the end of each month, they must both be brought on board at the start of the month so that there is sufficient time left to declare war on Flag of Ayutthaya Ayutthaya and have their two rivals join the war. The goal in this initial war is just to successfully siege down enough forts to gain 23% war score, which is enough to secure independence. While Flag of Ayutthaya Ayutthaya boasts a strong army and has the other vassal Flag of Ligor Ligor on its side, those armies alone will not be enough to overcome the forces of independence. Should Flag of Ayutthaya Ayutthaya net itself another strong regional ally, trouble may be on the horizon, but it is still possible to successfully take them down before Flag of Ming Ming returns to exact its judgment upon Flag of Sukhothai Sukhothai, as both Flag of Lan Xang Lan Xang and Flag of Khmer Khmer boast strong armies that can fend most enemies off at least temporarily.

While not necessary, it is recommended that the player successfully attack the Flag of Ayutthaya Ayutthaya army at least once with the support of their allies, as any economic or military damage inflicted upon them will come in handy once the player has stabilized and has found themselves in a position to try and take territory from their former overlord, and it will make a solid contribution to the war score for the initial war. One opportunity to do so is while the Flag of Ayutthaya Ayutthaya army is sieging down an allied fort, offering the player the chance to be the defender as they, together with an allied army, attempt to liberate the sieged fort. To aid in doing so, the player may set their national focus to military, as doing so allows Flag of Sukhothai Sukhothai to beat Flag of Ayutthaya Ayutthaya to the military tech level 4, one of the most important tech levels in the game and one that will temporarily make the Flag of Sukhothai Sukhothai armies significantly stronger and more able to fight the opposing Flag of Ayutthaya Ayutthaya army even with a numerical disadvantage. However, it is even more strongly recommended to avoid taking any territory or force any concessions out of Flag of Ayutthaya Ayutthaya other than independence, as prolonging the war significantly increases the risk of Flag of Ming Ming returning and joining the fight. Territorial gains will come later - gaining independence is critical at the start of the game.


Once the war is won, Flag of Sukhothai Sukhothai must immediately become a tributary of Flag of Ming Ming, as doing so will pacify them and allow Flag of Sukhothai Sukhothai to look around them for further expansion while they wait for the truce with Flag of Ayutthaya Ayutthaya to be up. At this point, the hard part is over, and the game becomes a classic game of waiting and exploiting opportunities until the player is strong enough to face all comers. With Flag of Lan Xang Lan Xang and Flag of Khmer Khmer as allies, Flag of Sukhothai Sukhothai is under no immediate threat of being directly attacked by anyone, allowing the player to dictate the pace of the game and look towards its neighbors to the north-west (Flag of Lan Na Lan Na, Flag of Pegu Pegu, Flag of Taungu Taungu, Flag of Hsenwi Hsenwi, Flag of Ava Ava, Flag of Mong Yang Mong Yang and Flag of Arakan Arakan, though the player will likely find that some have already consumed others or have been consumed themselves by the threatening Flag of Bengal Bengal) for territorial expansion.

One small tip: Flag of Ayutthaya Ayutthaya's defeat will have irrevocably destabilized them. Once the truce is up, provided more territory has been gained along the way, the player will likely find that Flag of Ayutthaya Ayutthaya has not recovered and may thus already be attacked again without much fear of defeat. Annexing them is a key moment in the run, as Flag of Lan Xang Lan Xang and Flag of Khmer Khmer will likely turn on the player following the war. A conflict with Flag of Khmer Khmer in particular is unavoidable, as they greatly desire Flag of Ayutthaya Ayutthaya's capital province of the same name and will gladly break their alliance should the player rightly take it in their own war. Should Flag of Lan Xang Lan Xang do the same, Flag of Sukhothai Sukhothai will find themselves in a power struggle with the remaining big regional powers.

Further expansion[edit]

After defeating Flag of Ayutthaya Ayutthaya for a second time, Flag of Sukhothai Sukhothai will become a regional power in its own right, and in time, they can easily surpass Flag of Lan Xang Lan Xang and Flag of Khmer Khmer and become the dominant force in the area. While working towards this objective, the player will discover that two new avenues of expansion have opened up, towards the Sunni IslamSunni nations of Flag of Bengal Bengal to the west and Flag of Malacca Malacca to the south. Their Islamic territories, coupled with Flag of Sukhothai Sukhothai's national ideas, mean that taking Religious ideas, while not mandatory, is strongly recommended, though they can be delayed for a while as Flag of Bengal Bengal, a strong nation at the start of the game, often expands towards Flag of Sukhothai Sukhothai's region before the player can do the opposite. This means that the territories bordering the player will often follow the player's Theravada.pngTheravada faith, which can be annexed in one go and will not be an overly dangerous source of unrest for the nation. For further aid, Flag of Sukhothai Sukhothai may choose to ally a neighboring Indian power, such as Flag of Orissa Orissa, and enlist their aid when fighting Flag of Bengal Bengal.

Over to the south, while Flag of Malacca Malacca will eventually become a stumbling block on the road to expansion, they can initially be a strong ally, which may come in handy after Flag of Ayutthaya Ayutthaya's demise once Flag of Lan Xang Lan Xang and Flag of Khmer Khmer no longer see Flag of Sukhothai Sukhothai as being worthy of an alliance due to owning territory that they themselves desire. After the two immediate threats have been dealt with and more ground has been gained at Flag of Bengal Bengal's expense, however, the player will likely no longer see Flag of Malacca Malacca as being anything but an obstacle. Eliminating them opens a path to the Malaya region, and subsequently, a new possibility for expansion: exploration ideas, through populating the uncolonized territory. Between colonization, eliminating the Malayan powers (starting with Flag of Pasai Pasai and/or Flag of Siak Siak), solidifying their presence in the starting region through eliminating Flag of Lan Xang Lan Xang, Flag of Khmer Khmer and Flag of Dai Viet Dai Viet and pushing westward into India starting with Flag of Bengal Bengal, Flag of Sukhothai Sukhothai, at this point, has a tremendous number of options for expansion, and with its formidable army, its brand new navy and its prosperous lands, even Flag of Ming Ming may start looking over its shoulder, dreading the inevitable advance of the Thai liberators...

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