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Every country has a '''capital''' [[province]], which acts as center of government. A nation's capital is generally its most important province, and consequently the capital affects, and is affected by, many mechanics throughout the course of a game. For example, countries with capital provinces located within the bounds of the [[Holy Roman Empire]] are automatically given membership in the Empire.
====Finding the capital==Location ==
===Finding the capital===
The button with the right arrow symbol in the toolbar below the [[minimap]], when selected, will offer an option, ''‘Go to home capital'''. When that is chosen, the map will center on one's capital province. Alternatively, hitting either the {{key press|Backspace}} or {{key press|Home}} keys will center on the capital. The capital can also be visually identified, as the flag in the province will be topped with a small yellow crown.
The capitals of other nations can be found by clicking on a province in their country, right-clicking the shield icon showing their flag, and choosing "Go To Capital Province", or alternatively by mousing over provinces until "Has a capital fort" is displayed in the hovertext.
====Identifying the capital===={{SVersion|Timeless}}In the province interface of the capital, left to the province name at the top, a gold crown within a red circle [[File:Capital.png|28px]] is displayed. Capital always has an extra fort level that costs no maintenance but also does ''not'' have a [[zone of control]] (unless there is also a fort building there). Additionally, hovering over capital provinces will display the tooltip "Has a capital fort".
== Purpose & effects ==

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