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|Government=Despotic monarchyAutocracy
|Culture=Chimuan (Andean)
== Events ==
This is a list of all {{flag|Chimu}}'s events (from .<ref>The script code of these events can be found in {{path|events/flavorCHM.txt}}).</ref>
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|collapse=yes|version = 1.2128|event_id = flavor_chm.1
|event_name = The Great Artisans of Chimu
|event_text = Even the Incas marvel at the works of our great artisans and craftsmen. We are known for our silversmiths, weavers, ceramicists and others who produce treasures far beyond any other known culture. We should take pride in this and recognize the tremendous prestige our artisans bring to our country.
|fire_only_once = yes|trigger = The country:* Can fire only once* Is is {{flag|Chimu}}.* Has has knowledge of {{flag|Cusco}}.|mtth = * 32 months
|options =
|option_text = They are really something special.
|effect = Chimu gets the country modifier ''“Great Artisans”'' for 10 years with the following effects:* Gain {{icon|prestige|24px}}{{green|+5}} Yearly yearly prestige,* Gain {{icon|local goods producedmodifier|24px}}{{green|0.2+15%}} Local goods producedmodifier.
|collapse=yes|version = 1.2128|event_id = flavor_chm.2
|event_name = Reforming the Hierarchy of Chimu
|event_text = Our society is a four-level hierarchical system, with a powerful elite who rules over different administrative centers. This has helped us greatly in the past, as the organization of labor to construct canals and irrigated fields is an example of. Lower-order centers manage land, water, and labor, while the higher-order centers either move the resources to our capital or carry out other administrative decisions. There have been clamors about changing this system, especially from our artisans. They have been complaining about being forbidden to change their profession and being grouped in our city according to their area of specialization.
|fire_only_once = yes|trigger = The country:* Can fire only once* Is is {{flag|Chimu}}.* Is is ''not'' at [[war]].|mtth = * 32 months
|options =
|option_text = This is something we'll think about.
|effect = Chimu* Gain gains {{icon|all adm|24px}} {{green|50}} administrative power.* gains {{icon|dip|24px}} {{green|50}} diplomatic power costs.* gains {{icon|mil|24px}} {{green|+50}} Monarch military power of each type.
|option_text = We will not change anything.
|effect = * If {{iconadd_stability_or_adm_power|stabilityChimu}} Stability is:** {{icon|no|24px}} '''3''': Gain {{icon|stability}} {{green|+1}} Stability** {{icon|yes|24px}} '''3''': Gain {{icon|adm}} {{green|+50}} Administrative power
{{country clear}}== Footnotes ==<references/>{{Country navbox|South America}}

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